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Gee Brain, what are we going to do tonight?

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posted on May, 31 2013 @ 05:21 PM
Many of you recognize the title of this thread as what Pinky asks Brain and the answer is always the same, “The same thing we do every night Pinky, try to take over the world”. For those that do not know, it is an American cartoon in which 2 mice attempt to take over the world and always fail dramatically. Here is the intro to the show….

The purpose of me writing this thread is due to all the complaints in regards to how things are done today, but I see very little of what people want to see their planet as being. In the interest of not sparking a DHS investigation I am not asking how you would take over in order to become the dictator of Earth, but let’s say your plan was achieved flawlessly and you indeed did take over the planet, what would you do? How would you rule? What changes would you make? I am going to give my idea and as always I would like to hear what you think about it as an ATS family member, but as a dictator I truly could not care less what you think(because dictators are just like that, lol). Please feel free to express your opinion about my dictatorial process, but I am more interested in how you would be and what you would do, so please don’t just condemn, but also give what you would do instead. Also, please forgive any grammatical and spelling errors I may have missed in writing this.

Step 1:

My first step is to declare a global martial Law while simultaneously recalling any military personnel outside their home country. This martial law is not in order to control the people, enforce laws or curfews or check papers, but simply to deal with violence within communities. Violence includes, but not limited to, anything from domestic disputes, kidnapping, intoxicated drivers, rape, sexual abuse or shootings/bombings. The People will not attack these soldiers in any way. This includes, but is not limited to, spitting on, kicking dirt on, physical contact or to the extreme like throwing rocks, or shootings/bombings. Their purpose is simply to protect the lives and safety of the people and not to interfere in the daily activities. In the understanding that there are those that are or can become power hungry, All citizens are requested and encouraged to record the military activity, especially when they are acting out their authority of combatting violence. If it is felt that any military personnel over steps their bounds or authority those videos are placed on a website and it will be put up to vote by the people as to whether or not abuse of authority has been used and if so what punishment will be enacted upon that person or persons. It will no longer be left up to internal affairs or commanding officers. The people, by popular vote, can enact the death penalty (described below). Navies are for the specific purpose of protecting shipping lanes and violence at sea and shall be a joint venture of all Navies.

Traditional police forces will be allocated to simply personal rights violations (described below) and transport of prisoners. They will no longer carry lethal firearms, but may be accompanied by military personnel in their investigations if need be. They will be limited to Tasers, batons and or pepper spray (or equivalent). Any overstepping of authority will be handled as described above. Sheriffs departments and Marshals (or their closest equivalent (if none exist they are to be created)) are for the purpose of serving warrants and papers (subpoenas) only. They are permitted to carry those weapons allowed to police and may have military accompaniment if needed. The military may use technologies such as facial recognition in the attempt to detain violators of violence or other criminal activities but for no other reason.

Governments will be disbanded and restructured. There will be no “over encompassing governments” and will be limited to State, District, Providence, individual Country (in the cases of Europe, Africa, etc.) or Territories making them individual Countries which will be labeled and known as Districts (example: District of California, District of Zimbabwe, District of Germany, etc.) All District Governments will be strictly Democracies and will be set up through popular vote by the people of that District (ALL voting will limit IP addresses to one vote per hour) and will be called and known as Councils (example: The Council of the District of Nebraska, The Council of the District of France, The Council of the District of Brazil, etc.) A single leader of the Councils will be voted into office, but will be not more than an arbitrator. They will have no vote, but simply to find a balance of opinion within the Council and to help formulate Bills which can become Laws. No law may be formulated or enacted that will violate individual rights. Once a Bill is written and voted as complete by the Council it is placed to the Peoples vote via the internet. No Bill may be put into law that has not been accepted by the majority vote of the People in the District and once placed will not be valid for more than 4 years. Every 4 years it is to be voted on by the People and passed, changed, or discarded. All laws must be available in their current state on the internet in a direct and easy to understand (leighmans) way for easy access. This will allow people to move to Districts that best fit their lifestyle.

All District boarders are to remain as they are today. No District has the right to invade or dispute the outlines of their District. Countries that are erratic in their boarders shall be reassigned to single areas of land (example: Israel and Pakistan). Religion centers are to be limited to 2 kilometers square and do not have the right to contradict any District laws, nor will they have the right to violence of any kind, but are able to vote as any individual has the right to do so in the enacting of laws within Districts.

