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Cheating Death: Have You Done This?

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posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 01:10 AM
Not as crazy as some other stories here, but when I was about 12, I was on the highway with my cousin and Grandma. My grandma was driving, and she thought the guy in the lane next to us was drifting towards us, so my Grandma jerked the wheel to the left , causing the car to spin out like 6 times before stopping in a ditch... All in the middle of the highway. Would have been certain death if anyone was behind us.

Another time on the highway, a car spun out and crashed into the guard rail less than 200 feet in front of us. My mom was driving and she swerved to the right just in time. It was so close that it actually scraped our car. When we pulled over and the ambulance came to ask if we were okay, my mom started crying, and that was pretty unsettling for me because I had never seen her cry before. Another freaky thing was seeing the eyes of the people who had crashed into the guard rail look at us right before we swerved out of the way. Like deers in headlights. I think in this case, it was the people who hit the guard rail who cheated death. We almost slammed right into the driver's side of that car at 60 mph

posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 01:13 AM
I have had quite a few. In fact, I had so many in my teen years I wondered if it was possible for me to die at one time. I was an an unusually over cautious teen, but I had a reckless drug addicted mother who tended to get us in some interesting predicaments.
Edit: I completely forgot about the time I got suck between two moving trains until this thread when I was around 16 or 17. That incident was stupidity on my part and the person I was with.
We were crossing in front of a train that was just starting to move forward. because of the noise we didn't hear the second train coming.
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posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 01:14 AM
Read through the rest of the thread, and wow, that's a lot of stories! Brought to mind some others of mine. None as obvious as the one I posted already, but times I am sure there was divine intervention.

1. Already posted - daughter warned to get off the road, and we missed being in a HUGE wreck.

2. When I was very young, I apparently had pneumonia. I was in a children's hospital, and my mom was staying there to watch me. An aunt and uncle got in a car wreck, and were taken in for treatment. Nothing serious, but stuff that needed attention. The kids, my cousins, were brought to the children's hospital, and they asked my mom if she could come do paperwork for them (those days, I guess they weren't so strict about all that). Well, she notified the nurse on duty that she was leaving my room, left the door open so they could hear any issues, and went to take care of things. When she got back, she found my door had been closed, no one had checked on me at all, and I was blue from lack of oxygen. She jerked me up fast, got me breathing, and called the doctor. The end result was some nurses lost their jobs.

3. Driving down the road one day, quiet area, this possum crossed in front of me, causing me to brake suddenly. It passed, and I started on into an intersection, but just before I got there, a car sped through, that would have hit me had I not braked for the possum.

4. A tornado, a bad one that killed people in some places, went through town. I spent the evening with the kids in the basement, under the stairs. The next morning, we found insulation and other small debris in the yard, so we knew it had passed over. Later, I found it had made a beeline for our neighborhood, and stopped literally just the other side of a hill near us. There was a LOT of damage. We had none.

5. Driving in heavy rush hour traffic one evening, I passed through an intersection on a green light, and saw another car, in the cross street, that was coming right on through. The driver looked horrified (she was THAT close!), and it was clear we would hit one another. I could see her car beside mine, a few feet away. Suddenly, then, I was through the intersection, with no memory of having driven across the rest of it, and she was through as well. No impact. How that happened, I don't know.

Are we protected? In many cases, I believe we are. I can't explain why, but I do appreciate it! I guess there is some reason we are all supposed to still be here. May we all find that reason, and thus honor the gift we've been given!

posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 01:27 AM
reply to post by smyleegrl

Hmmm, interesting post !

Survived a vehicle accident in a Mini van ( British use of mini.) unscratched, that was crushed by a tractor unit.
( American - Semi.? ) Driver of tractor unit had been drinking...

Survived electrocution as a kid, several times, tinkering with electrical gadgets, and things I did'nt understand....

Came very close to sliding off a slate tiled pitched roof, three floors up, whilst carrying out maintenance work.
( Concrete below, death would have been certain.) that WAS frightening ! Fortunately, the house had solid wooden gutters, not plastic, which stopped me from sliding off completely....

