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Visitors in My Bedroom Last Night

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posted on May, 26 2013 @ 04:33 PM

Originally posted by CirqueDeTruth

Originally posted by prometheus2033
..... man some of you are full of so much # its ridiculous.....probably time to put down the wine bottle
....i got a question, say Hollywood or msm never created the big black eyes n grey skin generic alien being, do you think this is what you would’ve seen in your room....probably time to put down the wine bottle

Actually, there is evidence - that this phenomenon is as old as humanity. Cave paintings. Go figure.

Seems to me - Hollywood didn't have the first crack at depicting what "aliens" might look like.


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Could Jesus have been hanging out with the greys?

MMMMMmmmmm Curious.....

posted on May, 26 2013 @ 05:36 PM

Originally posted by TheBlackHat
reply to post by Ghostfreak1

Your reply

Could use some more punctuation and proof-reading... but I had to star your reply

I think we might be on the same frequency.
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Right... so after replying and editing I realized I'm probably not adding any value to the OP's thread (except confirmation of one person agreeing with another persons' opinion)... SO, I'll add my own story to hopefully make up for it... enough I hope OP

Right (again)... So when I was younger/a teenager, I had one experience. I woke up one night without being able to move, nor make any vocal noise. In front of me was the typical 3-4ft gray and also I sensed one at the foot of my bed (although I couldn't turn my head to see it - I was literally lying down from being asleep).

My body was turned to the wall so all I could see was the being in front of me; and a lot of light passing in through the window... I then woke up and didn't sleep again for the rest of the night.

That's two nights after... I saw the following...

I was looking out of the bedroom window and saw a bright star in the sky. The star then proceeded to move down, to the right, diagonally to the left, and then paused. All of a sudden there was a giant explosion (i.e. not action-movie style, but exactly like a big lightning strike - I remember the back-yard's wall lighting up like it was daylight)... Then the star was gone. I then got out of bed and made sure to confirm whether I was awake or not... It was confirmed for me, the next morning, by my family members.

I'm not doubting the "star" bit at all - I was awake and I saw it. The "abduction" part was... hazy (not at the the time because I remember about 30 seconds of it clearly... but afterwards... I don't know).

That, said I believe they tried once and haven't been back yet. I don't know why... I have this overwhelming feeling that I simply wasn't as agreeable as they hoped I would be. And there's a deep part of my humanity that is very proud of it (and don't mean that in a personal capacity).

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posted on May, 27 2013 @ 01:09 AM
reply to post by FreeThinkerbychoice

Hiii my fellow Saffrican

Yes i like to spend at least a small amount of time in nature every day,i take my rooibos here,usually,in my wild garden:

Thing is,FTbc,i notice it mostly at night-here in Mpumalanga Province winter is the burning season,everything is brown+dry.That's why in the daytime i spend a lot of time in my shaded wild place(and making sure it gets enough water,its a green l'il oasis/sanctuary,for meditation,my "church" so as to speak

Now,the sky used to be ALIVE at night-every year,every season,with winter being a time of more ufo sightings than summer,btw,and an increase in happenings of a metaphysical nature.But these past 2 months,April and May,when i look up at the sky-it feels "dead" i seldom even see a star twinkle anymore-like a painted canvas has been draped underneath the "real" sky-don't worry,i know that sounds fruity
I've stopped worrying about whether i sound like a looney-tune on this site quite a while ago already.Members are welcome to read all my posts and see i'm a down-to-earth common-sense person if they are interested in perspective re my more ourlandish -sounding statements.

Something Is Different lately.
Not for lack of ufo activity either-i've had 2 sightings so far this year,one of which was seen by my husband also(a more pragmatic down-to-earth person you would travel far to find,although he is a clairvoyant,and in 17 years has never once been wrong in his assessment of people,either) Also i have seen a few more inexplicable strange things in the sky-definitely not convential aircraft or lights from conventional aircraft.It helps if you live out in the Bush in a 3rd world country that has no advanced aircraft programs,or army bases anywhere near,and certainly no army bases that has anything of such high+new+advanced tech that it could conceivably appear inexplicably strange.I'm sure you know what i mean.And yet,the hubby feels it keenly too-that indefinable difference.

Nice meeting you,geniet jou dag/aand

posted on May, 27 2013 @ 01:52 AM
OP,if you want,have a look at this thread of mine,no pressure,if you decide it's bunk after reading 10 words,discard it,no hard feelings.Just,sometimes there's a wider context in which these things happen.

For the record,i have awoken in sleep paralysis on rare occasions,but i've never seen anything weird or otherwise out of place in my room-in fact,when i've woken up in SP,i could not move,everything was pitchblack-i could not see a thing.This happened also once when i took a nap,and my daughter and her l'il friend was playing right next to my bed(there was at least one other adult in the house also)-i could hear them,right next to me,but not move,or see anything except pitchblack darkness.I just had to wait for it to pass.The one time my sleep paralysis was terrifying,was when i woke in that state,and felt myself being pulled through the air.Still i saw no entities,nothing.

Here's my thread,in case you're interested:

And like i said,if it does'nt resonate in any way shape or form,just disregard.
Kind regards.

posted on May, 27 2013 @ 02:34 AM
reply to post by FreeThinkerbychoice

By the way,i forgot to say,for me,for the last 2 years-i find it almost impossible to watch TV,except for the occasional rugby game,maybe some episodes of Hell's Kitchen with my daughter.I cannot read magazines anymore-little more than tracts for the religion of celebrity worship,which fills me with depression and dismay-the INANITY of it all!!

