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Team-driven projects website - ideas and comments please

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posted on Jun, 2 2013 @ 03:47 AM
Undoubtedly this will be used for conspiracies but MODS please move it if necessary.

I have had a feeling that we need a team-driven approach to investigations. Where the public/shills can only watch and read but not comment and distract or hijack the topic.

It would be very like a forum except for this feature and I want it to be managed by the project creator ("Owner") rather than moderators. The owner of the project will decide who joins and who leads a sub-project. A project can have multiple sub-projects set up by the Owner, with sub-project Team Leaders and sub-project team members from within the Project team.

Storage is really cheap and Hostgator amongst others, advertise an unlimited amount of data space and unlimited bandwidth. Whether that happens in practice, I dont know but hopefully I will find out because this will mean that the idea is a success.

I have an outline up and running at the moment with just a few bare bones but I will be adding to it as time moves forward. My forte is NOT page design by the way, but maybe that can come later. If it does what is needed then what it looks like is just prettyifying.

I would be grateful for any suggestions on what features are needed and how to best provide what we all need to investigate issues of public interest.

I have incorporated the ideas and your comments from other proof-of-concept project (see this thread here)I was doing, which is now finished.

Ideas brought to the table at the last thread.

To come together and create a resource which lists all of the places where we find information.
Need some way to organise and structure the data so that it can be referred to later.
What we need is a list of websites where we can go to look for images, web articles, data, pdf documents, videos.
Allow files to be added to resource areas when links are added to the project.
Have a copy of the information in one place and encourage project members to download their own versions so that the data was distributed everywhere.
The primary source needs to be the project website NOT the original, since originals often disappear. Not sure how practical that will be and how the originals can be copied.
Resources will not be open to the public (since we probably run into copyright issues perhaps?)
Realise which are the good resources and which are the reliable ones, and onto which "side" of the fence these resources fall. A resource description record.
General links to other project-relevent websites
General links to other articles, videos,reports, images (thumbnails + tags)
notification date of changed external webpages

Documents/resources would be tagged with words which could be used for searches later.

I think we also need to divide the information into how recent it is and how relevent it is.
For example perhaps
a) RSS feeds are


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