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Officer Threatens To Beat Up Man And Plant Cocaine On Him - Video

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posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 06:37 PM
My wife and I just had an experience similar to this!!

My wife was pulled over less than a half mile from our house. To our suprise her license were suspended for a ticket she was unaware of. Clearly our fault. I was called to come pick her and the vehicle up.

When I showed up, I started to walk up to the vehicle and the 2 officers yelled to me to, " Stay back!" I did.

Then officer "A" approached me and said, " We're going to park your vehicle in the Dollar Store parking lot so you can pick up later." I was very appreciative.

I stood back and waited for the officers to finish writing the ticket.

Then officer "B" informs me we need to get from the vehicle what we need, it's going to be towed....
Wait what!!?! I asked officer A again why it was being towed now? Officer B interjects because he said so.

I began to question his reasoning (still 20 feet from the road on the side walk mind you). Officer B then aggressively marches directly towards me and gets in my face screaming, " You need to get in your vehicle and leave or you will be arrested for disorderly conduct!" "DO YOU UNDERSTAND!?!?" "Do you #ing understand??"

Me: " What law have I broken?"

Officer B (still in my face menacingly)" " As an officer of the law, if I give you a "lawful order" you must comply." " Do you understand?!" (acting as if I didn't comply he was ready to arrest me)

Me: " What law have I broken?" " I know my rights, I have broken no laws"

Officer A now " You have been clearly warned, and given a lawful order, if you do NOT comply, you WILL be arrested"

At this point I start recording video on my phone

Officer B" What the helldo you think you're doing!? Turn your phone off."

Me: "No thanks"

Officer B " This is my last warning to you. You're going to land your #ss in jail!" (stepping closer) " Do you understand?!?!"

Me: " In jail for what? What law have I broken? I know my rights. You're NOT going to push me around with scare tactics... Period"

Officer B " I'll personally make sure that vehicle doesn't get a release form from impound!" (now walks back to vehicle)

At this point I'm so heated how this guy was all in my face shouting and threatening my freedom! Everytime I would go to talk, he would shout over me, " DO YOU UNDERSTAND!?!?" So I probably shouldn't have said this last part and left it alone, but...

I shouted over to him, " Sir can you please explain to me why I was threatened to be arrested??"

Officer B replies " If I wanted anymore $h#t out of you, I'd squeeze you!"

Me "This is protecting and serving?"

Officer B just smiles at me.

I got my wife and left.

It took us 3 days to get a release on our Jeep!!!!

I hate power hungry police!!!!

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