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The firey apartment, fearlessness, violence, and the shotgun

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posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 10:52 AM
I've been having very vivid dreams lately, and oddly, most of them have involved some kind of violence. Me beating the hell out of people for no good reason.

Last night, however, the clearest part of my dream was intense.

I'm usually pretty good at interpreting dreams, but lately, I haven't been unusually angry in my waking life (I mean, I'm always a little angry in an "Alex Jones" way, but that's just my personality). I haven't been having fantasies about hurting anyone or anything.

And last night, my dream was pretty epic.

My mother and father, and my fiance, were all in an apartment with me at night time.

This apartment caught on fire.

I helped escort everyone outside, then realized I left something important inside.

My father's shotgun.

In real life, his shotgun is my DREAM gun, but he won't sell it to me for a cheap price, and I often wish I had that gun. It is a beautiful gun.

So, needless to say, with my brilliant dream logic, I thought; Hm. If I go back in there and save his gun from the fire, maybe he'll let me keep it!

So, like a deranged idiot, I go running back inside.

I find a few of my things (ipod, money, etc) and pocket it, then look around and observe which parts of the apartment are in flames And let me tell you--this dream was pretty intense.

So intense, I could see where the flames were, where they weren't, and I could feel the heat when I got too close to them. I fared through the flames, up the stairs, and leaped over the flames.

Strangely, parts of the apartment were beginning to melt (I guess it was made of plastic?
). I was careful not to touch those parts... very hot.

For some reason, as I ventured through the apartment, leaping over flames and dodging collapsed parts of the floor, the further I traveled and the longer I looked for my dad's room, the more the apartment complex twisted and changed paths like a magic labyrinth.

And I ended up outside. A few times.

Almost like the apartment complex didn't want me to find the gun.

Then, after the third time I ended up outside, I saw my little cousin standing out there, and it dawned on me that other people were in this apartment complex. I yelled at my cousin to go warn them until he ran off, then I climbed up the melting metal stairs (how does that work?) and back into the place.

I remember getting out safely again, but I never found the gun.

Then, the dream flashed to me trying on a wedding dress before I woke up.

I'm not a girly girl. And besides that, I'm kinda goth/punk. I only wear black. Seeing myself in white was very bizarre.

The passion and fearlessness in this dream came from the way I felt before I went to bed last night, because I'm planning a week-long survival trip in the mountains with some friends, and I am EXTREMELY excited about it. I really can't wait to push myself to the edge. And that's how the dream felt.

But the rest of the dream was weird.

And also, the violent dreams I've been having leaves me totally clueless.

I haven't been very angry at all lately, and I'm sure as hell not considering hurting anyone.

Can anyone give me some insight? I'm totally lost.

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posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 11:06 AM
Is there something you desire but have not achieved yet?
Anything you are working towards?somethig important to you?
I dunno but it sounds like an expression of building inner frustration over a goal or plan not proceeding to finality as youd wish?
It may just BE that the dreams the expression of anticipation of the comming confrontation with nature so to speak.....The voilence building in dreamland indicates dissatifaction with some kind of status quo which you are up against?
this is not my first attempt to untangle somebodies dream.
But its not my third attempt either.......
Good luck with that..............
enjoy yer challenge!

posted on Jun, 2 2013 @ 01:41 AM
I knew a friend like you once. Sadly, he passed away. It was terrible. Do not worry, dear sister. We will miss you.

posted on Jun, 2 2013 @ 10:26 AM
Yes, we will all miss you while you are on your trip which you will return safely from and tell us all about.

Maybe something incredible will happen
something threadworthy perhaps?

You have fire in your avie. Is it a common motif popping up in your life or just a favorite one? I've heard that houses or buildings are supposed to be like your life is burning to the ground and you are frantically searching for something worthwhile in it before its all over? Do you have some regrets thst you need to sort out? Gotta learn to live with regrets. Another theme that popped into mind is your blind desire for a material object. You were willing to go through fire to obtain the ultimate possession. Might need some work there, but, overall I don't detect anything to worry too much about.

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