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posted on Nov, 15 2004 @ 02:00 PM
Or course not. Evil exists from all time and eternity as the force that opposes Life and Order.

Without that force, without some Resistance, all life would simply go to sleep out of sheer boredom.

Without the predicaments of time and physicality, there is no challenge and nothing to overcome. There is no way to assess whether Life itself is successful or dormant; progressing or reverting to ego.

Satan is merely one character whose form of Evil happens to be self-rightness and self-aggrandizement [the way the scriptures tell it].

But, surely there are other forms of Evil also, that don't necessarily come from the character Satan:

mechanization, predation, ruination, omnicide--none of these strategies is even mentioned in Scripture as Satan's way of being in the world.

So, Satan has company. And what is Evil to Jews or Christians may not be evil to other ways of thinking or being in the world. And vice versa.

Come on, now, you can't blame Christianity and Judaism for every scintilla of Evil that has ever occurred on this planet, now can you?

I spose, you could if blaming were what you wanted to do. But, naming blaming and shaming don't >EVER< actually FIX anything that is working toward Harm. Harm can only be fixed by the conscious effort to understand how to stop ITS CAUSE.

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posted on Dec, 3 2004 @ 12:19 PM
I grew up knowing nothing but christianity. and when I was 16 I considered myself catholic because the catholics were the first form of christianity. and in 1500's martin luthar rivised it. but there was something inside me that felt it wasn't right. They say we have a free will, but it seemed to me that the church didn't want that. that they wanted you to follow their orders/ commandments in order to get into heaven or you will burn in hell. then I asked myself, If I created some beautiful creature(your child), would you send them to suffer in a burning firey pit of hell for eternity. I mean come on, eternity is I very very long time.

so then I started to read on other religions. In the same year I stumbed apon that very same web site "joy of satan" I read probly everything that was on the site. and for some reason, it felt right!
Breif explanation " In the story of adam and eve. Satan is to be the serpant. God told adam and eve that they shall not eat the apple from the tree, (the tree of knowledge). And the serpant told them "Why Not" what's so wrong about it." I agree with him, If we were put here with a free will, why not use it. Don't get me wrong jesus tought many good things "love thy nieghbor, ect. But I feel the church just try's to put fear in you to follow thier path... Just read the history and the bible. I believe in the book of mathew that god told mathew to kill alot of people.. to me that's sounds evil, no matter what you believe..
I am now 20 years old and I can't say I %100 believe in either, but I lean more toward satanism/spirtuallity for it seems to be more about peace, love, and acceptance. just keep searching and look inside your self for the answer and they will come. -PEACE-

And yes satan was created by xtian. But if you read more on that site you will see that believe structure derived from the sumarian era. and involves a holy war in a higher dimension with gods and angles, you could even call them aliens. And satan/Enki the true creator lost the battle and now god and his angle are in charge. and they don't want us humans to be as powerful as satan ment us to be!!!!

so good luck on your search

posted on Dec, 4 2004 @ 06:04 PM

Originally posted by lucifuge
I have had 14 years of evangelical Christian indoctrination, and have come out at the other end feeling conned. In a world so full of religion could there be some reverse psychology here in that Christianlty\Muslim\Jew etc etc are the religions that lead you away from the truth which is Satanism or not?

You sound a lot like me sir, I have been going to church since the summer of 84.. It helped me socially as my gift has never been to be sociable, I still struggle with that one but like they say " eagles soar" alone they don't congregate. Anyhow, after many an unanswered prayer and a lot of serious attitudes in the church I feel much like you, conned.

I believe thier might possibly be some reverse phsycology going on in the Bible that most people never get. Some people don't like doing what they are told, instead they do the opposite. Another thing has occured to me, the bible is filled with wicked deeds like the time the daughter of Herod asked for the head of the baptist on a platter. Most of us sit in church and hear that story and never consider the wickedness that comes from the Kings daughters mouth. We miss an entire religion going on there, the Kings religion. Its certainly not Christian and is in charge and has the power to condemn to death or aquit. We are so caught up in what John the baptist gave his life for or Jesus that we fail to see the Satanism going on in the Kings house, that his daughter has learned at an early age.

I have a feeling the Bible hints at the true religion but few ever get it. Few are able to recieve it. Most will live and die and never know it exists.

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