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Common Core Standards to be Used to Indoctrinate First Graders For the Good of the Collective.

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posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 01:54 AM

Originally posted by wildtimes

"working as a collective and giving up at least some of our individual rights" does NOT make it "communist"!! It makes it 'social balance'!

That's what people like you don't understand... You "don't have to give up individual rights" to work together, or to be compassionate to others...

That's what people like you will never understand until you find yourself in a "collective dictatorship"...

How the hell does it make it "social balance" when good people, and the majority of the people, don't have the right to control their lives, and don't have "INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS"?...

We have been already seeing what happens these days when people have been already losing some of their "individual rights"... When they are being controlled by those in power "for the good of the collective"...

We are already seeing the facts of what happens yet people like you want to ignore not only history, but what is happening all around the world even to this day when people "give up individual rights for the good of the collective"...

Originally posted by wildtimes
It makes it "cooperation" toward a Non-Zero-sum game.
(That's when "everybody wins".)

Everybody does not win when they give up their individual freedoms, MOST PEOPLE LOSE... Can you not understand that when "individual rights" are given away "for the collective good" the individual rights of EVERYONE are given up?...

This is the reason why EVERY FREAKING COLLECTIVE has become a dictatorship... I should know, I was born and experienced such "collective"...

Originally posted by wildtimes

But, you probably don't understand what that means, either, and don't WANT to know.

So, okay. All right, then.

I understand exactly what it is and what it does because unlike you I lived through such a "collective dictatorship"...

Originally posted by wildtimes

No 'collective cooperation" from you. Got it. Carry on, then. Be irrational all by your lonesome....or with your friends....I'm done trying to talk to you.

Be as self-centered and greedy and belligerent as you choose -
be an enemy to cooperation -
Go for it!! Just Please, LEAVE ME OUT OF IT!.

I am not the irrational one, however people like you are.

Nice try to call me things I am not. Who the hell are you? you don't even know me or what I have done in my life...

The "self-centered ones" are those like you, never wanting to listen to reason, to the people who have lived through such "collective GARBAGE"...

I have already mentioned that many of my family members are STILL living under such "collective GARBAGE" and they all want out... Yet, irrational, self-centered people like you want everyone else to experience such "collective dictatorship" because you don't want to listen to those with the experience and would rather dismiss, or ignore the fact that history has shown that every such "collective" ALWAYS became the worst dictatorships in human history...

You want your "collective" and to give away "individual rights"?... There are PLENTY of such "collectives" that already exist...Go live in one instead of demanding everyone else living in countries where we still have a few freedoms that everyone must give up their "individual rights" otherwise you would claim they are "greedy self-centered people" for not wanting to give up "individual freedom"...

I also can see that you ignored what teachers are saying about the policies of the Common Core in not only a LEFT LEANING state, but all over the United States, and even in other countries... Not to mention that you also ignored every other fact because the only true "self-centered" person/people who can never be reasoned with are those like you...

Keep living in your self-righteous pedestal thinking only people in the left who would rather lose "individual rights to live in your delusional collectives" want to care about others...

If I am trying to bring these facts is because I know what happens when people give up their "individual rights" for "delusional collectives" where only the real top 1%, claiming to represent the workers" are the ones in power, meanwhile the majority of the people suffer, starve and have lost every individual right because it was once thought that "collectives and giving up individual freedom for the good of the collective is good"...

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posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 12:10 PM
reply to post by ElectricUniverse

