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The Thrust between Press & Government is about to get worse in Denmark and USA.

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posted on May, 31 2013 @ 06:00 PM
MODS if this thread dozen belong here. Sorry & be kind to remove to the right place, Thanks, stay & help save dk

Help save Denmark's democracy maybe in return can help USA in the end.

from this Danish News Paper Press & Government relationship

but I think that the way Obama is attacking the Press and Whistleblowers ín the same way. Is the Danish Government going to chance / upgrade, some laws in what is called "Offentlighedsloven" is like ( I think ) as yours publicity Act. and they are going to make a lot of BIG (old ) case in Denmark "FARUMSAGEN" & "Tuneserloven" with the new law, we wouldn't know about these cases .

Recently, the press - through the existing offentlighedslov - access to some very shocking figures on the number of unemployed who risk losing their unemployment benefits up to the summer holidays - but the government did not want to disclose - to the great detriment of the public debate. In this way, an open offentlighedslov (ie current) is used to create a society where everyone can participate in the debate because they have access to facts about the cases.

On the other hand - with the new and much more closed offentlighedslov - this would not be possible. We would never know these numbers - and the secrets - a government wanted to keep for themselves. The law will immediately be used to hide such discussions and information. And it is only the politicians and their officials - and their spin doctors - decide - and thus control - what we know and can talk about.

Short: FARUMSAGEN, is a town Farum, where the Mayor was like Drinking to much on the taxpayers bill. and was making some large buildings scam, and Farum stadium. but today that Football club is in the top 5 in danmark so there was a little good in that case. and I would like to say if you read the link, if the Winds had blown another direction back then I think it could have turned around too a more positive outcome. but because of his drinking problem he did mess up. FARUM SAGEN in English

but if the new "Offentlighedslov" was there before FARUMSAGEN. then the mayor didn't get busted from the Drinking or money problem. like a lot off cases will not come to the public knowing eyes& ears.

That is just so wrong. and we need too stand together the world over. that we want Whistleblowers to bring fort BAD behaviors from our voted and Elected Official. But they Lie and keep secrets away from US that in the End Hurts ALL people World over

Give your voice too help Denmark Save its Democracy and the Danish public Knowing about the Governments doing
Sign here - and help to the international community to put pressure on the Danish government: please share this signing with all the people you know. More People giving there voice outside Denmark would be a BIG help.

The Signing fore Danish the Danish people ( out of 5 million ppl ) are we up too Now atm: 84845 signed of Danish people
as I would say in Denmark we have almost 100.000 people out of the 5 Million ppl. That has Gotten the Head out off the Sand.

Last like most know all the WEST we are seeing the same way in policy and its turning bad in most country's. but what I Like is I seen a video of a Guy "SAYING" Denmark's current Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt" before Elected SHE was a at Bilderberg Group Meeting. Now hers Government Is trying to keep the publics Eyes out of there WORK. HAHA. She and most of them we trusted too help the public has turned 180 degress. Just like a President of the US ;D so I think we need to help each others with Waking up the Sleepless sheep.

about done fore now. I soon going to sleep, going to work in 8 hours, so need my 7 hours sleep.
I can write from work. so I hope this will get some more attention to the whole issue with Government & Press.
we have a saying in Denmark so that not ONE man / woman Rule Denmark ( some will say our Queen does, but I what HER out ( that's another Thread ) of the HOUSE, )
we have Montesquieu's tripartite system

The separation of powers in Denmark, tripartition of power
In Denmark at the state level a division between the legislature (in principle parliament and the king of association), the executive (the king, that is, the government and the subsidiary bodies) and the judiciary (the courts). It is worth noting that the executive is part of the legislature and the government in principle can block the bill. This did not quite live up to Montesquieu's ideal of strict separation. However, Danish governments generally been either multi-party governments or minority governments (and usually both), which means that the legislature still has the ability to control the executive. Often, control passed in that a majority bypassing the government directs the government to pursue a specific policy (footnote policy is an example), or more far-reaching through pressure agent adjournment (also called censure), according to which a sitting minister (including the Prime Minister) can never be seated against a majority in the Folketing'( where all the politicians are in) desire.

Judges in Denmark appointed independently of the executive and legislative branches. As a separate state power is very important for the courts that judges are both personally and materially independent. This ensured fundamentally Constitution § 64: The judges have in their vocation only to abide by the law. They can not be dismissed except by judgment, nor transferred against their will, except in such cases where a rearrangement of justice takes place. However, the judge who has completed his 65th years, dismissed, but without loss of income up to the time at which he should be dismissed on grounds of age. Judges may only be dismissed by judgment, ie. of their colleagues at the Special Court of Final Appeal.


Press sometimes referred to as the fourth Power of Denmark, the press, leads an informal review of the first three and can have a major impact on public attitudes about individual cases or the government in general. A necessary condition for a free press, freedom of expression. The press can however only be said to have "checks" function and no "balance" function, the press did not have the opportunity to limit the use of force is missing. The press was first characterized as the end of the 1700s by Edmund Burke

SO I say that we In Denmark and Would dosen need to keep the press and public out of the Government doing. Like when we are talking about Police state must are Saying, If you are doing nothing wrong there is no problem with it, BUT LOOK what Happens when the CAMERA is TURNING THE OTHER WAY AROUND; !!! THEY DON`T LIKE IT WORLD OVER! think about that. PEACE & BTT

posted on May, 31 2013 @ 06:15 PM
I will say that I am also on twitter follow the Debate of the Danish politicians. I will post some "SICK" message how they are Attacking The Press and Publics Eye in the Debate,

One did say that the Press has Lerned to the Publics about 2 paragraph ; § 24 & 27 in the law.

Then he said that now The Publics only know these 2 paragraph because the Press so there fore we shouldn't pay attention to them. Say what ?

Justice Minister Morten Bødsko (S) is in smoking in fight with the top of the Danish press.
Nine media bosses have not right when they claim that the right of access is restricted.
claiming Justice.

Sure Government you are always right on ALL things and I just go too sleep now and work, and don't pay attention to anything anymore. I Have my Government to make what is right and what is wrong fore Me, my voice doesn't matter in the BIG Government PICTURE

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