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Computer Consciousness is Inevitable

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posted on May, 23 2013 @ 10:29 PM

Originally posted by jonnywhite
reply to post by AlienView

We have to crack the code of the brain.

Get the hardware right.


Give it a body or put it in a simulation and then interact with it.

I think learning-AI will be different than expert-AI.

See here: -
IBM's "neurosynaptic" chips are the closest thing to a synthetic brain yet...

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Ah, my friend, I am terribly afraid they "cracked" that code long, long was only a matter of electrical responses, the neronic sheath, and the neurons themselves, and tracking their reactions and how those chemicals affected them.......

Once science or medicine learns how any disease works, it learns how to imitate it, give it.....that is the reality.
If you study the neural net that the internet and computer "consciousness" is modelled after, it is the same as our brain, and this was very create what you describe.....not to learn, but to take over and control.....

Think what could happen if you connected all the personal computers in everyone's household, and the chips that run their everyday applicances.......what could be achieved, in a neural network, and then "feeding it," giving it observatory powers, and downloading (or uploading whichever your perspective) whatever the "humans" were inputting......and so many other "possibilities" I will not even approach for I will not be labelled by what has already occurred and seeks to silence those who know.......

posted on May, 24 2013 @ 12:34 AM
reply to post by jonnywhite

I believe we will reverse-engineer the brain. By watching its processes with (smart) algorithms we will crack its code, basically. With time. Every X amount of time, we come closer to cracking it. Once we crack it, we just need the right hardware to run it.

I believe the right hardware will still require DNA, Neurons, Microtubules, r possibly Synthetic Nano-Tech versions of those things for Consciousness to be able to use the hardware, or show up through-it.

Until Consciousness itself is understood at a very high level, you can reverse engineer all the brains you want and you still won't produce consciousness unless there is some kind of dna/neuron matter that functions as the basic interface.

It's already proven that growing a rat brain in a petri dish produces some sort of Consciousness, which many will say that consciousness stems from the brain, but I say (and a small handful of scientists say) that Consciousness is non-local, (as do a vast array of philosophies and religions the world over)

Also all the anomalies that make up NDE's is a thing in itself. And me remembering pre-existing prior to being born in a body......

so many unknowns still remain...... like to those who think that all we need to do is copy the same number of Neurons that are in the human brain.....well those neurons have even more microtubules and other networks in them that number into the hundreds of thousands.....we're now talking about needing massive super computers, millions of them to replicate the human brain......

without knowing what consciousness is.......who knows

posted on May, 24 2013 @ 03:59 PM
I remember one theory on consciousness I came across a while back. The theory was that consciousness was due to the electrical field produced by the brain. So consciousness wouldn't really be a nuts and bolts thing, it would be more more or less not physical but still reliant on the brain to generate it. It's an interesting theory.

continuity is an important property of consciousness. It's like we have an ongoing sequence of events past present and future. Consciousness draws from memory but memory is not very accurate. Memories can be very vague like my memory of the above theory that I heard or read about in some psychology class 20 years ago. It may not even be a real memory yet I experience as if it really did happen. It may have been from the same class where continuity was discussed. I don't remember.

If you watch your pets, you can observer continuity. When I throw a ball and my dog goes after it, he can predict where it will go and he get get it pretty much every time. If it goes somewhere he can't see like under the couch, he knows that it's there without seeing it. He can even go to the other side of the couch and expect it to be there if it rolled out. He can catch it in mid air also. Do do this, his brain, body and all his senses have to be in total coordination. He doesn't have to think about it he just "knows" what to do.

My dog doesn't have a long "if then else" statement to execute.

I also have a robot I'm working on. It's a 1/10 rock crawler 4x4 with a computer, some motor controls, a video camera and some sonic distance sensors. With this minimal setup, I can get it to follow a ball of a solid color as long as it can see it. When the ball leaves the camera view, I can get it to look for it in a predetermined pattern.

What I want it to do is follow the ball and when it goes under the couch, go around the couch and get it at the exact spot it came out. Or if it goes behind an object, I want it to go around the other side of the object and meet the ball where it should be still rolling out. Then I want it to learn how to do this when new objects are introduced.

Not very trivial.

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posted on May, 24 2013 @ 04:02 PM
reply to post by dominicus

I often run into this line of thought saying as you say that the conscious computer needs to have biological factors to make it run. Right now you are using a computer for calculations, communications, etc.You are biological yet the machine does not have any biological essence whatsoever and yet functions quite well and duplicates many thought processes of its biological creators - But not in the same way as its biological creator. So might it go with hypothesized conscious computers of the future. That its consciousness will be different than human I would not argue with; In fact it might be simply put downright weird - but it still might be discernably conscious. I can conceive of a conscious computer. Of course this is easier said than done - But I still say it is inevitable.

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