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New Research Project: 2004 Electronic Voting Issues

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posted on Nov, 6 2004 @ 09:54 PM

Originally posted by Mindsmog
Just a quick question, WHAT exactly are you trying to achieve??

This has Nothing to do with Over-ruling the election results. The purpose of this, and If I am wrong SO will put his boot in my...., is to show that the Voting system is seriously flawed and needs to be addressed. You have Exit Poll number's match up to a fraction of 1% with Paper Trails in every county it was used regardless of who it was in favor of, but yet they do not come close to adding up to those without Paper trails, and all of these have a difference of between 5/8% in favor of Bush. How can this be? If we all go into 2008 with this same crap going on, does our Votes really count? If not it is definitly not a Democracy IMHO.

I want to reitterate that this needs to be done by stepping severly outside of the Box, this can only work and get down to the Truth if Bias is left out. No one is looking to overturn Electoral Votes.

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posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 12:26 PM
I am still relatively new to ATS but I would be more than willing to contribute my research into this matter as well. Somebody send me a U2U and tell me how to get on board. I have amassed a wealth on information over the last several years, would love to help. If it turns out that yes indeed there is concrete evidence of election fraud, it needs to be done. Being a part of any effort to expose this would be an honor, and IMO a most patriotic endeavor.

posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 08:52 PM
since when did counting some names become so hard? Especially for computers.... but i'm here if you need me

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posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 09:33 PM

Originally posted by evecasino
I don't want to cast a dark light on the ATS board but wouldn't discussing this open a pandoras box?

I can already picture some of GW's boys taking a visit down to the RackShack and snipping a few optics. Especially if not in his favor.

Am I making sense?

Sure. Under Patriot Act 1 and 2 the definitions of what
constitutes subversive activity or sedition has been
enlarged. If evidence is uncovered suggesting to people
that the presidential elections were rigged, it would
follow that some people might decide action should be
taken to correct the matter. That is where everyone
might get into trouble with the authority of the State.

posted on Nov, 8 2004 @ 03:09 PM

It's up to us now.



posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 02:17 PM
I'm trying to get people to investigate if the US elections are being rigged, staged.

The reason for the short messages was actually to let people themselves seek out the information awailable on the linked websites so they could form their own oppinion.

Is the evidence so harsh that a simple housewife can expose the fraud? Take a look yourself.

Perhaps the time has come to put aside differences, political viewpoints, rules of spamming? What does it all matter if there are no elections? How can we even differ on subjects if we can't go and wote on the issues?

If we all disagree on different subjects, surely we can all agree that we need elections to vote our way forward on these matters in a democratic fasion?

I've been warned not to "spam". I hope noone takes offence of this but It's worth the risk if our democracy is in danger:

Sincerly concerned


posted on Nov, 11 2004 @ 04:38 PM

This email is making the rounds now seems to be legit - anyone else know anything about this?

Everyone! Please forward to all who have specifics on vote fraud. The send-to address below is John Kerry's brother at his law firm. Kerry will unconcede if there is solid evidence of fraud. We need first hand sufferers o please get this info to them!!


I am angry and getting emails and recrimination from people wondering why KERRY just caved and is not fighting this before the final count in Ohio, before any of the fraud was challenged, before New Mexico and Iowa even came in.

There is widespread feeling that he did not lose the election and that it was taken from him.

There is enough here to warrant investigation and enough to challenge the results. It's coming from all corners.

I understand that he has until the official count certification in Ohio to Un Concede which is several days from now.

Anyone who thinks that he should unconcede should give reasons why - whatever they noticed, particularly in Red Republican Governed States using electronic machines- and send them directly to Cameron KERRY, John Kerry's brother at his law firm at the address

They should inform us if they were not allowed to vote provisionally (for whatever reason- they lost forms, ran out of forms, etc.) I personally witnessed a number of things as I reported in Texas with the DCCC. (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee)

If you know anyone in particular in Ohio who tried to vote and was turned away at the polls please get their information and notify the campaign.

They should be notified if they experienced lines longer than four hours -particularly elderly or infirm people (we call that torture when they do it to political prisoners) . They should be notified if people were told as has been reported that due to too many people showing up in African American precincts, particularly in Ohio where there were too few booths (some only had two or three for the entire precinct) and told because of heavy turn out they could vote on Wednesday. If the n umbers of these sorts of incidents creates a percentage margin that exceeds the margin of victory- Un Concession has to be made to challenge the count.

If people wanted to and tried to vote and were prevented or actively discouraged from doing so, that is a Civil Rights matter and must be dealt with in terms of the ultimate count.