All laws are to be written detailed and concise. Lawyers, you are no longer allowed to twist the law. The law will be black and white and followed to the letter. If mistakes are made in the arresting process they are no longer allowed as part of the defense but instead in sentencing. If a mistake, inconsistency, or oversight is found the People will vote for an amendment to that law until the time comes when the law is up for its review every 4 years. If a law changes, those that are incarcerated under previous law will be evaluated to see their status under new law and will be released or resentenced.

Step 2:

The Rights of the People; No District may place any law in violation of the following rights.
    1. The People shall have the unlimited right of speech. The people may express their thoughts and opinions in any non-violent non-vulgar way they choose including but not limited to verbal, print, media, or protest.

    2. The People have the right to protest as a means of influencing the community vote in a non-violent or disruptive to others Rights way they see fit. Councils must have a minimum of 24 hours’ notice of times, locations and expected approximate group size. No protest involving religious beliefs may be organized for any reason. No protest will infringe on the Rights of others including, but not limited to, impeding travel. All protests will be conducted in a professional manner. Vulgarities both in verbal or print will not be acceptable and the protest will be disbanded by the military.

    3. The People shall have the right to travel in any way they see fit as long as that travel does not interfere with the rights of others. Identification is to be kept on person or within acceptable reach at all times outside the residence. Identification cards must have a current picture and are good for 3 years beginning at birth. Minors Identification are to be kept by all parents/guardians as well as the minor beginning at the age of 5. This identification will allow for travel to any location planet wide. All laws of Districts being travelled through or relocating to must be followed. This right is forfeit during times of incarceration or Council monitoring due to infringement of laws or the rights of others.

    4. The People will have fair punishment for violations of the law with ALL circumstances taken into account. No law or punishment shall be based on religious belief, but the belief of the majority. All punishment for non-death penalty violations shall be of community service either out within the community or within the walls of the incarceration units (prisons) that will be a benefit to the community. Death penalties will be either hanging or beheading and will be decided on by the People of the District both in method and public or private executions set as standard. Each District shall decide by popular vote what violations shall be considered death penalty violations.

    5. The People shall have the Right to unrestrained Religious belief and ceremony as long as they do not infringe upon the Rights of others or the laws of the District. Religious practices may be done in the home or other private location either indoors or out but may not infringe on the Rights of others or the laws of the District. Active advertising (including but not limited to) printed/media, verbal expression, etc. of Religious material is prohibited unless requested by the individual. The People have the Right to seek out and receive information if they choose; this may be done via internet searches, physically entering a place of worship or by request.

    6. The People shall have the Right to own firearms for the purpose of hunting and defense. It will be assumed that everyone owns and carries firearms. Any crime committed with a firearm will be considered a death penalty offence and the military has the Right to lethal action in the attempt to detain anyone that has committed or is in the attempt to commit a crime where firearms are used. In the case of defense the military will announce their presence and all shots will cease. If anyone continues to fire their firearm/s they will be considered the combatant and will be treated as such. Weapons such as rockets, landmines, bombs etc . are hereby illegal as they effect the rights of the innocent.

    7. The People have the Right to feel secure in their homes. Any entry into any home will be considered an act of violence and the violator will be treated as a combatant without recourse. The military, police or other do not have the right to enter into a home uninvited for any reason except in the case of obvious violence or shots fired, however they do have the Right to regulate who and what comes and goes from the residence. In cases of a “manhunt” the public’s cooperation is advised. When entering a home the military, police, etc. forbidden from charging or detaining a resident for anything except for anything directly related to their initial entry reason.

    8. The People shall have the Right to their own body. No law shall be passed in regulation to personal decisions in regards to a person’s physical body. All alcohol, drugs, tattoos, scaring, etc. shall be the personal choice of the Person as long as it does not violate the Rights of others. Age limits may be placed on activities and the force of one Person on another of age or not shall be seen as a violation of that Persons Rights. Abortion, suicide, assisted suicide, etc. shall be decided at the District level. One must be a resident of at least 6 months within a District that allows for Abortion, suicide, assisted suicide, etc. in order to legally follow through with these choices. If one is not a resident they will be held to the laws of their previous District as murder/attempted murder and therefore criminal violations.