I cannot tolerate shallowness,materialism,inane things,celebrity worship,ass-over-teakettle priorities,i cannot tolerate the evidence of millions upon millions upon millions of people sleepwalking through life-and exstatic to do so-it depresses me.I don't feel much like interacting with people in general anymore-and i have an extrovert personality,i'm a confident person,and friendly.I stick to a few people i can relate to for the past 2 years,more and more.Not that i live like a hermit-but i just don't need a lot of social interaction anymore-in fact,the less,the better.And around where i live,there's a lot of perfectly nice folks,it's not i live in a town called Asshole Junction.It's just that there's no connection.I feel alone among most people,even when having a chat and a few laughs,a perfectly pleasant interaction.Something happened 2 years ago, i don't know what,and although i had a life full of inexplicable happenings,awarenesses,strange episodes,things stepped up a Lot of notches in the metaphysical area,for me.I was never a Hilton/Kardashian type nitwit to start with,by any stretch of the imagination-i've always been a rather serious person,an empath/sensitive.Maybe part of the change was the realisation that it's more beneficial for me to withdraw from that which i cannot change,and just accept that i am happier with my own company,meditation,research,and the few people close to me.And let others live their lives too,the way they're happy to- at least i can avoid exposure to a large extent,to that/them which is actually painful to read about/watch.

posted on May, 27 2013 @ 10:22 AM
reply to post by Raxoxane

Firstly, what a splendid garden
looks like a setting where I can meditate all day on the workings of life. I use to stay in Mpumulanga province with the folks when I was a wee chap. Awesome topography over there especially Gods window. I'm in the western cape area now and things are pretty beautiful this side as well, quite an array of different landmarks to explore. Don't worry you don't sound like a ''malletjie'' at all, Ive seen some strange things myself especially in the night sky. I recall in December last year we had a mass UFO sighting all across the cape peninsula people saw a strange object at about 8pm that had this strange mist around it and it even changed direction. My old man whom is a die hard skeptic was baffled by what he saw. Back to the dreary energy that we were discussing, I myself am a bit of a skeptical bugger but I am really starting to realize the massive effects of energy on ones psyche and as of late the energy has been dense and unsettling. Our country has also been going through some major changes one being the expanse of the retail industry. That ''local is lekker'' feeling is dying in my eyes, it's like everything is being Americanized, even the youngsters are all dressing up like hipsters and gangster wannabees with an measly vocabulary of ''like'' and ''you know'' in every sentence of communication.
Im staying positive though as I always believe in the good ones and the capability of every sheep to realize their inherit ability to think freely and rid themselves of that robotic and ignorant mindset. Maar soos ek se, mense soos ons moet saam staan en bekly vir die goed wat lewe mooi en dierbaar maak. Kyk mooi naa jouslef en jou man, julle klink soos befokte mense heheh
kyk of hulle dit kan uit vat

posted on May, 27 2013 @ 10:35 AM
reply to post by Raxoxane

Straight out of the horses mouth, we seem to have allot in common. As of late I am also quite distant from people, last year I deleted facebook with my 1000+ ''Friends'' and I have never felt so relieved and happy. It's a plastic world and it makes me weep sometimes and I say that as a man with a strong heart and mind. I've been on quite a wild roller coaster ride and I have dealt with people from all walks of life. The perspective I gained is enlightening yet alarming at both times. So many are lost and caught up in physical pleasures. Metaphorically speaking they are eating themselves alive. Sometimes I feel helpless but most times empowered to engage in a mental warfare with subtle gestures to coax the enemy to realize the real enemy so to speak. Crazy as that my sound it's how I survive on a daily basis from the self reasoning and constant questioning of purpose and the validity of a existence with an underlying meaning. Nature keeps me strong though, really observing how complex and harmonic such a system functions makes me hopeful to the notion of a creator way beyond the petty interpretations of some fundamental religious doctrine. Some way beyond like old Plato stated 2 thousand years ago, '' God is not an external manifestation but everything that is ''

posted on May, 27 2013 @ 04:59 PM
reply to post by FreeThinkerbychoice

Well if you're ever in Mpumalanga Province we should get together for a braai:-D

You know,i find that although most South Africans are very down-to-earth people,all the years that Apartheid seperated our country from the rest of the world,has made it easy for our people to be a very metaphysically "blunt" nation.There's a world of difference between the 2,you know.There was just never the exposure to the kind of reading matter-and till recent years,not even the net-to educate,to search for answers.
And i'm sure you'll agree with me,way back in the past,like in the days of Siener van Rensburg-our nation,well the Afrikaners, understood that there is an unseen world,the Black people have always known.They became blunt over the years,though,the Afrikaners(i always say:"So stomp soos n vismes:-DDD) But from the elders,you could still hear interesting stories-i was surrounded by mostly older people in childhood.
Ek stuur jou n u2u-geniet jou dag more-dis 1 minuut voor 12-pumpkin hour:-)

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posted on May, 29 2013 @ 01:43 PM
reply to post by Charlyboy

Could you elaborate please?


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