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The Black Knight Satellite

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posted on Nov, 22 2015 @ 08:34 AM
a reply to: JimOberg

As a science fiction fan, I do enjoy a lot of such 'mysteries' and stories. I am not obsessed with 'truth' or debunking as apparently yourself and some others. Because truth is subject to perceptions, value systems, pre-formed biases and never 'final'. Watching a movie requires some suspension of disbelief for a while, to truly immerse in a new paradigm of possibilities, and therefore I am capable of dissociating myself from this 'obsession-of-debunking-everything-that-doesnt-fit-my-view'. Sue me if you will, but you do share this planet with a lot of us, who simply want to enjoy different directions of thought not necessarily aligned with values or one definition of 'truth'. Even if I sound 'the perfect hyper-credulous fall-for-anything sap that advertisers DREAM of' , I dont have an obligation to anyone not to. I certainly dont aspire to have the 'standards' you think are indispensible. SInce I dont drink pepsi or alcohol or whatever I dont have to worry about 'falling for' it. I saw it as the art form it was, a short film, based on a 'conspiracy theory' which seemed interesting to me.

Carry on with your crusade as I am sure its an OCD by now , but please dont expect others to abide or play by your rules. I am not interested in your blog.

posted on Nov, 22 2015 @ 09:25 AM
a reply to: JimOberg

That's sure a lot of reading into things. The "Ad" barely advertises Pepsi anyway.

Have those links in the OP been taken down or never existed in the first place? Has the NASA site changed, or something?
Hm, the site must have changed.
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posted on Nov, 23 2015 @ 02:22 AM
a reply to: Tahnya86

Hello, i have also posted on this but what i wanted to let you know is i came accross some files of information stating that the US Military actualy managed to retireve the black night and some staff who tried to interact with it where badly hurt as it had soem kind of defecive mechanisim like a eltro charge, more importantly i wouldnt doubt the retrieval of such item as the military does use top secret space craft and a seprate black project sector to do missions and NASA is just a cover front to keep the public distracted while the real interesting stuff goes on behind the darkness of space.

Well, I'm a relative newcomer to this exact subject but I DO find it rather interesting. There's a lot of talk about what it might or might not be. IF you're going to say you have additional info on this subject that SEEMS to have been debunked (somewhat) according to others, wouldn't it be wise & prudent to present it rather than saying you have seen it?

posted on Nov, 23 2015 @ 02:55 AM

originally posted by: xDeadcowx
Why is the object in the picture in the OP black? If it was part of the satellite, or any other object put in to orbit by man, wouldn't it be white, or silver/metallic? Black seems like the last color you would want it to be if you want to reflect heat.

I dont know of any object that is solid black like that... rather ominous


You have a point. I don't know of any of our stuff that was black.

Also the burnt piece does not fit. If it was burnt it would have been on reentry and not in orbit.

posted on Nov, 23 2015 @ 03:30 AM

originally posted by: neformore
Taking on board some of the comments here, I think its necessary to divorce the pictures in the OP from the 1954 article. Its too convinient to look at the alleged shuttle pics of something unusual floating in space and claim its our friendy neighborhood Knight because it appears to be black in colour.

The 1950's observation stands alone as shown in the article, and given that the Russians didn't put Sputnik up until '57 it does make you wonder quite what was up there, and even if it was nothing unusual there are still questions that come to mind.

This is where science fiction meets fact - as with so many things - any alien civilisation wanting to see what is out there is likely to use robotic probes to investigate the univerese in the same manner as we do because robots are expendable.

How long until we find one, or one finds us?

and - more intriguingly

If it was truly alien would we even know what it was??

Which then begs a question - what if we've missed such things in the past and/or what if some of the myths and superstitions in history refer to such thiings?

And why do we need to divorce it? It may or may not be the BK. NASA knew something was there so why not get some pics of it?

What you would need to do is find out if the pic was of an object in polar orbit or not and then go from there.

The issue is I have never seen any orbit data that goes with those pics. You know they have it because they needed it to track for the pic intercept.

On a separate issue what is the life time of a UNPOWERED object in a 400-600 mile polar orbit? BK was first found in 1954 and was radar tracked into the 60's. Lets look at the Iridium sats. 7 year life span (but they are doing better then that right now.) They are about 700KG, of which 100KG is fuel to keep them in orbit and do corrections. BK was said to be 32.000 Lb (about 15,000 KG) of UNPOWERED mass. I know the size was corrected over time, but it was in the wrong direction. (IE when you start out with a pretty specific figure and then that gets more fuzzy as the "experts" come out with "more" data, that just smells fishy to me.) Any sat guys out they want to do the math on this?

posted on Nov, 23 2015 @ 03:40 AM

originally posted by: Nexevo
I vaguely remember reading a thread about it here a while ago and finding the subject very interesting but then I seem to have forgotten about it.

I enjoy thinking to myself "What if..." and in this case, the object being a remnant of some past advanced civilisation, possibly holding some kind of record to the demise of said civilisation. It can certainly get the imagination racing.

To those speculating that the US would have captured this satellite years ago? Well I'm pretty sure there is a lot that is never made public about shuttle missions. Maybe they did

A fascinating thread, thank you for posting.

I have done the same thing.

Maybe it is beaming out signals to make people lose interest in it?

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