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polarity encoding...

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posted on Jun, 28 2013 @ 10:18 PM
reply to post by UNIT76

(the human mind) works in what way? ...conforming to "reality"?

Both are the same thing actually.

yeah, sure.. symbols, archetypes.. we establish and communicate these things as you said.. but they're not meaningless are they? ..the end result being "encoding" as you and i are saying

Not necessarily. They have its meaning just like every dog has its day. Which to is just a saying whos day will come, and go.

..then the next thing we (humanity) for-the-heck-of-it start launching things into space and so forth? it's more than shrugging it off as "different levels" < that's what you say to someone as you're waving goodbye on your virgin galactic tour of space with a martini in the other hand, and they're looking all hang-dogged below down on the tarmac.. (possibly left to mop someones floor for a living.. possibly left to work a double shift at hooters that night? ..some are better off than others it seems, but i don't think the creator of the universe wants things to be this way, do you?)

YES. One of my points exactly. Humans are quite foolish creature, stupid really. Here they have all the ingredients for a paradise. And yet they think going in a tin can to a world which they would not be able to survive for a second is somehow the better and luckier choice.
Sure bro. Why not. It only took billions of years for this planet to become the way it is and minuscule chance at that, I am quite sure a species who can not even life in that. Will somehow thrive in place were its chances are even less then stellar. Its like a kid who cant even ride a bike but wants to jump over the grand canyon, it may not be such a good idea for the time being. Hey maybe if we can terraform mars in a few 10s of thousands of years we can go there and do the same things we do on earth, you know cement, plastic, shopping malls and all that.

what's the difference in understanding between a child and someone maybe like Allen Dulles? what was the difference between members BelCastro and rickymouse?

I dont know who any of those people are.

all information is encoded.. some people "understand" higher levels than others.. some choose to pass those things on.. most will not.. most will use any small foothold they establish as some form of personal empowerment.. which is fair enough in a dog eat dog world.. but i don't think much of this world, everything i've been given was free and is simply passed along for others to consider and decode

Pride goeth before the fall. But fall eventually everyone and everything shall. Everybody understands what they need to understand. If even that.

we wouldn't even have mouths or minds to communicate with as DNA and genes would have no foundation to build upon and we'd all just be slathering masses of goo - there wouldn't even be a solar system, you know what i mean? see where i'm going with this? there needs to be a foundation for things to build upon ..order ..purpose

Well yes if we at first did not create fabricate and invent what we would be talking about, then there would be no point in talking about it, or at all. Were merely repeating predestined scripts in alo't of ways. But if none of that existed we would not be goo, we simply would not be. And maybe something else would be. But that is a different script, out of bounds with this. Order and Chaos are just another facet of the dualistic process of our minds, they ultimately only exist there and like all dualistic natures are just processes of creating energy and movement. They are just pistons in your cars engine, one pulling the other pushing.

posted on Jun, 28 2013 @ 10:36 PM
reply to post by UNIT76

with all due respect, you're mistaken there. the bible -does- say something "new" (if we're going to put it this way) ..this is the only "religion" that makes the bold claim, that the "God" of the universe came into the flesh and was put to death, to be the sin atonement for the one who has faith and acts accordingly. (i know this is a lot to swallow, i didn't sign up on the first day of camp either, y'know?) let's not get side-tracked on things like 'krishna' just here, or 'mithras'

Maybe you should take a detour. Getting sidetracked, or are you afraid you wont be coming back on track? Why do you need a track to begin with?

lots of people want to claim the bible is all about controlling the masses.. i used to think that way too.. i still do, but i just come to realize it is more about getting the masses to control themselves

It is both, some people choose to do one. And other choose to do another. And no matter who they are they all think there in the right.

as the christ (supposedly) said; 'the one who even looks on the woman with lust in his heart has already sinned'

Your point being?

.(with respect) you're still on the "it all means nothing" angle, (orange is a color as well as a fruit) ..the bible says 'the tree is known by the fruit' , you think it all means nothing in the end, and people just argue over who's hat looks better?