Recently fell five feet off stepladders on to hard surface on my back, whilst hedgecutting, discovered that I don't bounce anymore..." Lucky " to get away with nothing more than broken ribs / wounded pride....

posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 01:41 AM
There are 4 distinct times in my life that should have killed me. The one that comes to mind first is when I was an underground coal miner. I'll try to explain this best I can, but if you were a miner it would be more creepy.
This was 26 years ago.
I ran a roof bolter, miners know it as a pinner. The whole idea is to go in where the top is unsupported, drill holes in the roof every 4ft, then, using steel rods and glue sticks, make it safe. The process goes like this: Position your machine, drill a hole, using an auger, to a certain depth, insert a 2 part resin that is held in a thin plastic tube, then insert a steel rod, that has a steel plate and a thick board on the end, that while pushing into the hole will break the tube, then spin the rod using the machine to do it. That will mix the resin, then, again using the machine, push the rod up till it's flush and hold it there till the resin sets, usually 10 to 20 seconds. Repeat as needed. While pinning a place, the glue set almost instantly, stopping the rod about half way, something I've never had happen before. That forced me to re drill a hole and set another. JUST as I was done, the whole section that wasn't supported yet, fell in on me. After 2 years in and out of the hospital, 14 surgeries, and bone grafts taken from my hip to re build my leg, I walk pretty well. The one thing that sticks in my mind, is that glue stick. They do NOT set that fast and in my 10 years underground I never saw one do it, other than the one time it saved my butt. If it hadn't of, the rocks that landed on my lower body would've crushed my skull like a grape.
If my description confused anyone, watch this :
That black and white tube in the video is the resin.

posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 02:00 AM
reply to post by smyleegrl

Here is a story I told in my paranormal thread. This happened to my friend, but I witnessed it:

"There was a very narrow two-lane bridge on the road going to town from the house I grew up in. One day my sister, cousin, and I were going to town in my sister's car, and my girlfriend and her husband were following behind us in their V.W. Beetle. As we approached this narrow bridge we saw a semi tractor-trailer in front of us stopped at the beginning of the bridge. He was waiting on another semi to cross coming from the other direction.
There wasn't enough room for both to pass at the same time.

As the approaching semi reached the end of the bridge my girlfriend came up behind me, and passed us in the other lane as we sat waiting for the semi to exit the bridge. I was yelling at them (although they couldn't hear me), "STOP! STOP! AHHHH!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!!"
There was absolutely no way her car could have made it through the space of the stopped semi, and the one coming off the bridge. I watched wide-eyed in fear of seeing my friend killed before my eyes!

All of a sudden she was on the other side of the narrow space between the two big trucks, safe without even a scratch to the car! 'This was IMPOSSIBLE, but I saw it with my own eyes!', I thought to myself. Everyone in our car was in awe of what just happened.

When we all reached the other side of the bridge my friend had pulled off at a wide place off the road. I pulled up behind her and asked her what happened. She said her brakes went out. All she could do was go around us, or hit us in the rear of our car, so she went around.
When she saw the situation ahead she said she knew she was about to be hit head-on by the semi, so she let go of the steering wheel, put her hands over her face, and waited for the crash. When it didn't happen she looked up and they were in the middle of the bridge unharmed! She took a hold of the steering wheel again at that point.

Her husband couldn't stand up for awhile because his legs were too shaky to hold him. They were both shaken up, to say the least, but after awhile, we all got back on the road. Her brakes didn't give any more trouble after that. Hummm... ( I always wondered about the timing on the brakes going out, and it not happening again afterwards. Must have been some personal lesson in there somewhere!)

posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 02:43 AM
I couple months ago, I was heading home on a local interstate. There was a semi to my right, such that I was positioned between the front and and rear wheels of the trailer. As the car behind me began tailgating me, the driver to my left entered my lane. As hitting my brakes would have guaranteed an accident, my automatic reaction was to swerve right. Slow-mo kicked in. Realized the stupidity of my maneuver going 80 miles per hour next to a truck. Lost control of my car in my attempt to steer away from the semi, bouncing back and forth about my lane for what seemed like a very long time. Each time I bounced towards the right, I was practically beneath the trailer of the semi. I would have likely been smashed if it happened just a little differently.

Probably not cheating death: in high school, my friends and I used to scale a local elementary school to drink cheap vodka on the roof and smoke whatever. You know, general looking-for-trouble activities. At one point, I was lying on the roof and became overwhelmingly compelled to go home. I stumbled home and passed out. The next day I found out that ten minutes after I left, a gross overreaction of local law enforcement involving helicopters, K-9 units, and way too many cops led to all but one of my friends being arrested. The one who wasn't arrested was beaten to an unrecognizable pulp, dumped at the hospital, and left with an insurance-less overnight hospital bill. Good times.

posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 02:53 AM
When I was 11, on a vacation, was walking barefoot in the motel room, and was in the process of stepping down, without thinking, but time seemed to freeze, and in that nano second, could feel the energetic outline of a scorpion and saw it clearly in my mind, flashed rapidly and stepped back. This was just walking quickly subconsciously. It turned out to be the most deadly in the region, and the medical treatment was too far away, to have helped.
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posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 05:49 AM
This same sense tells you when to take a different road, when to slow down, when to speed up. There are probably 30 or so incidents in my life and many more I may not even know about. But that same sense keens keener if you know how to tap into it...where the parking space is in the car park, which clients will buy from you, which people to avoid, when to stop and help people, when not to, when to leave home to avoid the traffic queues, which road to take, when to take a day off, when to push in harder etc etc etc.

