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The Bilderberg Con

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posted on Jun, 5 2013 @ 04:14 PM

Originally posted by PhyberDragon1
What is it exactly you think that the attendees do with their time, money and resources? Do they not have friends and associates in their fields of occupation and interest as well as social circles, even the ones whose influence may not be what you would deem of merit? Even if I presume they are not actively ruling the world, as is being put forward here, then, is it not safe to assume they mentor, influence and fund those who do. It would be like a typical family. The elders may not be out doing what the young ones are doing, but, they certainly helped develop them into the individuals they have become and often have contributed their time, money and resources to their way of thinking and success. Oftentimes, these elders are not retired and continue on in their businesses and the ones who are retired may find other endeavors to engage in. My grandfather may have only had the friends, associates, influence and resources to help in a limited way in his profession and community, but, he still got a lot done. And, in his limited sphere of occupation, he affected what was done and even, sometimes, the way in which it was done. Had he the influence, resources and friends that many of the BB attendees have, you can bet he'd of accomplished a lot more in the community and beyond. You are believing that to be true which cannot be true, that the attendees have no ability to shape their communities and the world at large.
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Mate we all have got and have friends who can things done but just like this group we can't decide policy for the whole world. You say your grandfather help the community, he sounds like a stand up guy and someone you should be really proud of.

In my time I have build Schools,, houses, community centres, telephone exchanges, I won inventor of the Year in 1996, but regardless of what Ive done and the contacts I have, I cant say no more wars and this and that will happen,
The world is being controlled no doubt about it, but for all I know these people have been told to attend there just to throw people off the track.

Yesterday on Sky News they said " Bilderbergers meet to discuss the worlds future, ( I cant find that report) but in the one below it states present leaders and future leaders.

Now if you put a search in for "Sky News, Biderbergers meet to to discuss the world, you will gett forums coming up WOW Bilderbergers on SKY News now etc.

People are been led by the media to think that Bilderbergers rule the world, I don't know why but the leading news stories are obvious to me.

I don't know what else to say, I did say at the start of the thread' Sit back and look at it all' the reports the news.

I told you in this forum the day before this happened, that alex jones will have a run in with security and he will say we knew our rights so the police cant arrest us or words to that effect.

The next day he has a run in, video tapes its so he cant be set up for not paying a bill.

Its all drama.

If you want I will study this and on the 7th post here exactly what i think will happen on the 8th a day before the meeting.

That should keep you all happy and help prove what Im saying that this is no more than drama and these people decide nothing.

posted on Jun, 5 2013 @ 04:15 PM

forgot the link

posted on Jun, 5 2013 @ 04:39 PM
I got banned from disclose tv last year for having an opinion.
The opinion was about Ron Paul.

i said Ron Paul is part of a 2 party system and he is in the inside, you are on the outside looking to this guy to save you all, but he is in one of the 2 parties, so he is part of the problem not the solution.

I told them how the con trick worked, and that paul after another money bomb on the AJ show would go nowhere then announce his retirement and you will turn to the son randy.

Why is AJ doing a money bomb for someone who is part of the problem as republican and democrats are both destroying your constitution.

I was banned from a conspiracy site for posting what I saw as a conspiracy, and then all the other poster said bye you won't be missed etc, but i could not post back because i was banned.

The link is still up for some reason.

This is dated Aug 2011 you will see that clearly and I explained exactly how the con worked and as sure as Im writing here thats exactly what happened, judge for yourselves.

posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 01:28 AM

Originally posted by pavmas
I got banned from disclose tv last year for having an opinion.
The opinion was about Ron Paul.

It seems you get up everyones back, and for the same reasons too. Why dont you listen to people? Why dont you listen to what people have to say then research their claims to see if they are correct/wrong? Why are you so closed minded to the fact that there is alternatives to what your thinking?

Your post on Disclose was the closure for me Pavmas.

I do look forward to other threads you create

In any case, I'm off on holiday now.

You have a good day, Sir

Be safe be well

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posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 02:32 AM
It's funny you say this as I was thinking the exact same thing....

I think it's so fake. It's perhaps almost a way to control the false narrative. Why do they have to meet in a hotel? Makes no sense. Why not at someone's sprawling 1000 acher estate with it's own private airport for the members to land there G6 jets. Where there's no prying eyes at all. That to me is more plausable for a face to face meeting.

Or why not just use some kind of video conferencing over the internet?

Like to actually believe this hype about the bilderburg meeting being the meeting where everything is decided is so moronic. Also with it being infiltrated for like over 20 year why hasn't anyoen been able to do a recording of the sessions? Or film something from the inside?? Makes zero sense. by now you'd think somethign might have leaked out.

I think it's a big con job on those that are slightly awake

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 05:17 AM

CAN Weston, Galen G. Executive Chairman, Loblaw Companies Limited

I am not surprised by any of this... take a look at what is next for Loblaws

Loblaws orders GMO-free labels removed

This just after the new points "tracking you and your shopping habits" cards where launched.

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