Yes that is exactly what I am saying.

there is a deep significance in all your terminology (funny hats, secret societies, etc)'re just unaware of this significance or yanking my chain? ..what is your foundation? (i'll bet it's constantly being "updated" if you know what i mean? ..whereas those who rest in the bibles foundation 'is of old')

Like I told you I am not a man, I am dynamite. Trained in the forest of japan by ninjas and raised feed and grown on the teats of a she wolf, my nunchuk and sword skills are also bar none, I once even ko'd a fly with my bare hands, and then I caught it with my chopsticks just for fun. Who are you to question my foundation. What is your credentials...

Ah am I yanking your chain. Well my bad I have a bad habit of pulling on peoples chained when I see them. Most of them are not even aware there in chains. But do go on.

and what "common sense" might that be? ..that some dude called jesus got nailed to a cross so we could somehow get into heaven? ..the bible isn't like all those other "religions" and beliefs, is it?

Hundreds of thousands of people got nailed to trees, before Jesus. Why does anybody do anything, there have been sillier believes then the fact that some guy got crucified and somehow we all get a free pass into heaven. And yes the bible is like many other believes and religions. In the end its all just a matter what you do with it, it never was about the believes or religions, it was about what they did with it all.

and i agree with you, ...(now) consider what the bible says; "you will know the truth and it shall set you free" (and) "...proclaim from the rooftops" (and) "noone lights a torch only to place it under a bushel"

The truth will set you free alright. If you want to be free that is. Infact there just may not be any such thing.

posted on Jun, 28 2013 @ 10:56 PM
reply to post by UNIT76

can i just come out and say "an elite cabal of humans is intent on manifesting some kind of spiritual influence that empowers them, for lack of better terms.." (or) "the space-brothers, ashtar command, etc is a front for the 'new-age' agenda" (which is all the same thing anyway.. everyone is just being fed a slightly different variation of the same story..)

Nah everybody just joins the group of there flavor. Some are really just into it that they think other people care that they belong to this or that secret cult or they went to this or that fraternity, or that there friends or husbands are in the know etc etc. And many people do care, its the thing to do.

so in that topic (female illuminati) on page 9 you can follow where this is going (she just replied, "no, i'm not a mason, because i'm a woman, but i'm married to a mason..." ..i can 'recognize' this stuff from a mile away these days, hehe)

Its the thing to do, that particular member seems to have a thing for such things. There are many other people who have it also, its the thing to do. Like I said. What do you think your getting at with your polarity encoding secret groups and all that? Merely a different flavor and color of the same old thing.

as for all the trans-gender, trans-humanism stuff in your response, well, it just so happens i've been baking a topic on all that here ..i can't really say i'm thrilled to hear you relegate all this human interaction as "time consuming"

Actually i was not talking about them like that. Not in the physical though there are those to, and let me tell you some of them are alright the transhuman ones, I also kind of sort of knew some transgender ones that are pretty cool. Way way cooler then you in fact. But anyways I was referring more to the energy type certain females give off. Only used that one member of this site because you linked it in your questions. That is all.

if you go to the link above (the trans-human section) you will find the exact same statement made by myself already.. make your mind up, dear reader, am i just dribbling # or is there maybe something to be gleaned from what the bible and i are reporting in this topic?

You dont really expect people to read through all that do you?

(i wish i had 25 cents for every time i've refered to myself as a "reluctant" christian.. there is no way a so-called "sensible" person comes to believe such a thing in this day and age.. i am as wary of other "christians" and so-called 'church-folk' as you seem to be ...there is a reason i hope jesus is real, because if not.. humans are in a very strange and dark predicament)

Or maybe its better said that Jesus may be real because humans are a very strange and dark predicament wherein they would need to make or invent a Jesus even if he were not real.

