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I love you

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posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 11:56 AM
I love you this much
i bring the experi-mental dust
for your mind in a bind lookin for the daily grind
separate from the whispering voice in your mind
dance around little things as i proceed to find
a way out evasion of a terrible system
hunting me down like a fricken stupid looking clown from a circus of greed

curses lie on those who lie in wait and i am a bastard so they say that qont quit
ill teach everyone like me who sees
there is truth in another mans words we can find
you gotta discern trust then thrust them out
grab ahold of reality your body it shouts
i dont give in i go up in my mind sometimes
changing everyhtnig rearange the deranged
mofos who dont give sh**
they dig into our brainstems unguarded ways
kick them out kick them out
grab a hold make them shout
silent noises they get confused take away their view with unreality

i love you friends and enemies
to free you from this fake BS you see
thye houses may stop us from entering
but the bastards get through with minimal ease
kick them out kick them you see yourself
disapear into the fog of lies.

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