We are not just flesh and blood. Listen to your spirit, it's been around longer than your flesh.

posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 06:16 AM

Originally posted by Magister

Originally posted by beezzer

Originally posted by Magister

Not for lack of trying! I'm not hangin with you!

My life is an "E" class ticket!

The only way to kill you is to cut your head off, or destroy your brain! You're a ZOMBIE!

Yes. Yes I am.

posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 10:10 AM
reply to post by smyleegrl

Yes cheated death 2 times in 2 different car accidents....first...slamming into tree head on at 130 km/hr....second...almost getting t-boned by a person chasing a red light (they hit my driver side fender at about 100 km/hr).

I am glad to be alive today and I know I have a few angels watching over me

posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 10:26 AM
It was late one night about 15 years ago and a friend was driving me home. We came upon some train tracks and as we approached he slowed down and stopped at the line. As he started to roll forward again, with out any warning, a train shot through the intersection. We didn't hear or see it coming. The train didn't trigger the warning lights or the bar that usually came down blocking the road. We sat there looking at each other in amazement. We both knew that if he hadn't stopped we would have been obliterated. It took me a minute to calm down afterwards. I was yelling "We about died!" over and over. Later as we discussed it my friend wasn't even sure why he came to a complete stop there because he never did before. He usually just slowed down without stopping.

Another instance was on I-85 just outside of Greenville, SC. I was in the far left lane against the wall when I drove into a downpour of rain. It happened right as I was passing an 18 wheeler which was beside me in the middle lane. I remember thinking that If I could just pass this truck I would get over to the far right lane. I couldn't slow down because of the cars behind me so I continued forward. As I got beside the front wheel of the truck I hit a large amount of water and my car hydroplaned to the right toward the truck and all the other cars on the road at the time. I spun across two lanes of traffic to the outer edge of the road and didn't hit one vehicle. To this day I don't know how that big truck didn't run me over or even hit me. I was beside him one second and the next I was facing the wrong way sitting on the side of the road clenching the steering wheel. I immediately knew I should be hurt or dead but I wasn't. The adrenaline rush I was experiencing helped me to regain my composure and continue on.

It seems for some reason I'm not suppose to die by a large vehicle crashing into me...or maybe just not yet.

posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 10:40 AM

Originally posted by sled735
When I was in my early twenties I was driving down a country two-lane road when I came upon an extremely sharp curve. As I approached the curve I heard a voice in my head saying, "STOP!"

I was startled, and wondered where that voice came from, and if I really heard it. Again the voice said, "Pull over off the road as far as you can, and STOP!!"

That's a handy "mental illness", isn't it?

I really hope in my lifetime, society will reject the corrupt medical industry and accept that these voices are spirits communicating with us. This is an example of a good spirit. The bad ones try to get you to harm yourself or other people.

posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 10:59 AM
-Almost was swept away from an undercurrent when I was 7, mystery man nearby pulled me out before I went under. (Guardian angel?)

-T-boned by a pick-up truck into a College van I was driving. The truck landed inside the back of the van where I had just come back from picking up some lumber for the school. Walked away and went on my hot date to see Pablo Cruise that night holding an Ice bag on my head and clearing wood splinters from my ear.
Next day I went to go see the damage to the van, there was a 4 foot hole behind my drivers seat where the truck entered the cab. My mother who was 7 hours away at home, had a premonition and smelled a bouquet of flowers at the time of the accident. She said she had a feeling of anxiety and said out loud "oh God please no!"

I was also hit by a car, but walked away from that one too.

posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 11:07 AM

Originally posted by okayimhere
reply to post by smyleegrl

That sounds to me like it's your friend Sarah who cheated death, not you. Something obviously prevented her from getting on the ride, whereas you were happily enthusiastic to take a seat. It was even your idea to get on the ride in the first place.


Yep, she had the premonition, not me. I'm just glad I was with her.

Still, it's cheating death, isn't it?

posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 11:44 AM
When I was a tiny baby I was told that one night I would not lay in my cot but continually screamed until I was taken out of the cot and into my parents' bed. A few minutes later most of the ceiling over my cot fell in!

My mother let go of my pram on a very steep hill trying to grab hold of a naughty child she was looking after. The pram hurtled towards the busy main road at the bottom of the hill. If a lorry driver had not stopped his truck and grabbed the pram, it would have been 'good night vienna!'

