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What If Certain Countries Found And Used Advanced DNA Tech ("Rebirthing", Genetic Enhancement, Und

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posted on May, 25 2013 @ 04:38 PM
Let's say that China and certain African countries came upon (together) some advanced hive systems buried deep underground in their respective borders (i.e. secret and previously unknown ancient tech) - "hive systems" as in, humans could be grown quickly and fast, with the DNA of living humans and the memories and self of living humans (e.g. mind uploading) could be put into these new bodies (i.e. the same person but in an advanced human body). It is called the "rebirthing" procedure.

So, for example, the advanced humans that come out of these hives are tall, physically robust, super-intelligent etc etc.

What would be the response of non-Chinese/non-African governments/people? What if Chinese and African governments accelerated the transition, thereby replacing their regular citizens with a citizen of advanced humans in a matter of weeks?

Would there be jealousy? Sanctions? Some sort of uproar at "unfairness"? (What if agreements were conducted - e.g. making it a commodity; conducting a "lottery"?)


So, for example, say you were a Ghanaian citizen selected to undertake the "rebirthing" procedure, you would simply be put to sleep in a special "pod" and your "consciousness" transferred to the new body and brain that awaits you (takes little more than a few days to less than a week). It's a perfectly safe, secure and fine procedure.

"Advanced humans" - simply taller, more intelligent, stronger, able to stay alert and awake for longer, drastically less sleep, longer lifespan, longer peak health, disease-resistant - kind of like future designer babies...


As you can see my threads are getting more "bizarre". There can only be two explanations for this: either I'm quite a bizarre person with a bizarre imagination or...or I clearly know something you don't...

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Additionally, if there were some "lottery" to be "rebirthed", would you want to win it? Would you want to be a volunteer if your government chose you?
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