I think that sums it up better.

the rest of your comment above.. uhh, kinda hard to take that seriously > "anything (over time) can be made to work, even if it doesn't work" ...this doesn't end up ringing true, consider the evolutionist inference in the statement (over time) ..when it's the evolutionist who is first to argue 'adaptation', survival of the fittest, and so forth..

Exactly my point they thought it worked and so they made it work. But eventually it turned out that it did not quite work like that. Therefore anything can be made to work, even if it does not really work all that great or at all. The whole of civilizations is chocked full of groups and people trying to fit the triangle piece into the square hole, and many have succeeded. Sure it took a little hammering and damaging everything or even a little redecorating with dynamite the whole scenery, but at the end if you cut some corners off that triangle piece you can fit it into the square hole...DUH.

we can't have things both ways ..things either 'work' or they don't (ie: evolution / symbolism) especially when / if you're going to apply them to a larger context (sink or swim?)

Offcourse you can. I am not even going to bother explaining how. But its like a total DUH eureka moment.

this is the same as when you were typing about the various layers of symbology, etc (you seem to assert they are endlessly meaningless - but they keep honing on certain points, expanding on specific spheres of information, unraveling yet deeper layers of understanding) (things either work or they don't..) ..and this is the same as when i come back here and say things that sort-of make sense, rather than come back and just posting "random things"

Look dude its all a matter of perspective. To me it just looks like your posting random things, to you however who know? It may even look like your posting unrandom things, to others it just may be meaningless jaber.

posted on Jun, 28 2013 @ 11:02 PM
reply to post by UNIT76

bit by bit... i think we're discovering this.. everything battles against the bible and reconciles with one-another while it's doing so.. and it is always the same story.. i gave up on trying to 'dispel' it long ago.. now i just accept it for what it is and try to *decode* the original story, all the parallel stories, and what it all means when taken together..

All cool and all. A lofty goal and all. But what if it has been so changed completely from its original source that trying to decipher anything into to any sort of originality is like impossible. In fact what if by you deciphering it into what you think is an original source your merely adding to the other countless rehashes and versions of something which has completely changed from whence and what it was? After all is that not what every single other decipher of any and all of this has done, merely created and presented there own brand. And what if that is just the original intent of it all merely to continuously breed variations of a old story.

posted on Jun, 30 2013 @ 07:34 PM
reply to post by galadofwarthethird

the next question simply is 'who made those aliens'? (and so on..) ...we're still going to have to deal with this "God" thing, no matter where we are in the scheme of things.. (this is the same problem 'reincarnation' eventually faces..)

Not necessarily. I seriously if there was any natural evolving species anywhere in the cosmos that they would have a concept of god or gods. Yet everything is merely derived from something else.

OK just read this again. And I forgot to put in a word, it came out totally different from what I intended.

What I meant to say is that and even if you were to really think about it. If there was a natural or original evolving creature in any galaxy anywhere in the universe. It would not have a concept of god or the gods. How could it, think about it and you will see that its practically an impossibility. Not to say that they would not have the equivalent of myths and stories in there evolution, but the concept of God and Gods I really think it would be so foreign to them that it would not even register.

Even here while ingrained in this whole scope of it, and in the mix I have a hard time registering the concept of God or even the Gods. While if we were just another seeded or even fallen or just an experiment of another I would see how the whole concept of the gods or god would come into play. I don't know man, I think were thinking about this whole thing in completely different ways. Cant quite put it to words right now. But when I hear terms such as God or the Gods it just seems wrong in a way to me.

posted on Jul, 7 2013 @ 07:58 PM
i starred the three previous posts (they made me laugh in various places) but this last one snuck by me.. it got a little *discouraging* having everything repeat itself in another series of layers back there.. there was no hurry to repeat this process yet again..

i was advised with something along the lines of; (..debating with) a person who will recognize the significance of applause, but goes on to ask what is the significance of one hand clapping..