At the age of two, while going at fast speed down a french motorway, the car door i was leaning against opened and I fell out onto the busy parents only just noticed and I was missed by all the other cars!

I survived 30 years untreated for a potentially fatal cardiac arrythmia problem that could have killed me at any point.

I lost 2500 ml of blood during an emergency operation. No blood transfusion was available.

At five years old, I ran across the road to my cousin in front of oncoming traffic. i still remember the world slowing down as I only just made it across the road and the car must have been only moments from hitting me.

I fought an angry dobermann pinscher dog on my own as a slight 14 year old when it attacked me in the street. My scars were minimal.......not sure about his though!

Unable to swim, I was in the mediterranean sea, paddling when I suddenly fell into a deep hollow in the sand. I saved myself by allowing myself to sink to the bottom and leaping up for air again until falling to the bottom and leaping up again until finally I made it bad to the sand. Again, it was a time standing still occassion never to be forgotten. A moment of truth.

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posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 11:49 AM
A few weeks ago I took my girlfriend out for her birthday to dinner. On the way home I flicked a cig butt out the window and next thing I know there is a cop behind me. It was a Thursday night in a college party town so I think he was just trolling the streets and, well regardless, next red light turns green and I saw a pedestrian. I waited 1 sec and they stopped for traffic, so I pull out. Just before getting into the intersection a college girl blows the red light and flew inches from the front of my bumper. Cop pulled out and pulled her over. Not only did fate keep me from getting a littering ticket, it also saved my girlfriend and I from having a bad wreck or totaling my truck at the very least. That 1 sec I hesitated to let the pedestrian cross is what saved us from being involved, I had no time to react.

posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 12:21 PM
I totally cheat death all the time. The hard part is waiting for the "thing" for which you must be alive to achieve.
Death is but a door, after all.

posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 12:22 PM
I'm not sure if this counts, since I didn't really cheat death in the fashion that you did in the OP.
I was born with severe heart problems. 8 major mutations, chord around my neck. It was bad.
But, no doctor thought anything was wrong for some reason.

The only reason why I am alive is because a shunt that is supposed to open after birth stayed closed for 2 days on its own. Then they noticed the lower half of my body was purple, and did the first stages of the Fontan procedure.
Doctors look at my records and always wonder how I am alive.

I also had ventricular tachycardia for 10 days straight. I went into the hospital on the third day, and they spent 7 days doing research tests on me. I know they were doing tests because when it was time for the emergency procedure, they were saying things such as "Well since you've been in observation for so long, you could have a stroke."
So, they COULD have done the procedure when I got there, or the next day, or the next day - but chose not to.
No stroke though.

Doctor told me to take injection shots for blood thinners. I did it for 2 days and said screw it. I wasn't allowed to eat any vegetables. Wtf. At the hospital all they fed me was sausage, bacon, and other very fatty high cholesterol foods... in... a heart.... clinic....
So if I didn't die or have a stroke while being forced to eat really crappy bad for you food, I'd have to say that's luck.
And I didn't get a stroke from not taking the blood thinner injections. Or all the other pills I was supposed to take for my heart.

I really don't trust hospitals anymore.

posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 01:22 PM
Around ten years ago my husband and I were on vacation, looking for a particular place we wanted to visit that day. We were having trouble seeing any road signs telling us how much farther we needed to travel.
Suddenly we rounded a small curve and there was a big billboard right beside the road telling "so and so place just ahead" and the details, blah, blah, blah.

I said to my husband, "There's a sign. What does it say?" We both looked trying to read the information as he drove by. My husband had taken his eyes off the road for just a second. When we looked back to the road he had run a stop sign and we're going across a four-lane road with heavy traffic coming both ways. I mean this four lane road came upon us from nowhere because we were kind of rounding a curve when we came upon it... and the stop sign!

The time thing happened where things seem to slow down as I saw the traffic barreling toward us. I closed my eyes waiting for the crash from the car that was about to t-bone us on my husband's side... nothing happened. We just kept moving through all four lanes of traffic without being hit; my husband didn't even hit the brakes. It was like he didn't have control over his actions once he realized what had happened. He sat behind the wheel staring straight ahead with a blank look on his face.

To this day, I don't know how we made it across without being killed. The traffic was heavy in all four lanes, and we should have been hit by a car in all the lanes as we crossed, but we made it to the other side without a scratch. The road we needed to take was straight ahead on the other side of the four-lane, so he just continued up the road like nothing happened.

When we reached our destination, at the top of that road, my husband just sat there for a few moments. We were both perplexed by what just happened. He was very quite the rest of the day. I think it blew his mind. I know it blew mine!

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