According to my understanding, the teachers are allowed to provide only 15 % of the content. The teachers "teach to the tests", in other words, the teachers are teaching only that which will get the kids to pass the tests. And when the tests are administered, it is done on computer screens. The teachers neither see the tests, nor the individual scores.
Then there's the data tracking. We talked to our local superintendant and the man in charge of curriculum. They both seemed to have no problem with nationalizing the education through standards which are said to be a state led initiative, but they indeed are controlled at the federal level.
If one reads through the standards, which likely you can find on your local school district webpage, they are written in vagueries, so it sounds important and detailed but you never really figure out what the real goals are. The parents are basically shut out of the curriculum.
I have written about the National Sexuality Education Standards before on other threads. The books to be used are very explicit and are pornographic including pictures of people in bed together.
I also understand that part of the science curriculum is to teach Climate Change theories. There's your indoctrination right there, and it's easy to see from that example who is controlling what is being taught and why they are doing it.
We have had values clarification since the 70's, but this makes it so that teachers and parents have even less control over what their children are being taught.
Back to the data tracking, the guy in charge of the curriculum here stated at our meeting that they do not share the information with third party companies and the names are stripped from the data. That was supposed to make us feel better about them using data taken from our kid's daily activities and storing them on servers somewhere. I grilled him until I finally got him to admit that the data was being stored at least on servers at the school location. I asked him what would happen if the government came and asked them for information. He really didn't have an answer.
As for the type of data they are gathering and storing, he claimed they were not asking the students questions about their religion, but we have heard that family religion is part of what they are tracking. Religion, family income, behavioral changes in the kids. He said that the reason they check income is to see who is eligible for school lunch programs and such. See how that works?
We know that values clarification has been used for decades to "clarify" our children's values and we know that the purpose is to normalize the children to the values of the State, whether it be for accepting gay marriage over the concept of the traditional family, or how they feel about suicide and death. Ok so now at the federal level they are standardizing this stuff with even less control at the local level.
BIll Gates has used 5 billion of his own money from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to buy off the National Governor's Association and the PTA.
Meanwhile the President has used billions of dollars in Stimulus funds to promote Common Core. So now you know why the Stimulus was so important to them.
Testing companies like Pearson(all you techies know what it is) are geared to making money off the incessant computer testing of the students.
The amount of money awarded the states for implementation is not enough to pay for the total costs. The states then have to come up with their own funds. Some states are backing out because of it.
The nationalizing of education standards goes around individual states rights and this is what makes Common Core unconstitutional.
Home schooling and private schools will be forced to adhere to the standards as all the children will need them to pass the SAT to go to college.
Common Core is tied in to Agenda 21 and focuses on Sustainability.
Microsoft is involved with the educational arm of the UN, UNESCO, so this is a globalist venture and the CFR is involved.

Here is a quick Power Point on Common Core

Utahns Against Common Core

On the South Dakotans Against Common Core page I found this interesting item

The Obama administration may raise taxes on everyone’s phone lines by about $5 per year to increase K-12 tech subsidies because most schools cannot administer the computerized Common Core tests coming out in 2015.

Of course there are lots of resources on the topic.

posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 12:21 PM
reply to post by Christian Voice

Yes, the idea is to cleanse the schools of all Christian ideology and promote other ideologies which may be foreign to the traditional Christian family. You are correct in that sex education is explicit and they have an agenda of indoctrinating the children in their approach to sex.
Supposedly the whole point of secular humanism in schools was to separate church and state in the education system, but it turns out it was really to get rid of Christian values and replace them with other values in order to degrade our value system. It is suppose to allow diversity to flourish, but it seems to have stemmed from anti Christian and anti American ideals.

posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 12:42 PM
A statement on philanthropic control of education

No wonder, then, even educators don’t seem to know the full truth about Common Core. They’re reading Education Week and the Harvard Education Letter. Translation: they are reading Gates’ dollar bills. (By the way: want to make some money selling out your fellow teachers? Gates is searching for a grant recipient who will receive $250,000 to accelerate networking of teachers toward acceptance of Common Core. )

posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 03:42 PM
In my honest opinion, I believe the best means in which to tackle the failing education system, is to take a look back to the past. I graduated HS in 1978 and I guarantee you that my educational experience was far more rewarding than my daughters was who graduated in 2008. Heh 30 years difference and 35 years going down hill in my opinion, But on the upside 35 years after I graduated I still recall my teachers and still speak to those still living on a FB group, they are golden!

Smaller class sizes tend to serve the students better in the learning process. Teachers have a better opportunity to get to know their students, learn their weakness and strengths when it comes to the formal education process and gain a better understanding of their abilities. For instance one student might freeze when presented with a test or a pop quiz, even though they know the material they have no problem with classwork and homework assignments or understanding the material, the act of being tested basically is a panic trigger. Another student might have no problem completing assignment within the confines of the classroom, but finds it incredibly difficult to complete homework due to it's lack of those classroom confines even with parental assistance. Another student yet might fail to pay attention in class, daydreaming or even acting up, might fail to meet homework assignments, but upon comprehension testing is found to have successfully understood and learned the lessons taught in class.

