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I Can't Take The BS Anymore!!

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posted on May, 30 2013 @ 01:54 AM
Someone recently told me the bombing of Pearl Harbour was a false flag .
I looked at them quizzically ....this person is a WW2 vet mind you .
The day that will live in infamy !!!

The USA was not in WW2 the day before the bombing ....which I did not know .
Pearl Harbour is bombed . A target not part of the war ,for no reason .
Voila ! The USA now enters WW2 ... I have gotten older ,and seen much,I have begun to wonder if anything they spoon feed us via the media ,is real . Then so much is media black out ,its ....disgusting .

To get real news in the USA,you have to watch foreign news . Pretty much .

And vice verse. The Japanese do not get news about what's going on around them since Fukushima I can tell you ,but we do .

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