    9. The People have the Right to shelter, nutritious food, clean air and water, toilet/bathing facilities, and medical assistance. Shelter shall include protection from the elements including, but not limited to, heat when cold, cool when hot, and dry and protected from the elements. They must have accesses to refrigeration and electricity/energy for personal use.

    10. The People have the Right to be considered Citizens of the Planet and All shall have the Right to vote from the age of 5 onward. The Right to vote shall not be revoked for any reason. All People shall have access to computers in order to cast votes. The Council must adhere to popular vote. Any violation of the voting process in either fixing votes or ignoring the popular vote within a district is grounds for dismissal of the entire Council not simply the Person or Persons involved. Fixing votes includes, but is not limited to; payoffs (promises of benefit), corporate backing, lobbying, non-existent or dead voters, computer generated votes, and bulk voting. Districts may request recounts or re-votes at their discretion when a voting session is in question.

Step 3.

All those incarcerated for crimes that do not violate the above rights or district law are to be released. Those that have violated the above Rights are to be resentenced under new law.

Step 4.

All global currencies or items of trade are to be terminated. All value is to shift to Life, be it Human, Animal, or Plant life. All products created are to be free to those that want them AND must not violate any Right listed above. All Products created must be for the benefit of this Planet, its Ecosystems, and Life. If products are found to be a danger to these, production will stop immediately until the People have evaluated the information through independent studies free from agenda. The objective is to benefit Life and advancement and not greed, power, or control. Companies that benefit the most will continue, companies that do not will fail. All advertising except announcements of new bills being introduced will stop. If the People want it they will do a simple search on the internet because it is now set to top results being the best benefit to Life.

Society works through people working together to achieve a goal or goals, money is not needed. If you work for KFC you provide a service, continue doing so until a better way is found. If you mine steel you provide a service, continue doing so until a better way is found. If the demand for your product goes up expand and create jobs. If you are disabled take over a job that allows you to work (ie; no legs work via the internet) If you are a scientist work for the betterment and advancement of Mankind and the Planet. If you are an investment banker find another way to provide for the benefit of Life. Etc. etc. etc. If you hate your job go do something else for the betterment of life on this Planet.

Step 5.

All fossil fuels are to be eliminated in their use. Scientists, find a better way. All Pharmaceuticals are to be re-evaluated, scientists, find a healthier way. All external farming is to be eliminated. People, use aquaponics until the scientists can find a better way then take your surplus to grocery stores for those that do not have systems of their own. Scientists, find a better way. Meat producers, use the freed up farm land for free range feeding. Scientists, find a better way. Give the remainder of the freed up farm land back to nature and plant trees. Builders, use 7X recycled plastic to build homes. Paper companies, use hemp and other fibrous plants to make your product. Oil tankers, harvest the melting water from the poles and relocate it to drought stricken lands. Engineers, find a cleaner source of energy and eliminate nuclear plants. Cities, build down as well as up and connect your buildings for stability until you can find a better way(ie floating cities lol). Landlords, release your properties to the people. There should be no homelessness. People, give up your large home to those that need them and relocate into only what you need for the good of all people (ie; older couple in a 4 bedroom is not acceptable). There are many other examples and ways of doing things that are being shoved under the rug due to agendas, greed, and the pursuit of power/control.

Step 6.

Rename the planet itself to Agarta as my legacy. The element of Earth, ie dirt, rock, etc. will remain Earth but the Planet will be Agarta.

Step 7.

Allow time for the transition to the new world (about 3 to 10 years or more depending on how smooth it goes)

Step 8.

Turn the Planet back over to the People, resign my position, and surrender myself to the People for judgment for crimes that I may have committed in the taking control process.


So there you have it. This would be how I would eliminate violence, theft, classes, poverty, control (both Governmental and cooperate), domination, warfare, debt, slavery, homelessness and spark thinkers into bettering Life on this Planet, Agarta. Thanks for reading, I look forward to your replies.

posted on May, 31 2013 @ 05:27 PM

will take me ages to read dat...


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