This is the last email that I am writing on this subject in this venue. I am taking it up in other venues.

Please pass along this to your listservs so that we may make Democracy Work in America. We are not a country where he who cheats best wins.

Cynthia L. Butler
1717 K St. NW, Suite 600
Washington, DC 20036

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posted on Nov, 11 2004 @ 07:47 PM
That 'official' Kerry website doesn't seem to have been updated since Nov. 2.

I think I did see a mention on one of the local ( Atlanta) news programs ( in the crawl below the newscasters) that questions about irregularities in Ohio were being looked into by Kerry's lawyers, but they stressed that they in no way had any intention of trying to change the official out come.

posted on Nov, 11 2004 @ 07:57 PM
One day the sleeping giant of ATS will awake.

Old news here:

CLEVELAND - Lawyers with John Kerry's presidential campaign are in Ohio on what they describe as a "fact-finding mission" following the Democrat's election loss to President Bush last week.

Dan Hoffheimer, the statewide counsel for the Kerry campaign, said they are not trying to challenge the election but are only carrying out Kerry's promise to make sure that all the votes in Ohio are counted.

"We're not expecting to change the outcome of the election," Hoffheimer said.

In unofficial returns, Bush outpolled Kerry by 136,000 votes in Ohio.

Hoffheimer said the goal is to identify any voting problems and quell doubts about the legitimacy of the Ohio election being raised on the Internet.


(The lawyers talk downplaying the 'purpose' of the exercise is all just jostling and positioning and quelling and sucking and seeing).

Newer news: the odds of the exit polls being as wrong as they were is 250,000,000:1. (Two hundred and fifty million to one).

Statistical analysis from Steve Freeman @ Univ. of Pennsylvania here:

posted on Nov, 19 2004 @ 01:30 PM
Or I might just volunteer you as TL...

Ok, all kidding a side, those who are interested in joining up as a team for this project should u2u me and or SO with requested info from first post.

I'll be around despite my apparent lack of presence.

What The doctors told me was was perfectly sane...

posted on Nov, 19 2004 @ 02:49 PM
Here's my research contribution so far to the diebold factor thread...

Originally posted by twitchy
Most of the exit polls showed a strong Kerry turn out, and unusually large voter turn outs tend to favor democratic party... All the polls before the election showed a dead heat, yet Bush wins... Regardless of who you voted for, your vote is unlikely to count if cast on anything but a piece of's my take on why as posted in a previous thread...
Regardless of what party you support or who wins, this kind of crap has got to go! I got a couple of U2U's requesting to move this info to this post to keep it available...

Originally posted by twitchy
Even if we were to challenge the results in court, we wouldn't be able to get a good idea of what really happened because of a little term the courts call proprietary trade secrecy, in other words, the source codes
are simply not available for examination. In other words, they don't have to tell you jack doodley about their voting machines, even with a sopena. Ah but I digress lets examine a few points of interest here....
I am pulling alot of this information from my own research files which I have not saved in html format but text files, but I have cited my sources and found all this stuff on through the last two years...
September 2, 2003
By Schuyler Ebbets
Two Republican dominated corporations, Election Systems & Software (ES&S), and Diebold Voting Systems, now control 80% of the vote count in the United States.

Reading this creeped me out so I started looking into it...

Ready or Not, Electronic Voting Goes National
By TOM ZELLER Jr., The New York Times
Sept. 19
The leader in the electronic voting machine market, Diebold, and its executives have given more than $400,000 to Republican interests since the view of Michael Wertheimer, a computer security consultant with RABA Technologies, who was hired by the state of Maryland last year to conduct a mock hacking attack against the Diebold machines. A number of security holes were found, including one in the Microsoft operating system that runs the election software, which did not have up-to-date security patches. The flaws, Mr. Wertheimer said, could allow tampering and skewed election results. He also noted that in the presidential primary election last March, Maryland used software on its machines that had not been certified by independent testing authorities, and thus violated state law.

