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Congress Wants Redskins Name Change

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posted on May, 30 2013 @ 10:51 PM
Does Congress have any business interfering in the rights of a sports team to have a nickname of their choosing? This is a problem on many fronts. Never mind the name is offensive, doesn't Congress have bigger fish to fry in the first place? Why stop with the Redskins? I can think of many nicknames that are offensive to many; should nicknames of teams be subjected to Congressional approval? They can't even take care of more important matters at hand. You know what I am talking about. I don't need to list them all.

Daniel Snyder will not do the right thing, no matter how obvious the decision would appear to be. The right thing would be for Snyder to change the name of the NFL franchise he has owned since 1999. The right thing would be to acknowledge that Native Americans find the term offensive, derogatory and demeaning, and have for decades. The right thing would be to invest the money and the manpower into rebranding a franchise that is one of the most popular in all of sports -- not just in the NFL -- and certainly could survive a name change and continue to thrive.

Now that being said, it is offensive to Indians, so if they want to make an issue of it that would be their right. Let them boycott the Redskins; but this name has been their nickname since the franchise started. I find many things offensive, particularly with regard to Congress and how they fail to actually do anything except sit on their fat butts collecting taxpayer dollars to try and put pressure on the owner of the Redskins when they have so many other more pressing issues of much greater concern.

posted on May, 30 2013 @ 11:10 PM
"Now that being said, it is offensive to Indians"

They are native americans you ignorant...I'm kidding.

I think this is foolish.

"What's in a name?"

It's only a matter of time before calling people _______-american is frowned upon.

posted on May, 30 2013 @ 11:14 PM
reply to post by soulpowertothendegree

Look at teams like the Cleveland Indians, or the Fighting Sioux. They are pretty offensive caricatures, but so far there hasn't been any legislation to change the names. However, right now I think there is a massive effort to change North Dakota's team name and logo (Fighting Sioux.)

I think if Congress wanted to do right by Native American interests, they're decades upon decades too late. No, it's not their business...even if the names and sports logos are offensive. But we're also talking about regional histories, cultures, and traditions etc. when we're talking about team names.

Then there's an interesting dilemma created between the offensive caricatures vs. the so-called endearing sports logos. Which of these are acceptable, which are not?

Are atheists going to campaign against the LA Angels next?

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posted on May, 30 2013 @ 11:16 PM
Seeing how the NFL is a tax free enterprise the government should have some say on if the name is offensive. Native Americans have been complaining about the name for years now and it's time they changed it. Besides organizations that are tax free have guidelines they have to follow and sorry but racism isn't allowed. So the government should just tell them change it or lose the tax free status.

posted on May, 30 2013 @ 11:57 PM
Mmmmm......why not change the name to the Washington Blueskins and see if the Smurfs complain?

posted on May, 31 2013 @ 01:22 AM
Things are not always what they seem. Being from Oklahoma, I happen to have known a rather large number of American Indians. In my experience they're they're not usually offended by such silliness. It's usually the oversensitive politically correct assumptions of grandstanding twits that make it seem that way. By the way, here's a point of view from a chief of a nearby tribe:

Former Native American Chief: I'd be offended if Redskins did change name

A longtime chief of a major Virginia Native American tribe said he would be offended if the Washington Redskins DID change the team name and said society has gotten too "politically correct" and "touchy" these days.

Speaking on Sirius XM NFL Radio's "The Morning Drive" on Wednesday, Robert "Two Eagles" Green, whom CBS notes "retired from his presiding role over the 1300-member Patawomeck Tribe in March," said most members of his tribe "don’t find" the Redskins name to be "offensive.”

“I’ve been a Redskins fan for years and to be honest with you, I would be offended if they did change it," Green said.

Chief Green said his research indicated the term came from Indians, and it is "not a term that the white man created."

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