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posted on Nov, 5 2004 @ 05:58 PM
Im not American but am in contact with your culture. If you were to define americans by programs like dateline and the local news you would consider them idiots. Which is not the case you are not the world superpower for nothing, americans in the street are many of the times the total oppisite of what you see on T.V they are defenitly not as attractive, but they are real people with lives and problems just as anyone in any other continent. Of coure all this is my humbble opinion: The T.V programs are great the problem is the advertising THEY ADVERTISE MEDICINE not just your vicks but PERSCRIPTION!. And if you watch the local news you would swear the sky was falling and that youhave 20 million diseases. Idont know whats to gain with this hypochodriac like culture maybe sell but at what cost sanity?.
Do All those people pouring there heart out on dateline know that there sufferin is being packaged as entertainment? to sell furniture, MEDICINE, burgers etc.. in Europe its no diffrent, anything to make a profit.
I think americans as a whole are intelligent good hearted people, but if they are bombarded with this advertisment constantly they will only weaken.


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