Is there a conflict of interest from the manufacturers of this technology? You bet your butt there is!
Don't believe me, let's see what Diebold themselves have to say about their political contributions by their own board and officers.... (FYI this information is almost extinct on the net now so get it while you can)
Board of Directors
Louis V. Bockius III (2,4,5)
Christopher M. Connor Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The
Sherwin-Williams Company
3/30/00 $1,000.00 — DEWINE FOR US SENATE
Gale S. Fitzgerald (2, 6)
President and Chief Executive Officer , QP Group, Inc.
10/12/98 $200.00 — FRIENDS OF JOHN LAFALCE
10/18/99 $1,000.00 — BUSH FOR PRESIDENT INC
Donald R. Gant (1,3,5) Senior Director, The Goldman Sachs Group, L.P.
L. Lindsey Halstead (2,3,6) Retired Chairman of the Board, Ford of Europe
Phillip B. Lassiter (1,3,6) Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive
Officer, Ambac Financial Group, Inc.
John N. Lauer (1,4,5) Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer,
Oglebay Norton Co.
10/10/00 $1,000.00 — DEWINE FOR US SENATE
Walden W. O'Dell Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive
Officer, Diebold
6/30/00 $1,000.00 — DEWINE FOR US SENATE
Eric J. RoordaFormer Chairman, Procomp Amazonia Industria Eletronica, S.A.
W.R. Timken Jr. (2,3,4) Chairman , The Timken Company
6/8/01 $100,000.00 — 2001 PRESIDENT'S DINNER - NON-FEDERAL TRUST
2/22/02 $1,000.00 — RELY ON YOUR BELIEFS FUND
6/12/02 $1,000.00 — OHIO'S REPUBLICAN SALUTE
Corporate Officers
Walden W. O'DellChairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive
Officer, Diebold
Wesley B. Vance Chief Operating Officer
Michael J. HillockPresident, Diebold International
11/18/97 $500.00 — FAIRCLOTH FOR SENATE COMMITTEE 1998
David Bucci Senior Vice President, Customer Solutions Group
11/18/97 $500.00 — FAIRCLOTH FOR SENATE COMMITTEE 1998
James L.M. Chen Vice President and Managing Director, Asia-Pacific
Warren W. Dettinger Vice President, General Counsel and Assistant
11/18/97 $300.00 — FAIRCLOTH FOR SENATE COMMITTEE 1998
1/30/97 $250.00 — DEWINE FOR U S SENATE (2000)
Donald E. Eagon, Jr. Vice President, Global Communications & Investor
11/18/97 $300.00 — FAIRCLOTH FOR SENATE COMMITTEE 1998
Charee Francis-Vogelsang Vice President and Secretary
Larry D. Ingram Vice President, Procurement and Services
1/30/97 $250.00 — DEWINE FOR U S SENATE (2000)
11/18/97 $300.00 — FAIRCLOTH FOR SENATE COMMITTEE 1998
Dennis M. Moriarty Vice President, Customer Business Solutions
11/18/97 $300.00 — FAIRCLOTH FOR SENATE COMMITTEE 1998
Anthony J. Rusciano Vice President, National Accounts
11/18/97 $300.00 — FAIRCLOTH FOR SENATE COMMITTEE 1998
Charles B. Scheurer Vice President, Corporate Human Resources
11/18/97 $300.00 — FAIRCLOTH FOR SENATE COMMITTEE 1998
Ernesto R. Unanue Vice President and Managing Director, Latin America
Robert J. Warren Vice President and Treasurer
11/18/97 $300.00 — FAIRCLOTH FOR SENATE COMMITTEE 1998

by Amanda Lang
Guess Who's Going to Dinner with Diebold, Sequoia, and Electronic ES&S? The Groups Responsible for Insuring Electronic Votes Are Amanda LangOpEdNews.ComWhen speakers from the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) attend the August 24-28, 2004, Election Center's conference for federal and state election employees in Washington, DC, they will be participating in a huge conflict of interest as they eat, drink, and make-merry at the Diebold, Sequoia, and ES&S (voting machine vendors) sponsored events....

Remember the cancellation of elections fears that were brought up Well here's where that fiasco came from... The article continues stating...

by Amanda Lang
The EAC, supposedly an independent bipartisan agency, was appointed by President George W. Bush following the Election Fiasco of 2000, and is authorized by the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) to serve as "...a national clearinghouse and resource for the comparison of information" on various matters involving the administration of Federal elections. The EAC wants to be more than a clearinghouse apparently -- EAC Chairman, DeForest Soaries**, recently authored a letter to Homeland Security czar, Tom Ridge, requesting his agency be "the statutory authority to cancel and reschedule a federal election" if a terrorist attack is launched in the U.S. As a result, Ridge's office has requested that the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel analyze what legal steps would be needed to permit the postponement of the election were an attack to take place. **Soaries, a Bush appointee, two years ago was an unsuccessful GOP candidate for Congress.

Oh yeah, they also publically announced their affiliations...

