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Underground NYC

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posted on Nov, 5 2004 @ 11:43 PM
Does any one have any detailed info about underground tunnels or areas of interest in the NYC area.

Also any info on areas that can be considered strange/paranormal would be of great interest.

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posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 10:17 AM
Alot of that area would be off limits, even for that information to be common knowledge, kinda above top secret, including under Manhattan.

posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 10:19 AM
I know under nyc there are indian burial grounds, catacombs, and tunnels...

do a search....

I got this info from the history channel try going to their website you might find some cool stuff on there...

lemme know !

posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 10:25 AM
yeah, ive seen a tv coverage, about the tunnels under NYC...the most of them are from the beginning of the subway "age"...sorry dont have any sources.But Im take an eye on it

posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 10:32 AM
this may helps

did it help? is this what you looking for?

greetings anyway!

posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 02:10 PM
There is also a great non-fiction book called "The Mole People" about homeless people who have made their home deep deep deep underground in tunnels & whatnot.

posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 02:59 PM
One neat site that shows what's *actually* under the city is this one. Another, complete with tales of death and destruction, is here.

A good place to start researching ha'nts is here.

A great reference is a book called "Underneath New York."

Have fun exploring, and be sure to let us know if you find anything interesting.

posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 03:30 PM
Under NYC,, your best entrance would be through China Town... Be very careful, homeless, drug addicts, mentally ill all roam under the ground in the winter for heat generated by the subways. Also be prepared to be stopped in restricted areas under the city, since 9/11 the cities infostructure has been seriously beefed up. Remember NYC is ran from underground and has many levels beneath the streets.

posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 04:47 PM
according to the film, ghostbusters, there is a old subway line running with phychoreactive ooze that somehow brings ghosts to life and they reck havok on the city.. if that helps

posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 04:56 PM

Originally posted by Justmytype
Remember NYC is ran from underground and has many levels beneath the streets.

Do you have any more info on this? Specifically, what is run from underground and what and how many levels there are. Any info would be great.

My curiousity has gotten the best of me... The complexity of something like this is mindnumbing to me. I am in the engineering/construction industry, and this subject is just awesome.

Great topic Dirty Joe!

posted on Nov, 10 2004 @ 04:29 PM

NYC is very unique, because there are no such thing as telephone polls there. all the Cities communications other than cellular are ran under the city streets as well as water mains etc.

If intrested in understanding more this is a great site that shows the depths of under NYC.

posted on Nov, 25 2004 @ 07:36 AM
I am also extremely interested in the Big Apple's literal and metaphorical underbelly. I'm out of country right now, but when I get back to the States I'm starting an investigative organization and one of my goals is to explore and investigate some of the underground places under New York City.

In some of my research I've found numerous references to an abandoned elevator shaft "in the vicinity of Midtown Manhattan that can be reached through an abandoned elevator shaft that only very few know about". That's not much to go on but it's probably worth looking into. I've read about it from numerous different sources, but nobody knows much about it from what I've read. Apparently it's an entrance to an underground base of military origin, although some theories are that it's an underground base for extra-terrestrial craft. Whatever it is, it sure is interesting!

I wish I had more for you right now, but I can't do much investigating here in Korea.
If you find anything else out be sure to let me know!

posted on Dec, 1 2004 @ 11:41 PM
still looking into it and for all the people who respond thanks.

PS an3rkist I think the shaft you speak of is in the Cartier Jewlers
building next to Saint Patricks Cathedral


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posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 11:22 PM
Any more info on any tunnels, abandoned entrances, or anything that can be reached? The croton aqueduct seemed pretty cool, but closed up this past Wednesday

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