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Why Exactly Would You Shoot Yourself Dead Because Of Gay Marriage???

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posted on May, 26 2013 @ 09:39 PM
I am having some difficulty with your statements about not having a problem with Homosexuality, and in the next breath railing against some kind of gay agenda. Either it bothers you or it doesn't. As for the politics of the situation, and some politicians breaking from party and going against popular opinion. Could it simply be they see the writing on the wall and are just choosing to be on the right side of history? As shocking as it sounds this is something that occasionally happens.

In the next two generations, those people will have a very difficult time figuring out what the issue was and wonder why it caused such a political meltdown. Really when it comes to sexuality and marriage it really just shouldn't matter as long as those involved are consenting adults. It doesn't affect anyone but them and their families no one else should be making those choices for them.

posted on May, 27 2013 @ 03:06 AM
I've heard of folks speculating the various possible agendas behind the legalisation of gay marriage-idk,it could just be a case of a type of evolution of civilisation..Homosexuality has always been with us,since ancient times-it is an aspect of human nature,whether one agrees with it or not.
So it could well just be,that because so many gays(often largely law-abiding,tax-paying,productive members of society)has been lobbying for it,petitioning for it,and indeed gone to courts of law for what they believe is not something that is detrimental to anyone else-the time has come when people in position to pass the laws allowing gay marriage,is deciding that there's no reason to make/keep it illegal.

If heterosexual people who often contribute little more to society than their physical presence+locust-like ability to consume, may marry who they please-why can the same privilege not be afforded to homosexual people?

It is a natural evolution,maybe not of the species,but of society.

I've heard,for instance,the theory that allowing gay marriage is part of a population-reduction agenda.

I don't think anybody has to worry on that score-there will always be heterosexual couples and single women having babies-and it's not exactly like a plague has decimated 5 billion people lately-and we Have to go out to be fruitful and multiply.

Another thing i have noticed,is that gay couples often choose to adopt older orphans-when these older children are often not wanted by heterosexual couples,who prefer to adopt babies.THIS IS A STATEMENT IN GENERAL-of course there are exceptions on either side.

Homosexuals marrying should be the concern of the couple involved,and no one else.I can understand that especially for fathers,even mothers with more traditional viewpoints this could be sad and hard-but these people would do well to remember that they have sons/daughters who are alive,albeit gay-when many other parents have stood heartbrokenly by the graves of their children,gay or straight.Perspective.

How exactly does it hurt our lives,because 2 people of the same gender want to exclusively be with each other,and make it legal?A true marriage is a bond forged in the heart-and any marriage,gay or straight,will last,or end in seperation/divorce.A piece of paper will never make you married anyway,not in my opinion.It is the way you feel in your heart,it is your INTENT and the depth of your love and fealty to your chosen partner-and theirs in return,which makes a marriage.

But if heterosexuals had to be satisfied with that,and be denied the legal benefits that a "legal","piece-of-paper"marriage offers-
there would propably a march on DC the likes not seen in human history.Perspective.
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posted on May, 27 2013 @ 09:07 AM
My stance on this issue can be considered by both the "for" and "against" camps, as somewhat confusing. I do not agree with the idea of a union ordained by God, between a man and another man, because scripture would tend to recomend against such a union. But at the same time, I do not believe that it matters wether the law is passed or not, or wether it happens or not. God will sort all this stuff out later, and no doubt, apply perfect justice to all people at the end of times. Thats not to say that I think all people who would engage with a man to man marriage are going to hell. For all I know, this could all be a horrible misunderstanding on someones part many thousands of years before my birth, so who the hell am I to know what will happen when the balances are wieghed by the creator?

All I can choose, is how I live my own life, and what I do while I am here, and that is quite enough work for one person, without involving myself in the affairs of others. However, this far right researcher and historian, seems to be one of those people who just cannot accept things that fall outside his understanding, outside the narrow path he has been walking. He is seeing his nation change in ways that he does not desire, and has decided that the only way he can avoid the "plauge" of this new format, is to drastically remodel his cerebrum ballistically. This is a weakness. This is not the weakness of a man who has lost his loved ones to terminal cancer, or mugging or cruel fates besides these, but the weakness of a man who cannot see a circumstance which does not appeal to him, without wishing to end his life.

Not an idiot, but terminally pathetic. This is what all Nazis and far right extremist sympathisers should be doing with thier time really, it would make the world a more tolerant place. Dont like Muslims, just because they are Muslim? Kill yourself. Dont like black people, because they are black? Chew lead, and dont forget to swallow. Dont like freedom, gay people, liberals, the sick, the poor, the homeless? Well, get yourself a radioactive isotope of some horrible sort, and inject it directly into your brain, and please, do us all a favour and have the decency to suffer before you go. I may not agree with gay marriage on a technicality of faith, but I also believe that while we are on Earth, our paths are ours and ours alone to dictate, and that no mortal power ought to be bought to bare upon them, save for that exerted by the person who is walking those paths.

If a man loves a man, I say let them do whatever they wish, and for the love of all that is good in the world, do not hate them for it. If a woman loves a woman, they are free to do so, and to express that in any way they see fit, so long as it doesnt get crammed down the throats of all and sundry. Let them be as free as a heterosexual couple, to love and be loved as they will. Allow people the freedom to choose for themselves, what thier fate will be. Fundamentalist Christians will argue that these things are against God, and scripture, and that as such they should not be allowed by modern society. As I frequently have to explain to some that I know, this is flawed thinking. Christ never told anyone to dictate to anyone else, nor did he ever express a wish to alienate people. He mixed with all the people who had been alienated by faith groups, lepers, whores, thieves and villans, thugs, the down trodden, the sick, the needy, the helpless. He broke bread with these people. So I say, what will be will be, and when the end comes, we may be suprised at who ends up where, and by what paths.

I expect that for some people, how so ever aligned to the right, this ability to love a person who flies against all they believe in is impossible. This is the difference between informed disagreement, and the slavering, reasonless hate that saw Hitler try to take over the world. Weak faith, or a lack of it in its entirety.

posted on May, 27 2013 @ 10:03 AM
Msr. Venner was making a statement that he feels his country is dying, that France and Europe are losing the very things that made them great. Gay marriage is only a small part of his protest. It is the complete disconnect from their historical roots that motivated him.
At the current rate of change I'm inclined to agree. Muslim immigration in particular is changing everything about Europe - their culture, laws, religion. Predatory capitalism has also contributed to the decline by demanding cheap labor (reason for immigration) and by the massive redistribution of wealth upwards destroying the middle class.
His suicide may well ring across France as the murder of Marat by Cordelier did during the revolution.

posted on May, 27 2013 @ 04:05 PM
I've seen a lot of stupid threads but this one takes the cake!I will go with an answer of this guy offed himself because his partner already had their wedding planned and he wasn't looking forward to holy matrimony once it became law.Yay,I added my own stupidity to the fray! I look for a day when it matters not whether you are gay or straight.I'll keep dreaming.

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