October 20, 2003
From The Wilderness Publications
In an outrageous conflict with the public interest, Diebold CEO Walden O'Dell told Ohio Republicans this August that he was "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year." Even the BBC on October 8th, noted that Diebold and other systems used in California and elsewhere left the door wide open for The Sydney Morning Herald in Australia reported on October 8th what Americans, and especially Californians were never told: that the electronic systems were "as flawed as chads."Excellent background research on what appears to be rampant and overtly criminal behavior by Diebold can be found at the following web is only one of many firms making voting software, and all of it seems have problems. Republican Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska ought to know. He used to chair a company, American Information Systems, which owns the largest company putting machines into US use, Election Systems and Software. But it's doubtful he's going to complain. Nebraska used his software in the 2002 election and he garnered 83% of the vote.

Are they secure? Have they been tested?

CA Sues Diebold For E-Vote
Machine False Claims
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters)California Attorney General Bill Lockyer said on Tuesday he would sue electronic voting machine maker Diebold Inc on charges it defrauded the state with false claims about its products. Secretary of State Kevin Shelley has said Diebold deceived California with aggressive marketing that led to the installation of touch-screen voting systems that were not tested or approved nationally or in California.

Why can't we just make a make a machine that will print a paper record of the votes? Good question, here let's ask Diebold...

Diebold email: ‘Make vote printouts too costly’
by Eric A. Smith and Free Press staffin J
ournal issue January-February 2004
January 8, 2004
An internal memo has just surfaced suggesting e-vote manufacturer Diebold planned to overcharge the state of Maryland and make voter printouts “prohibitively expensive.” An employee named “Ken” wrote the Jan. 3 letter suggesting the company charge Maryland “out the yin” if legislators insisted on printouts... He goes on to say “...any after-sale changes should be prohibitively expensive.”

Note he didn't say would be, or could be, but Should be?
But our vote still counts right? No, sadly they become "circumstantial" evidence of voter intent... The machine produces the only 'hard evidence'. Yes, that is in violation of US law, but hey who cares about the law, we have an election to rig... A great article here on the 'legality' of voting machines...

Faking Democracy - Americans Don't Vote, Machines Do, & Ballot Printers Can't Fix That
by Lynn Landes
April 7, 2004
The Free Press -- Independent News Media - National Issues
Fri Sep 17, 2004
In Bush v. Gore, the Supreme Court said that a "legal vote" is one in which there is a "clear indication of the intent of the voter." Voting machines (lever, optical scan, touchscreen, the Internet, etc.) produce circumstantial evidence of the voter's intent, at best....
When voting machines are used, critical parts of the Voting Rights Act can't be enforced. Under Section 8 of the Voting Rights Act, 42 U.S.Code §1973f, Federal Observers are authorized to observe "... whether persons who are entitled to vote are being permitted to vote ...(and) whether votes cast by persons entitled to vote are being properly tabulated..."
Under "Prohibited acts" in §1973i, the "Failure or refusal to permit casting or tabulation of vote"...can result in civil and criminal penalties. "No person acting under color of law shall fail or refuse to permit any person to vote who is entitled to vote...(and) Whoever...knowingly and willfully falsifies or conceals a material fact... shall be fined not more than $10,000 or imprisoned not more than five year, or both."
Voting machines violate those provisions. Vote casting and tabulation take place inside of a box. Federal Observers can't observe "... whether persons who are entitled to vote are being permitted to vote ...(and) whether votes cast ...are being properly tabulated.." Voting machines by their very design "conceals a material fact."

But they wouldn't do that would they? That would be fraud...

Insurance for Electronic Votes
New York Times Editorial
Friday 23 July 2004
These inherent flaws are made worse by the reckless, and possibly illegal, actions of voting machine companies. This spring, California banned 14,000 Diebold voting machines because of allegations of "fraudulent actions" by the manufacturer.

Also bear in mind that the CEO of diebold said he would deliver state of Ohio to the president... Do you smell that?

Originally posted by twitchy
Check out this little editorial about Ohio.
Apparently dieold wasn't the only factor in Ohio...

quote]Originally posted by twitchy
Hell they can apparently legally change, er I mean redsitribute, your vote with the news systems, check this tid bit out...
Meanwhile, in San Francisco, a glitch occurred with software designed by Election Systems & Software Inc. for the city's new "ranked-choice voting," in which voters list their top three choices for municipal offices. If no candidate gets a majority of first-place votes outright, voters' second and third-place preferences are then distributed among candidates who weren't eliminated in the first round.

