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Hmmmmm is Bush teh Antichrist? My personal predictions

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posted on Nov, 6 2004 @ 11:42 AM

The Illumanti need the following to further their plans, after that, they can declare NWO a few years later. We can expect the enforcement of NWO openly around 2006-2015. A further breakdown of this:

1. A staged terrorist attack to destroy the constitution with a new constitutional convention, after this you can expect a long period of marshal law, possibly several years. In this time, you can expect national chipping of the public: 2004-2008

2. The commence of the EU merge, which is likely to lead to civil wars in Europe: Unknown(time)

3. WWIII: 2006-2015

Causes: Destabalized US and it's wars with Iran, Syria and North Korea
Likely wars: India vs Pakistan and China; China vs Taiwan, Japan; Israel vs Islamic states; Russia vs Europe and US; US vs China and Russia

4. Global economic collapse due to peak oil

This should coincide with climate and earth changes, and outbreaks of flu and other disease. At this time, when the world is in complete turmoil, and torn apart by war, famine and disease, the NWO will officially be declared and enforced.

Bush is going to play a key role in the Anti-Christs up-bringing but he cannot be the Anti-Christ. The Anti-Christ will be looked up at as a great peace keeper and a solid leader. Almost everyone will love him and addore him.

Bush is hated in our country by millions, and is hated all around the globe. No way is it possbile for George Bush to be the anti-christ...

However the United States alone will play a very key role in the end. Since we already have troops in Babylon(Iraq), whats next? Iran? Arafat is dieing... if he dies it is possible for Palestine and Israel to be at peace again.

Peace is the key with the end. A new world order. Global control. In order for this to happen with our current position its going to take a major attack and another World War.

How this will happen is quite simple. A probable situation is thus

First a nuclear attack on Israel will happen. The United States automatically assumes Iran did the attack for North Korea would have no reason to attack Israel with nuclear weapons. Iran claims they did the attack. The United States being Israel's allies will take our other allies and declare war on Iran. China and Russia being tied with Iran are fed up with the United States and decide to back up Iran. After this happens the rest of the world jumps in, this is when WWIII takes place.

During WWIII The United States, China, and Russia begin to crumble. The largest countries on earth right now are defensless after this. The United Nations decides to step in and end all the fighting. After that happens the United Nations has a reason to call themselves a one world government.

After the fighting is ended, the entire world is so destitue and weary of war that we will do anything for peace. A few years pass and everything is resolved and the world is at peace. The United Nations is now controlling all the countries of the world because the world leaders, US, China & Russia, were destroyed or at least disarmed. This left them out of power. The United Nations then will be the dominance around the globe and will decided what happens. Meanwhile Israel is being rebuilt and the temple reconstructed.

The leader of United Nations will be looked at as a great leader and peace-maker. He will be looked up at by all eyes of the world.

Clinton will probably be running for U.N. president soon. But, Ahnold will also be running for president in 2008. Either or neither could be the anti-christ for all I know.

As for all this religious talk. I am not religious, but I do see the bible as a tool made a long time ago by those in power to 1.) Controll the people and 2.) Hide and conceal the past and future into hidden codes

Bush has 4 more years to carry out his agenda. He's going to want a legacy. So I expect the momentum, to pick up quite a bit. He didn't care about what the world thought, or half of the US popluation. When it came to going into Iraq. He said before the last election, that he was a uniter not a divider. As soon as he took office, everything was put into play quickly. To include rushing into Iraq. Anyone that didn't agree with him. Either lost their job, or was flat out ignored etc.. I find it very hard to believe, that the US is going to come together after this election. I don't think Bush, will try to unite this country at all. He is going to be just as head strong, if not more so. Since he won the popular vote this time around.

So all of the people that dread four more Bush years. Are going to be on edge as it is. Bush is going to continue to do his thing. To include confrontations across the globe. North Korea, Syria, Iran, take your pick. (To include all of the above.) So we have two very different momentums, that are going to colide here. The question in my mind, is when. We have the momentum of the, MTV consumer society. Where everyone doesn't have any patience, and wants everything done right now. That is going to colide with the momentum of having to endure four more years of Bush. Four years is a LONG time. So the more and more things change. I.E. more wars. The Supreem Court, a very probable draft. Women being used in combat situations. Which means daughters etc., being drafted to actually fight in war zones. Imagine the mobilization durring WWII. Expansion of Civil Service type jobs etc.. All for the war effort.

The more we move into this reality. The more people are going to say enough is enough. Sooner or later, it will get to the point. Where half of this country isn't willing to wait for 4 more years to pass. I hope I am wrong. I hope Bush does try to actually unite this country. Unfortunately, for him to do so. He would have to back out of alot of his campaign promises. I don't think he is going to do that. He has a plan, and he's going to stick with it. He has said so himself, pretty clearly.

Who knows, maybe the election will be the spark. Maybe it's the next war Bush starts. My guess, would be there is going to be more terrorist attacks. Bringing in martial law, national ID cards. Possible manditory human chip implants, etc..

Durring the past couple of years. Talk about a draft has been brought up. Now the military wants to use women in combat by January. We already have a back door draft. Our troops are spread too thin. Rumors of a coup in the US government etc.. What happens, if Bush keeps starting more wars, but never finishes any of the battles? It is very likely, that that will be the case. We don't have the troops, to engage everywhere in the world that Bush and the hawks want to. So won't the hawks start calling for nukes, so we don't have to get tied down in another war? We all know what they said after Japan. "Look at how many troops lives were saved!"

Terrorism is an un-winnable war. It's like the British trying to march in straight lines toward the enemy. While we were hiding in the woods to ambush them. It's unconventional fighting. You don't know who the enemy is. In a situation like that. It is impossible to win, especially while being fought in urban areas. Look at Israel. They have been fighting for around 60 years. In this type of war. It is a never ending "war".

Will the world put up with that? China has now warned the US against taking pre-emptive strikes. How many more conflicts, without resolutions are they going to put up with? My impression, is there will be more terrorist attacks on our soil. Then we will become a true military police state. People will "revolt" in the US, starting a "civil war". Waco type events, could be malitias etc.. Or people trying to survive in self sustaining groups. That don't want to be part of the system. I.E. don't want to take the mark of the beast etc.. During that time, other nations will try to step in. Possibly involving UN troops. Bringing in the NWO. Isn't it the only way to bring the US to it's knees? Get us fighting eachother, so they can sweep up the mess. I can just hear them saying. "Thanks for all of the weapons you built for us, by the way!"

So the possibilities of civil war aren't that far fetched. John Titor has a 10% chance of being right if Waco type events do start happening in a year or so.

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