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Rippoff Britain, Written off Greece, Hacked off Syria and P***ed off USA.

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posted on May, 29 2013 @ 06:19 AM
All of the above have one thing in common, money.

Or more importantly the GREED of money.

In the UK stores and companies routinely fleece customers and provide poor after sales service, services are cut because "there isnt enough money in the kitty to provide it", and yet companies and government spend thousands if not BILLIONS on promotions or reputation or self sales ( arent we great buy our products), or as I'm aware of in government offices , the office is in the wrong colour, or the furniture is looking tired or dirty so lets replace it instead of cleaning it.

Greece's population are suffering as well as numerous countries citizens, some starving, losing their homes, their businesses going under for the banks to reposess them and do what with them?

Most (practically 30-40 %) of the high streets shops are shut and empty because the landlords want rent at extortionant rates, and yet cant realise that if a shop is empty NO rent is earned, but would rather try and wait to see if anyone wants to pay the sky high bills and then wonder why no one is interested.

Foreign countries not aligned with the US , UK or Nato are hacked on a daily basis and yes I know that some hacking comes from these countries as well but for what purpose? what does it serve other than to pi** them off even more.

And as for the US I have watched that country implode from a family orientated , community based culture to one of greed, avarice and with lack of humility to warmongering and the swapping of lives for profit.

Like most of the worlds citizens I just want to get up, go to work, go home and spend time with my family and friends with no hassle but these days it seems that I am in trouble for simply being around, we are watched the most in the Uk on CCTV and even then studies have proven that CCTB obly prevent or solve 1% of the crime, so what happens for the other 99% of the time theyre on?

If we didnt have money there'd be no need for wars, poverty, disease, most crimes and yet people will rant about " Theres no alternative to money" and yet they wont even look for one, but rather follow the rest of the scared people who think the same.

posted on May, 29 2013 @ 03:01 PM
reply to post by DataWraith

I would want to add some points of observation which are rather interesting from the economics point of view:

Any money that has been in the (i.e.) Greek economy, did not evaporate, it was used to pay someone greedier and less concerned about the consequences to the general community - this being the primary example of the capitalism at its' finest presentation of competition...

I do not think one can resolve the question of debt (to whom?) of this generation in any pretty manner, however what I sincerely hope is that the upcoming generations will take note of what has occured in the neurotic state of paranoid overconsumption that lead to the risky behavior now demanding a payback. Learning to balance one's life with a sense of appreciation and modesty is a very unpopular medicine.

posted on May, 30 2013 @ 12:38 AM

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posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 09:29 PM
The whole Greece bail out thing is one of the biggest con-jobs in history. So many people are still ignorant and blind to what is actually going on and believe the lies spread in the media.

Greece is not being bailed out nor has it been bailed out.

Greece is being used as the scapegoat, as the middle man, for the money to pass through. However Greece is not the final destination of that money. Of that so called Greek bail out. Two of them in fact.

The money ends up in German and French banks. That is who is being bailed out.

Greece doesn't need a bail out, it never did.
They have cut so many services from everything imaginable, that there is no need for assistance. A hefty surplus should exist by now. But it doesn't. Because even the money saved, Greek taxes, even before all the cuts and after, is being siphoned off to the banks in Germany and France.

But guess who is stuck with wearing the consequences of all this? That's right, Greece and the Greek people.

Notice how since the bailouts were started, that the Greek debt actually increased. From just over 100% of GDP, to nearly 200% of GDP.
How can any sane person not see that, and stop and think WHAT THE F*** IS GOING ON HERE!!..

But this was all by design anyway. This wasn't a last minute conjured up plan.
Ask Henry Kissinger.
He once said some interesting things about Greece/Greek people.
Along the lines of the Greek people need to be tamed. To tame them, we need to attack their culture, their economy. And that is what has been happening since the 1990's.

Greek music for example doesn't sound like Greek music any more. It sound's like generic pop music with Greek lyrics. There's even Greek rap and R&B genres now.

Greek culture is being attacked. The whole "Macedonia" name issue. Who is backing FYROM against Greece with NGO's etc? People like George Sorros. You think him and Kissinger and others are strangers to each other? Heh..

When I say Macedonia below, I'm not referring to the country FYROM, but to northern Greece, known as Macedonia since ancient times, not 1945 like FYROM.

Macedonia is an integral part of Greek history, heritage and culture.
Alexander the Great spread Greek culture, language, ideas to the known world back then. He conquered everything from Greece to India and back. You can find the remnants of his empire to this day.
WW1..the break up of the Ottoman Empire...the final battles in the Balkans..Greece threw everything at liberating it's northern provinces..aka Macedonia and Thrace.
WW2..the first battles where in Macedonia.
Ancient Macedonians originated from the same ancient Hellenic tribe as the Spartans. A nice fact nobody pays attention to. Nobody claims the Spartans weren't Greek.

You see around the world illegal immigrants flooding western countries. It's been happening in Greece long before it became a problem elsewhere.
First came the Albanians. They flooded across the border through the mountains(literally). There's hundreds of thousands in Greece now. Most of them are illegal. They've had kids in Greece too now.
The Greek army used to go around and round up the illegal Albanians, and deport them back to Albania. They'd just sneak back over later.

Now the Pakistanis, Indians, Arabs, Africans are coming.

This is organized movement of masses of people. It's happening everywhere. Not just in Greece, but Australia, Western Europe, North America...

Questioning the sexuality of Ancient Greeks. Apparently homosexuality was normal. Gay lobbies use this nonsense to promote their lifestyle as being normal, being born that way, and whatever else. I personally do not care what two consenting adults do with each other, be it two men or two women, or one of either gender.

But the pro-Ancient Greece homosexuality myth promotion brigades either don't know or ignore on purpose, is that there were laws against homosexuality in ancient Greece.

Do a little digging, you are sure to turn up the facts.
There's even a youtube video about it. Not sure if it's still up. You know how some get about the truth being revealed and spread.

What Kissinger said needs to be done, is what is being done.

And now, you have thousands of protestors in Germany protesting against the Austerity measures being implemented around Europe, marching on the European Central bank. With Police being forced to used tear gas to drive them back.
FINALLY, the so called "Pay Masters Of Europe" have woken up and are protesting against their own government.
But it is too little too late I'm afraid. The crooks have already run away with tens of billions of their taxes. It's too late to stop this train with simple protests.

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