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Harley Man, the Prequel

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posted on May, 31 2013 @ 12:48 AM
Remember Harley Man, the witness, on 9/11 who gave us the official version of how the WTC towers "collapsed" in the immediate aftermath of the "collapses". Many believe that he was a planted witness.

I'm beginning to think that the JFK assassination may have had its Harley Man or its Mike Walker (wings folded up like an accordion at the Pentagon), or its Jerome Hauer (no, no it wasn't a controlled demolition it was Osama bin Laden).

Here is a video showing the window from where the shots were said to have been fired. I want to draw people's attention to the "voice over" commentary. Listen to the newsman describing what happened. These words are spoken the day of the assassination. Essentially they give us "The Warren Report".

The commentator says that there were three evenly spaced shots fired from the Book Depository Building and that the President's limo did not stop.

Here is Jean Hill's account. She was standing next to Mary Morman only a few yards from the limo when the President was killed. She says that she heard at least five shots and that the motorcade halted momentarily.

We have heard about at least one newspaper story being "edited" to exclude mention of a shot from the front, but I hadn't heard about any broadcast media plants. The commentator I'm referring to has that same air of confidence we saw with Harley Man. On a very confused day he is right on the money with the official version.

Food for thought.
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posted on Mar, 16 2017 @ 02:05 AM
Gun shots do echo; it would take an experinced ear to knw the difference between a gun shot and an echo of a gun shot. It would also explian why some thought it was more than one gun as the echo would sound different than the actual gun shot.

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