And from the same article...
Franklin County's unofficial results had Bush receiving 4,258 votes to Democrat John Kerry (news - web sites)'s 260 votes in a precinct in Gahanna. Records show only 638 voters cast ballots in that precinct. Bush's total should have been recorded as 365....
In one North Carolina county, more than 4,500 votes were lost in this election because officials mistakenly believed a computer that stored ballots electronically could hold more data than it did....
After voting ends, the cartridge is either transported to a tabulation facility or its data sent via modem.
Kimball Brace, president of the consulting firm Election Data Services, said it's possible the fault lies with the software that tallies the votes from individual cartridges rather than the machines or the cartridges themselves.
Either way, he said, such tallying software ought to have a way to ensure that the totals don't exceed the number of voters. ...
Matthew Damschroder, director of the Franklin County Board of Elections, told The Columbus Dispatch that on one of the three machines at that precinct, a malfunction occurred when its cartridge was plugged into a reader and generated a faulty number. He could not explain how the malfunction occurred. ...County officials did not return calls seeking details....Danaher did not immediately return a message for comment.
A national voting rights group says it documented hundreds of voting irregularities affecting poor and minority voters in seven Southern states — from long lines and faulty equipment to deliberate voter intimidation.

California should have been a warning light to america but we ignored the implications for years.
SACRAMENTO, Calif.--California election officials on Thursday recommended banning some Diebold Election Systems voting machines and referred an investigation into the company to the attorney general for possible civil and criminal sanctions....Like others at Diebold, Urosevich declined to comment on the recommendation to send the report to the attorney general....E-vote critics discovered the company's elections equipment source code sitting unprotected on a public FTP server.
That code subsequently underwent analysis by security experts who called its security measures inadequate at best. And the company undertook--and later abandoned, under public, legal and even congressional pressure--a copyright offensive against people who posted damaging internal Diebold e-mail correspondence online.
Voting machine vendors collectively have felt some of the heat applied to Diebold Election Systems, of North Canton, Ohio, which has become a lightning rod for criticism following adverse security reports, partisan comments by its CEO and a legal fracas following the distribution of embarrassing internal e-mail correspondence.

No they are not secure systems.
Four computer security experts have warned proponents of Internet voting that such systems cannot be secured against fraud.
The experts--three computer science professors and a former IBM researcher--said Wednesday that creating an e-voting system that both guarantees each person votes once and protects the voter's identity is impossible on the current Internet system.

Here's some more...

Voting machine fails inspection

Apparently diebold deosn't like it when their emials get leaked, but who would, given the leaked emails indicate fraud...

Diebold retreats; lawmaker demands inquiry

A good debate can be found here...
The harms are not potential; they are real. The obvious harm is that no sensible person will have confidence in a system that cannot be meaningfully audited. Electronic voting in its current form is morally equivalent to handing over the counting of votes to private groups who count the ballots behind closed doors--and then destroy them before anyone else can do a recount.
Apparently, many people learned the wrong lesson from Florida 2000--that recounts are bad. The right lesson is that we need to be able to do good recounts. Electronic voting has the advantage for some--of eliminating the ability to do a recount altogether. To paraphrase (California Voter Foundation President) Kim Alexander, that's like eliminating fraud by eliminating the accounting department.

The following is a must read from the 2000 elections...
The Diebold Memos' Smoking Gun
Volusia County Memos Disclose Election 2000 Vote Fraud
By Alastair Thompson
"DELAND, Fla., Nov. 11 - Something very strange happened on election night to Deborah Tannenbaum, a Democratic Party official in Volusia County. At 10 p.m., she called the county elections department and learned that Al Gore was leading George W. Bush 83,000 votes to 62,000. But when she checked the county's Web site for an update half an hour later, she found a startling development: Gore's count had dropped by 16,000 votes, while an obscure Socialist candidate had picked up 10,000--all because of a single precinct with only 600 voters."

Another must read fromt he 2002 elections...
Hopkins researchers also found loopholes that could have allowed votes to be altered without a voter’s knowledge, either on the spot or by remote access. This means that a voter could leave the voting booth believing that he or she had voted for Candidate A, but the machine would actually have recorded his or her vote for Candidate B. This also means that someone with a device as simple as a Palm Pilot could alter votes from across the room.

Do some homework folks, we have been had....

Originally posted by twitchy
This is a pretty good write up on some of the security issues on voting machines...
For years, computer scientists have warned that electronic voting systems, which generally employ touch screens or keypads to record votes onto electronic storage media, are vulnerable to tampering. Citing such security concerns, influential business magazine Fortune recently named electronic voting the Worst Technology of 2003.
Compuware also discovered that Diebold encodes the poll supervisor's smart card with an unchangeable password of "1111," which Compuware guessed in less than two minutes. ESS hard-codes its supervisor cards with two three-digit passwords and allows the sole user-defined password to be disabled. Hart includes only an optional password into its source code and, on the Sequoia system, merely pressing a button on the back of the voting machine accesses supervisory functions.