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 12:02 PM
i'll get back to you galad, thanks for posting that last one that snuck by me (so you're not just all about yanking chains after all)

this is just an update on something i've recently come across..

music band THE WHO, involved in the movie "TOMMY" ..i'm downloading the movie now and just read the wiki synopsis..

for anyone who is interested and maybe reading this far... look at the symbolism used with the setting sun at start of movie (loss of father)

look at the symbolism used at end of movie (rising of sun) and how this relates to how 'tommy' now has balanced his own inner sun & moon..

(...this 'polarity' encoding is everywhere)

posted on Jul, 13 2013 @ 02:05 PM
i'll get back to you galad (after this one) ...the dust has settled between us

for now.. i'd like to offer something here that might help a reader? uhh, right at the start of this topic, i mentioned something about a roman emporer who slays his wife, devours the baby, thinking he will grow two heads..

the reference should be obvious now - the destruction of the female, the destruction of the "child", and the "two-heads" are the "new" Male/Female polarity balance..

this ALSO refers to the 'perfected' being.. the one who has balanced the polarities.. in short - "THE CHRIST" (saviour)

so the 'reference' is to 'what saves a person' (balancing the polarities)

the reason why this is 'relevant' is how this (particular insight) comes from 'Rome'
how the bible is 'related' back to Rome (and so on)

so what i am asking a person to "consider" here.. is this supposed 'death-bed' conversion of the Roman emporer (who converts to christianity, quipping "it can't hurt to cover ones bases" or some such..) ..and how people claim the bible "comes via rome" (and via these types of "sick" people)

it is up to a reader to decide.. are we saved by any of our own efforts, or does being 'saved' require something else?

for anyone who is interested in this 'destruction of the female' i suggest watching a slew of 'Disney' movies... and see if you can find and view the Disney/Nazi propagnda - i feel this is a very insightful 'study' and will make all this "stuff" readily understandable.
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posted on Mar, 30 2014 @ 12:18 PM
UNIT: (the human mind) works in what way? ...conforming to "reality"?
GALAD: Both are the same thing actually.

something like this, you mean?

(text says: THE UNIVERSE -totally looks like- BRAIN CELL UNDER MAGNIFICATION)

aka: microcosm/macrocosm
aka: "thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven"

(so) that's probably why crowley said "do as thou WILL shall be the whole of the law"
WICCA = to shape/to bend (reality, with their willpower)
and so on..

but we're yet to see the one who can "change the color of one hair upon their head"

now that it's all laid out in front of you/me/us
all someone has to do is just DEMONSTRATE it, and just make one tiny little hair change color
/waits patiently


recently, polarity encoding was seen by this author in the film "QUO VADIS" (especially how nero supposedly killed his wife and mother, in the movie the nero character has quite a bit to say about that)

..laypeople might just prefer to think of all this stuff as yet another simple "love story", but then we'd immediately be back on the whole 'divine marriage' thing anyway..

posted on Apr, 6 2014 @ 09:39 AM
at this point i don't need to keep adding to this topic anymore
just follow the links and read some of the other crap i've been posting

link 1 - those 3 archways
link 2 - the place of the skull
a big "thankyou" to the authors of those two topics

..and it can all safely be relayed back to Jesus & the bible now

bring on the rain, man!

posted on Apr, 18 2014 @ 12:05 AM
here's another example of what i've been rambling about most of this time..
one of the advertisements here at ATS;

notice where that JOIN button has been strategically placed?

(and) see how this all works again? (like trey & matt aka: south park, and that snooki magazine cover)
the same nonchalant commonplace methodology..
the guys here at ATS didn't design or even solicit that embedded image
someone else along the chain already did that and simply passed it along
embraced & expanded

at least this lady has her femininity, unlike the poor ATS clothing store laddy lassy

posted on Apr, 19 2014 @ 09:20 AM
a reply to: UNIT76

OP ,I noticed Disney love to kill the mother long time ago ,I want to know why,but I can't find the video you mentioned .
("why does disney always kill the mother")
People always can't recognize my gender on internet ,thus I can't believe the polarity you said.
(If I don't use this kind of cute avatar ,the mistaken rate would higher ,although it's quite high already...)
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posted on Apr, 19 2014 @ 10:24 AM
a reply to: candlestick

