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The shell game, where is the true power and control?

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posted on Nov, 5 2004 @ 07:40 PM
All eyes wee focused on the election of the American president for the past several months, and people were lining up against one another as to who is the worst and most evil most of the two. One, a traditionalist and conservative in nature guy from Crawford, another a blue-blood, worldly and uppercrust guy from Mass. Both were villified, both were torn to shreds by the people. One was crucified at every turn by the media, but in the end, we have Dubya Bush as our leader. Or do we? Do we really think that unbridled greed for wealth and all the power would allow this nation to actually enjoy self-governorship?

Read this attached article, notice who all is a member of the T.C.
Sure, there are herds of liberals as could be expected, and was created by liberal and global minded tycoons, as also could be expected, but you'd better read closely, and look at every name listed. Dick Cheney ring a bell? No, Dubya is not a T.C. or CFR member, but he has handlers, just as Reagan did. We may be allowed the illusion of a sovereign nation as long as the leader of that illusion doesn't go too far. Remember the attempted assasination on Reagan? Remember the successful one on JFK? Those who are out for global domination will not allow for much disruption of their plans.

posted on Nov, 5 2004 @ 08:02 PM
Democrat or Republican both have been bought and paid for. The globalist agenda does not know the bounds of party politics but encompasses them.

In one sense I was glad there was no lawering at the end of the election but on the other side I get this bad feeling like we've been set up. Kerry very "Nobley" conceded.

Hmmmm lets see.... To Yalies, had to have known each other through Skull and Bones... one set up to be a patsie for his father's cronies the other plays the part of an activist liberal but volonteered for Vietnam and supports the war... Huh?

Where does the power lie? Since the people choose not to use it and choose not to be empowered by their constitution then it is with the the people who can gain financially from their laziness. Same people that have done it all through history when you let them.

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posted on Nov, 5 2004 @ 08:06 PM
In the world of the TC and the CFR, and to the members of such, there is no 'conservative' and 'liberal'. No 'democrat' and 'republican'. These people are the new federalists. They feel that a government for the people by the people is the worst idea in the world. They believe that the people have neither the training nor the discipline to act on their own behalf. And they may just be right. For every learned, concerned American, there is a multitude of material-whipped, media-blinded, and politically apathetic NeoAmericans, who have only the illusion that America is what they are told it is.

To those who dig deep to find the truth behind the implementation of the New World Order, you're digging too deep. You need only look on the surface. It's all around, and it isn't necessarily by grand, secret design. To examine on the surface think tanks like the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, and Partnership for a New American Century, who now are decidedly much more than just think tanks, but effectual policy-making bodies, it isn't hard to see what is in store for everyone's future.

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posted on Nov, 5 2004 @ 08:22 PM
I agree that things seem a bit like a set-up. As far as Kerry conceding as graceful as he did - I expected that. I din't have him painted as another Gore in that respect. Had he been any other way, I would have been surprised. Still, your point is noted and will give me something to ponder tonight!

Delta, I've assumed for quite some time now that the ideas of Democrat and Republican, Conservative and Liberal, are nothing more than concepts for us to latch unto while the real leaders call the shots.
Consider how Clinton came across as I guy that social liberals could like, but at the same time, many conservatives didn't seem to pay any attention to. After his election, though, he did relatively nothing when it comes to the voter base's desires. Fast forward to Bush, now. Hew came across as the conservative standard bearer, but it seems to me that he didn't accomplish hardly a thing. Yeah, I know, WoT and all, but still, considering the WoT, you'd think he'd have done more to tighten the borders and immigration. These guys are for us to haggle over, much like many people do sports. We're distracted by this hand while that hand picks our pockets.

posted on Nov, 5 2004 @ 09:17 PM
If you think the current immigration and border security problem is an accident, consider the fact that at one point Bush was ready to grant blanket legal immunity and naturalization to almost 8 million illegals.

Our internal economy is now largely based on the service industry. Fast food, superstores, and other extremely low wage paying positions. Americans are not willing to work for these low wages, but to illegals, $6.50 an hour is real wealth, relatively. In addition to our trade deficit, and our overseas labor deficit, we also have an internal labor deficit as a result of the abundance of low paying jobs.

If our service industry were to suffer due to lack of people willing to work for such low earnings, the banking (credit) industry would suffer likewise. So long as these low paying positions are filled, by non-english speakers or otherwise, the credit cards will continue to be used. And Americans are not afraid to use their credit. In fact, we use credit largely without regard to fiscal responsiblity.

This fact underpins the reality that our monetary system is a part of the system of illusion which we continue to embrace and propogate. Nixon removed us from the gold standard, and since, money has been backed by nothing other than our faith, and the world's faith, in our money.

This is a dangerous situation, but I believe that the situation does not seem as dire to TC, CFR, and/or PNAC. In fact, I believe they are simply propping up the current global economy for as long as it takes to set the pieces on the board for checkmate of the current paradigm.

The global economy is on its last legs, and it makes sense. Capitalism can only survive if growth persists. Corporate bureaucratic entities exist soley to justify their own existence. In order to survive, they must grow, and in order to grow, they must feed. Feeding is exploitation of resources, human and materiel.

The exploitation of a new American workforce, who accept low wages that are vastly greater than they expect otherwise, is simply a stalling tactic. It is a sign that the economy as a whole is failing. What will happen when the next generation of Americans born to illegals find themselves wanting and coveting at the same level as people do today? They will clamor for higher wages, but alas, there will be no higher wages to earn.

Some say the answer is education. Well, with education costs increasing at the rate they are, soon education will be reserved only for those with initial wealth. Soon, even the educated in this country will be relegated to lower and lower wage earnings, regardless of skill.

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posted on Nov, 5 2004 @ 10:02 PM
So is the ultimate goal a police state where there is absolute power?
Bush ran on the war on terror but like you said he was talking about amnesty. How can you have security with open borders?

How can they claim that national id's, E-mail monitoring, camera laden streets, airline no fly lists etc etc etc are in our best interest but a well monitored border is not.

Have you seen those ranchers in Arizona? the ones that actually patrol their land and try to report and send back illegals, they have actualy had law suits against them. Something is wrong and very backwards.

posted on Nov, 5 2004 @ 10:16 PM
And according to border patrol officials, of the 3 million illegals that have crossed into America over the US/Mexico border this year, 10% are "OTM" or 'other than Mexican'.

Just to crunch the numbers quickly 10% of 3 million is 300,000. Three hundred thousand illegal immigrants who have crossed the border who are not Mexican. Granted, most of this 300,000 are probably people from other central and south American countries, but who's to say that there aren't some in that group who have malicious intent toward America?

10% of that 10% of the total number of illegal immigrants is still 30,000. And that's a big risk to take.

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