Even the paper votes are tabulated by diebold machines in Marin County California, who actually fought Diebold and thought they had won...
Yes, you are handed paper. But don't you remember that you had to hand the paper over to a machine that electronically scanned the vote? (This machine is indeed manufactured by Diebold.)
Perhaps the most shocking occurrences that Stephenson witnessed were the two times that the computer crashed. He became aware that something was wrong when the Registrar's office personnel all began to desperately, "with long faces," scramble about.
Stephenson brought his video recorder along to help him accurately record the workings at hand. However, he was threatened by a person working for the Registrar to "turn off that thing or else." The "else" was the implied threat of arrest. Since elections in America are supposed to be free and open, the state laws governing open meetings always apply. (These laws are known as "open meeting laws.") It was illegal for threats to be made against Stephenson.

Get a load of the certification proceedures for voting machine companies...

Election Certification Stupidity
The software development process is completely incompatible with the election certification process. To get certified, companies have to send their code to an independent testing facility which takes TWO YEARS to verify code - and they just go down a checklist of expected problems, not any unexpected ones. Voting software manufacturers have to PAY for the results of the test. So what happens when they find a bug? Their options are to 1) hide it, 2) report it and go through re-certification which takes years and hundreds of thousands of dollars, or 3) install the changed software on machines without getting it certified. This last option seems most reasonable, and indeed, modified software has been found on machines in Indiana, California, Arizona, and Washington. When caught, the software manufacturers showed how the old certified software actually mis-tabulated votes, something that was not caught in the certification process. Additionally, the contracts between voting software manufacturers and these testing agencies are secret.

Case gets thrown out court because the counting software is a trade secret. WTF? How secretive should the counting of our votes be?
"The technology had a trial run in the 2002 mid-term elections. In Georgia, serviced by new Diebold systems, a popular Democratic governor and senator were both unseated in what the media called ‘amazing’ upsets, with results showing vote swings of up to 16 percent from the last pre-ballot polls. In computerized Minnesota, former Vice President Walter Mondale—a replacement for popular incumbent Paul Wellstone, who died in a plane crash days before the vote—was also defeated in a large last-second vote swing. Convenient ‘glitches’ in Florida saw an untold number of votes intended for the Democratic candidate registering instead for Governor Jeb "L'il Brother" Bush. A Florida Democrat who lost a similarly ‘glitched’ local election went to court to have the computers examined—but the case was thrown out by a judge who ruled that the innards of America's voting machines are the ‘trade secrets’ of the private companies who make them."

Now get ready to get mad, because here's the killer... from the same article...

Diebold’s Walden O’Dell, a top Bush fundraiser, publicly committed himself to delivering his home state Ohio’s votes to Bush. At Diebold, the election division is run by Bob Urosevich. Bob’s brother, Todd, is a top executive at "rival" ES&S. The brothers were originally staked by Howard Ahmanson, a member of the Council For National Policy , a right-wing steering group stacked with Bush true believers. Ahmanson is also one of the bagmen behind the extremist Christian Reconstruction Movement , which advocates the theocratic takeover of American democracy.
The four companies are interconnected; they are not four "competitors". Ahmanson has large stakes in ES&S, whose former CEO was Republican Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska. When Hagel ran for office, his own company counted the votes, and his victory was considered "an amazing upset". Hagel still has a million dollar stake in ES&S.
Sequoia is the corporate parent of a private equity firm, Madison Dearborn , which is partner in the Carlyle Group . (Also see here .)
Meanwhile, SAIC is referred to a "shadowy defense contractor". They have gotten into the vote count game both directly and through spinoffs by its top brass, including Admiral Bill Owens, former military aide to Dick Cheney, and Carlyle Group honcho Frank Carlucci and ex-CIA chief Robert Gates. SAIC’s history of fraud charges and security "lapses" haven’t prevented it from becoming one of the largest Pentagon and CIA contractors, and will doubtless encounter few obstacles in its entrance into the vote counting business.
The mad rush to install these unverifiable computers is driven by the Help America Vote Act, signed by Bush! The chief lobbying group pushing for the act (while we dumb asses sat out here and thought, ‘That sounds like a good idea!’) was a consortium of arms dealers including Northrup Grumman and Lockheed Martin .

