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Sudanese translator set free, Iraq.

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posted on Nov, 6 2004 @ 11:50 AM
November 7, 2004

AN Iraqi group had freed a Sudanese man it had been holding hostage since late October, the Sudanese foreign ministry said today.

Nourredin Zaqaria, a translator in Baghdad for the American company Tyson, telephoned his family immediately following his release to say he was safe and well, the official Al-Anbaa newspaper reported today.

A video broadcast by Al-Arabiya television on October 30 showed a man who identified himself as Mr Zaqaria, from Khartoum, being held by armed men claiming to belong to the Thawrat al-Ishrin (Revolution of the 1920s) Brigade.

I reckon the coalition really has no idea of how many 'groups' are in Iraq, and futher more
what the agenda of each 'group' is.


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