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Are You Prepared…

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posted on May, 31 2013 @ 06:49 PM
Are You Prepared…Spiritually?

Many people spend time worrying about how to prepare for disasters…hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.

How much time have you put into being prepared spiritually?

This is not about religion, so don’t come in here quoting bible scriptures to me about the “end of days”.

This is about preparing your soul for it’s next evolutionary step.

Every soul has lessons to learn in every life time, have you learned the ones you were supposed to learn in this lifetime?

The list is long and varied, but we are all aware of the lessons we are supposed to learn.

We chose them. We may not all be conscious of them in this reality; blinders have been placed on many of you.

In the spiritual realm they are easy to see, if you want to.

I understand there will be those that read this and will scoff and pepper me with nonsense, that is okay. I do not expect very many to understand the premise of a soul and it’s evolutionary process.

It is quite simple.

Overcomplicated by the desire to experience what has been essentially man-made crap.

Fortunately, these are still lessons that need to be learned, so I am not overly concerned.

For me being spiritually prepared is about accepting the consequences of our choices and understanding the lessons they bring us; positive or negative.

Many times when we deal with adversity it is done with a pity pot and woe is me attitude.

Those adversities are essential to your evolutionary process, obstacles must be overcome in order to get to the destination.

Even the simplest things can be complicated; some positive and some negative.

In every positive that you enjoy, there is a negative to learn from. In every negative that you derive pain from, there is a positive to take hold of.

The examples are far to many to put forth here, but they happen to us each, daily. The time for your soul to ascend will happen in an instant; whether it is capable will depend on how you are functioning at the time it happens.

There is a reason why we have a vision of heaven and hell; the soul will go where it feels most comfortable at the moment it releases from this human condition.

Some souls become what we know are ghosts, trapped between dimensions, unable to make the transition to either destination.
The terms heaven and hell are merely semantics for light and dark. I feel more comfortable in the light; others feel more comfort in the darkness.

The world we live in has been enveloped by an evil presence that will either trap you or repel you, sadly, many are being trapped by commercialistic, monetarialstic (new word), selfalishtic (new word), greedylistic (new word), egotistic entities that do not have the ability to understand the beauty of all and that love is the way to the light.


posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 06:03 AM
Sun rise the best part of my day. Always has been. I do not like rushing it made sounds are so much lower at this time of the day. I can hear all the other animal souls "waking up". Yep I said that and I am also saying now I lay me down to sleep pray the"Lord" my soul to keep.


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