Another must read...
Likewise, the nation’s largest DRE company, Election Systems & Software (ESS), is owned by Michael McCarthy, campaign finance director for Nebraska’s Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel. Hagel, a former CEO and chairman of ESS, still held ESS shares even as his finance director’s voting machines tabulated the majority of Nebraska’s election, from which Hagel emerged victorious.
VoteHere, a software company seeking to install cryptography devices into all the other companies’ voting machines, has on its board of directors Robert Gates, the former CIA director who now works at the George Bush School of Business, and VoteHere’s chairman is Admiral Bill Owens, a member of the Defense Policy Board and close supporter of Vice President Dick Cheney.
Most of this information has come to light thanks to the efforts of Bev Harris, a Seattle-based literary publicist who quit her day job in order to work on a forthcoming book, Black Box Voting, and a website,, along with a team of 22 computer scientists.
“I was just on my lunch hour and I decided to search LexisNexis and find out who owns [the voting technology companies]. No big deal, right?” says Harris. “But the name that pops out was Chuck Hagel, a Republican Senator running for office at the time. So I thought, ‘Well surely this has been reported,’ but it hadn’t. Then I thought, ‘Well surely he disclosed it,’ and I looked at his disclosure documents and he hadn’t. So then I thought, ‘My goodness!’”
That discovery was the first of several that Harris would make in the ensuing months. When Diebold left thousands of internal documents available on an unprotected website, Harris downloaded them. What she found included hundreds of internal memos discussing the company’s security problems. The problems were not entirely theoretical, either. One memo discussed an “unauthorized upload” during the 2000 presidential election which negated 16,000 votes for Al Gore and added 4,000 for George W. Bush in Florida....“The memos are quite clear about this. In fact, in one, one programmer wrote, ‘Be careful. The boogieman might be reading these.’”

South Carolina Motions to protest...
Texas has a lack of real choice...
Virtual Democracy On January 7th and 8th, a committee formed by the Texas secretary of state’s office met behind closed doors to test four computerized voting systems for use in the 2004 election cycle. While county officials have final say on which voting systems to use, they can pick only systems that the secretary of state has certified. So far, those choices don’t look too appealing.

A few more scandals...

not sure what this is, any idea?

Originally posted by twitchy
Here's a few more I picked up from this site Box Voting - Fraud Suit Filed Against Diebold, Proceeds May Fund Black Box Voting - 7-9-04.txt
“To err is machine” — Voting machines have been found to miscount. Some miscounts are ridiculous (i.e. Allamakee County Iowa, 2000 national election, counted 4 million votes though just 300 voters showed up to vote). Many miscounts, if they are less obvious, are never flagged at all.
Voting software has been found to contain hidden “back doors” that allow end runs around the voting system.
New systems are designed to replace the poll book sign in with a computerized, digital system made by private companies, using proprietary software that the public is not allowed to examine. Such a system, improperly used, would enable whole cemeteries to sign in and vote.
Election officials are often appointed, not elected. In many states there is no requirement for election officials to disclose personal financial information, inviting conflict of interest...
Even when paper ballots exist, in many states it is now illegal to compare them to computer counts, even in a recount.
Absentee voting: In most locations, there is no way to know whether all the ballots mailed in were counted. At no point is there a comparison of the count received by the Post Office with the count received by the elections division.

Well don't look for help from the judicial system... - FL Court Dismisses Lawsuit Seeking Paper Trail - 8-6-04.txt
Florida Court Dismisses Lawsuit Seeking Paper Trail for Touchscreen Voting Machines
By Jill Barton Associated Press Writer
Published: Aug 6, 2004
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) - A state appeals court dismissed a lawsuit that sought a paper trail for Florida's new touchscreen voting machines, ruling Friday that voters are not guaranteed "a perfect voting system."
U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Fla., had argued that the new machines will not allow for an accurate manual recount - such as the one needed during the 2000 presidential election fiasco. He sued Florida Secretary of State Glenda Hood and Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Theresa LePore to force them to add a paper trail to the computerized machines.

Our vote counting proceedures are off limits to the voters? - Voting Machine Test Results Off Limits To Public - 8-23-04.txt
Voting machine test results 'off-limits' to the public
Associated Press
Monday, 8/23/04
HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The three companies that certify the nation's voting technologies operate in secrecy and refuse to discuss flaws in the ATM-like machines to be used by nearly one in three voters in November.
Despite concerns over whether the so-called touch-screen machines can be trusted, the testing companies won't say publicly whether they have encountered shoddy workmanship.
They say they are committed to secrecy in their contracts with the voting machines' makers — even though tax money ultimately buys or leases the machines.

