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No name yet... Murder involved.

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posted on May, 28 2013 @ 01:08 AM
"What on earth could have happened here?" The sheriff thought to himself, looking down at two lifeless bodies intertwined on the floor, surrounded by various papers and clothing strewn about in a small motel room. He kneeled down to examine closely. He made a sour face as he finally overcame his shock and noticed the smell, the bodies had been there for a while.
"When did they first notice the smell?" The sheriff asked his deputy whilst removing his hankerchief from his front pocket to shield himself from the stench.
"About an hour ago." The deputy began to cover his face as well. "The clerk said they paid in full for three days. He became suspicious after not seeing the couple for a little over 24 hours."
"Paid in full... three days." The sheriff pondered. "Don't you find that a little odd deputy?"
"Uh, I guess so sir." The deputy replied, slowly backing away from the door. "Do you mind if I catch a little air, sheriff?"
"No problem." The sheriff took a step back himself, trying to see the bigger picture. A standard motel room: Queen sized bed, one dresser, television, a nightstand with a telephone and lamp. No real sign of struggle other than the papers and clothing strewn about. The bed was neatly made and a suitcase and handbag sat atop overturned, appearing as if someone had been looking for something in them.
The sheriff exited the room and removed his kerchief from his face, placing it back in his pocket. Taking a deep breath of fresh air. "Radio for the coroner and some backup. We need to get this sorted out." He slowly shut the door and stood watch. "I need a cigarette" he said to himself pulling out his favorite brand of full flavors and lit one. The sheriff caught his deputy in his peripheral. "That far away just to radio?" The sheriff shouted across a dimly lit parking lot.
"I'm sorry sir, the smell. It's too much." The deputy hollered back. "Deputy Keith is on his way and Diane is phoning Dr. Lawrence as we speak." The deputy looked a little shaken.
"Good work Jim. I know its tough to see something like this, but there is a first time for everything. You just have to keep a level head." The sheriff said approaching him and putting his hand on the deputy's shoulder.
"Thank you Sheriff Davis." Deputy Jim Carson said looking intently at the door to the motel room. "You don't expect to see anything of this sort in a small town like this. I mean, I have seen bodies before, you kind of have to expect things like that in Detroit." The deputy said thinking about his old hometown before he transferred. "Just not in a quiet place like this."
"I never did ask you, why the transfer?" The sheriff prodded while taking a drag off of his cigarette. "Your record was excellent in Wayne County. You had a bright future there, a lot of opportunity for advancement."
"A lot of reasons sheriff, but overall I just wanted to get away from it all." The deputy said looking at the sheriff. The sheriff let out a little smirk and walked back over the door of the motel room. Diane's voice then came over the radio. "Sheriff, I got a hold of Dr. Lawrence, he is on his way now."
The sheriff squaked back. "Thank you Diane, oh and have Deputy Keith pick up some coffee before he gets here." The sheriff lowered his radio and looked at his watch. "#, 2:35am. It's going to be a long night, deputy."
"Whats the word doc?" The sheriff kneeled next to Dr. Lawrence. "How did they go?"
"Well it appears they were injected with something." Dr. Lawrence pulled back the sleeve on one of the corpses arms revealing track marks. "No telling what it could be until we can run the tests. But it does appear at least one of the victims was a habitual user of some intravenous drug."
"Heroin?" Jim asked.
Dr. Lawrence looked at the deputy. "As I said, we will not know until toxicology comes back." The Dr. motioned to the deputy to give him a hand with the body. "Mind helping me bag him up?" As the deputy picked up the body by the shoulders with the Dr. lifting the legs the sheriff opened the body bag and helped the pair gently place the body into it. Both victims skin at this point had a blue almost angellic hue to them.
"Gather up all those papers and clothing and place them on the bed, Deputy Carson." The sheriff stepped out for another smoke and motioned to Deputy Keith. "Bring me that thermos, would you?" Keith handed the thermos over and the sheriff unscrewed the top to it and began to take a sip. The sheriffs eyes widened and he nearly spit his coffee straight out into Keith's face. "Black coffee!? #, you know I like that french vanilla creamer."
"Sorry sir, was in a rush to get out here." Keith began. "I can run and get you some."
The sheriff chuckeled. "Don't bother deputy, In fact I want you to go interview the clerk and get his statement." The sheriff took a drag off of his smoke. "And ask him why the hell he would take payment for three days in advance." And then exhaled.
"Sheriff! Get in here now!" The sheriff heard Dr. Lawrence raise his voice from the room. "Something you'll want to take a look at."

posted on May, 28 2013 @ 01:09 AM
"What is it doc?" The sheriff reentered the room and again kneeled next to the Dr.
"Look here, behind his ear." Dr. Lawrence folded the victim's right ear over itself and pointed at a small red dot in the crease where the ear was attached to the skull.
"What am I looking at here doc?" The sheriff in fact had no idea what he was seeing.
"Something you do not see often. I have never encountered anything like this out here, but it looks like someone injected him here." The Dr. stood up and zipped up the body bag. "To me, this looks as if someone was trying to hide the injection mark."
"Why hide it?" The sheriff inquired. "He already had marks and scars. Why hide just one shot?"
Dr. Lawrence began to enlighten the sheriff. "I have heard about people injecting others behind the ears with a small amount of air to induce an artificial aneurysm. A small bubble of air injected behind the ear into the bloodstream to cause a 'clot' in the brain." The Dr. then looked down.
"Well lets bag up the other one and get these two to the morgue." The sheriff stood up. "Get them on ice and get yourself some sleep doc. It's going to be a busy day for us."
"No sleep for me, sheriff." Dr. Lawrence said sternly. "My assistant is bringing the van right now. I intend to get started with the autopsies as soon as possible."

posted on May, 28 2013 @ 01:10 AM
Not yet formatted but I would appreciate any comments and suggestions.

Thanks for reading.

posted on May, 28 2013 @ 09:08 AM
Thats a good start. I like the way you laid out what you have so far, and am interested to see where it goes from here. Are you going to post the follow on in this thread?

posted on May, 28 2013 @ 01:18 PM
reply to post by TrueBrit

Yes sir I am. I'll probably have something every 4 days or so. More or less episodic content.

Thank you for reading!

posted on May, 31 2013 @ 02:39 PM
reply to post by Theprimevoyager

Enjoyed the read. Thanks for sharing.
I look forward to reading more


posted on Sep, 10 2016 @ 02:12 AM
After years. It needs an ending.

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