In recent years our education system has evolved into something more like the Pink Floyd video when the students are all marching in line into the meat grinder with no thought or emotion, just doing what hey are told.

Now a lot is said about parental involvement, and I wholeheartedly agree that is a very important aspect of the educational process, but there is another side to that coin that in my eyes was so glaringly harmful to the students growth and development I couldn't believe the mass acceptance of it.

School teaches a student how to behave and work within a group, it also teaches them hopefully reading, history, writing, math, science, comprehension skills, and communication skills, but just as important as those skills are the life skills a student learns spending time with the aspects of life outside the class room, interactions with family or friends, or even just quiet introspective time to allow them a clear head to process their own thoughts.. As a student progresses through their elementary years into High School, the volume of homework grows with them until the student barely has time to complete the volume of homework assigned, eat dinner, take a bath and say hi to their parents without sacrificing sleep. And after what I experienced with my daughters school, which was one of the better HS's in the country I can't help but wonder how much of that homework is even remotely necessary, as I discovered that the students were assigned work, they completed their work, carried it to school the next day and as opposed to grading this work either by the teacher alone or within the classroom, the only thing that was checked was whether the student could provide paper with some form of appropriate marking ie) paper with numbers and math symbols for a math assignment, with no determination as to whether the the students comprehended the assignment let alone actually DID the assignment, the assignments weren't to increase comprehension and discover failings, they were just there to "keep the kids off the streets" to the best of my understanding.

A growing mind needs time to be set free and to allow imagination some free reign to consider well everything! Imagination is key to everything that has been invented or discovered, imagine a world where no creative thoughts existed, no imagination....we'd still be living in caves ...but then living in caves would have depended upon the imagination of a dry safe place to lay ones head.

Finally, I have to mention that I find it more than a bit Ironic that Bill Gates is involved in this..

Check out the second name in this list of Successful College Dropouts

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc.
Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft.
Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook
Lawrence Ellison, founder of Oracle Corp.
Michael Dell, founder of Dell Inc.
David Geffen, founder of Geffen Records
Ralph Lauren, founder of Polo Ralph Lauren
John Glenn, first American to orbit the Earth
Robert Frost, poet who won four Pulitzer Prizes for poetry
Frank Lloyd Wright, architect

posted on Jul, 28 2013 @ 02:07 PM
reply to post by ThirdEyeofHorus

Thank you, and everyone else for your personal experiences with this topic.

IMO it is very sad that this is being allowed in the United States.

posted on May, 7 2014 @ 09:25 PM
Just found an update of what the "Common Core Standard" is not only doing, but the tactics being applied by the law to try to oppress anyone whose opinion is different than those that the progressives behind "Common Core" want to force on the American public.

First the video, which shows how a father is arrested simply because he spoke his mind on how ridiculous the "common Core" curriculum is, and how they are forcing kids to learn things that shouldn't be taught in schools. I mean pornography being part of the curriculum?... What the heck?... It is obvious those in power want to dumb down, indoctrinate America's youth, and use scare tactics and arrest parents who dare to speak out about this ridiculous educational program.

What do you all think?

Here is another enlightening view that "Common Core Standards' are trying to force on children.

Common Core Reading Lists and Pornography

Reading lists for English Language Arts for high school are one of the controversial parts of curricula aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Unfortunately, pornography has found its way into our children’s curricula through the guise of literature that addresses issues of race and culture.

Recently, in Randolph County, North Carolina a mother took issue with the school board about a book on her 11th grade son’s summer reading list. She filed a complaint last June about Invisible Man, written by Ralph Ellison and published in 1952, due to its graphic sexual themes of incestual rape, rape as sexual play, and foul language.

The worst part is that it seems many, if not most Americans are even too afraid to say "enough is enough"; this shouldn't be allowed as part of the educational curriculum being taught to America's children...

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posted on May, 29 2014 @ 09:51 PM
I don't like the common core, it tries to slap a "one size fits all" teaching and learning style on everyone, it doesn't take into account that different kids have different learning styles.

Personally, I believe that the common core is brainwashing the next generation, so the government can easily control them.

posted on Jun, 2 2014 @ 08:40 PM
Communist Core is just orientation to the GlobSoc system.

The new world order is a global marxist socialist order.

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