greetings traveler,
(avatars are disabled here)

i used this old disney 'toon education for death

and material from other movies (expendables part 1, shallow hal, the dark crystal, cabin in the woods, portions from buffy the vampire slayer, stuff like that)

basically the mom is the nurturer & carer. you'll see the mom looking after the sick kid in the cartoon, pay attention to how that nazi regime systematically *destroys* that feminine influence, even in the sanctity of the home, at the school there's a bit going on, with basic use of animal avatars to express a redefined law of the jungle, note also how young hans is ridiculed for being able to relate to the poor rabbit, etc etc.. to cut this all short -- the female polarity is like a rudder that steers & guides a powerful ship (masculine polarity) ..without that important little rudder, the ship may as well be going around in circles -that is to say- all those 'extreme male encoded' nazi's were the end result of this kind of unbalanced polarity programming (destruction of the feminine)

it goes as deep as one cares to delve?
-how they replace these aspects with terms like 'fatherland'
-how the nazi who harasses hans' mom simply states "unless this mollycoddling stops, the state will have to step in and take over"
-how i've completely run out of coconut biscuits!

(ok, so i looked at your avatar on the profile page)
it looks like some cutesy poo thing
i think we'd put our money on a feminine influence there? (is that what you meant by recognize gender & can't believe polarity, lost in translation maybe very?)
fwiw, i'm a guy using pink text for a name color

thanks for stopping by, we don't get many visitors this far out
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posted on Apr, 19 2014 @ 10:58 AM
a reply to: UNIT76

When I said "Disney love to kill the mother ‘,I thought is those Disney princess...
Snow white/Cinderella/Ariel/Jasmine...etc
At least there's a mom in the cartoon you linked...

What I wanted to say is people on internet usually misunderstand my gender in real life ....

posted on Apr, 19 2014 @ 01:32 PM
a reply to: candlestick

we're probably all familiar with this reference

classic princess locked in a phallus tower
waiting around to be rescued by some charming prince
the same disney myth being repeated over and over
her life is essentially on-hold until some 'man' comes along

What I wanted to say is people on internet usually misunderstand my gender in real life

oh yeah, that.. hehe.. i wouldn't worry about it unless you're at a dating site
edit on 19-4-2014 by UNIT76 because: they all look like comic store guy to me

posted on Apr, 19 2014 @ 09:28 PM
a reply to: UNIT76

But the prince always need to be good looking also .
That kind of handsome isn't my type.Boring guys,and those muscular guys isn't attractive to me.

posted on Apr, 19 2014 @ 11:12 PM
a reply to: candlestick


once we finish admiring the cover, if there's nothing else interesting in the book we tend to put it away

posted on Jul, 20 2014 @ 02:41 AM
there is so much "STUFF" in this polarity topic, i can start going back over old things to back-up new things..
not that i would ever do something like that...

...anything worthwhile i want to do is limited by space and time. entropy, decay.. yadda yadda.. i'd really like to think i could be my own "god" (as the agenda wants people to think on various levels) ..but the thought just makes me laugh these days.. we're not talking about physical aliens that made physical humans and therefore can rightly be thought of as 'creators'

the LEGO movie

to a "normal" person all this stuff must surely appear bat# crazy

and why not? ..bats are creatures of the dark & most of what i pooped out here was stuff i discovered while exploring the dark

posted on Jul, 28 2014 @ 12:55 AM
The Golden Ruler.

Love the feminine in your life as you want the feminine to love you.
Protect the masculine in your life as you want the masculine to protect you.

What is a ruler?
A tool for measuring.

How do people measure themselves?
Comparing themselves against whatever rules them.

Great stuff to work through, UNIT76!
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posted on Jul, 28 2014 @ 01:43 AM
Humans define themselves by what they decide rules them.

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