Yeah.... - Suspiciously Coincidental Vote Totals - 11-8-02.txt
Three candidates all win races with same number of votes
By The Associated Press
(11/8/02 - New Braunfels) — Officials in Comal County in Central Texas can only shake their heads at a statistical oddity from Tuesday's elections.
After all the votes were counted, County Judge Danny Scheel had received 18,181 votes in defeating Lois Duggan.
Republican state Senator Jeff Wentworth also got 18,181 votes in Comal County in beating Democrat Joseph Sullivan and Libertarian Rex Black.
And Republican Carter Casteel got 18,181 votes in Comal County in her victory over Democrat Virgil Yanta in the race for state House District 73 race.

Hackers aren't all bad, or so it would seem in this case. - Diebold Sued to Stop Harassment of Activists - 11-5-03.txt
SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) - Free speech advocates sued a manufacturer of electronic voting machines Tuesday, demanding it stop sending legal threats to groups that publish company documents leaked by a hacker.

It's not just the machines either... - Republican Dirty Tricks - 10-15-04.txt
In Nevada, Voter Outreach of America is accused by former employees of shredding the registration forms of thousands of Democrats; in West Virginia, Voter Outreach of America employees say they were instructed to mislead voters into registering Republican and voting for Bush; in Oregon, yet another swing state, the state attorney general has opened a criminal investigation into allegations that Sproul's firm, which is Voter Outreach of America's parent company, was involved in intentionally destroying or discarding voter registration forms signed by Democrats. According to, Sproul's firm received $125,000 this year from the Republican National Committee for voter registration and another $500,000 for "political consulting."

This is another must read... Dreams - Evidence Mounts That The Vote Was Hacked - 11-6-04.txt
Evidence Mounts That The Vote Was Hacked
by Thom Hartmann
When I spoke with Jeff Fisher this morning (Saturday, November 06, 2004), the Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from Florida's 16th District said he was waiting for the FBI to show up. Fisher has evidence, he says, not only that the Florida election was hacked, but of who hacked it and how. And not just this year, he said, but that these same people had previously hacked the Democratic primary race in 2002 so that Jeb Bush would not have to run against Janet Reno, who presented a real threat to Jeb, but instead against Bill McBride, who Jeb beat.

Know any good constitutional lawyers? - Voting Machines Violate Constitution - 4-15-03.txt
Voting Machines Violate Constitution - Who Will Launch Legal Challenge?
by Lynn Landes 4-15-03
Wanted - one or more really good constitutional lawyers. Why? Voting machines. We need to challenge their use in our elections.
Voting machines violate the Constitution and threaten what's left of American democracy like no terrorist ever could. Only a handful of private companies sell and service the machines that register and tabulate votes in U.S. elections. And it's all done in complete secrecy. We've lost control of our election process and Congress doesn't seem to notice or care.
If this isn't fascism, I don't know what else to call it.
Over the last several years, particularly in 2002, election results in the U.S. have come under increasing suspicion due to widespread voting machine "glitches" and unexpected election upsets. In an overwhelming number of these questionable elections... Republicans won. That makes sense. Republicans, such as U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE), long ago cornered the market in voting machine sales and service.

More on the exit polls... Research - Footprints of Electoral Fraud - 11-5-04.txt
One of the clear indicators of massive electoral fraud was the wide divergence, both nationally and in swing states, between exit poll results and the reported vote tallies. The major villains, it would seem, were the suppliers of touch-screen voting machines. There appears to be evidence, however, that the corporations responsible for assembling vote-counting and exit poll information may also have been complicit in the fraud.

Rob Georgia? Wonder what they meant by that.... - Hack the Vote - 12-2-03.txt
Early this year Bev Harris, who is writing a book on voting machines, found Diebold software — which the company refuses to make available for public inspection, on the grounds that it's proprietary — on an unprotected server, where anyone could download it. (The software was in a folder titled "")

Hackers had no trouble casting extra votes... - How To Hack An Election - 1-31-04.txt
How to Hack an Election
Published: January 31, 2004
Concerned citizens have been warning that new electronic voting technology being rolled out nationwide can be used to steal elections. Now there is proof. When the State of Maryland hired a computer security firm to test its new machines, these paid hackers had little trouble casting multiple votes and taking over the machines' vote-recording mechanisms. The Maryland study shows convincingly that more security is needed for electronic voting, starting with voter-verified paper trails.

Diebold knew they were breaking the law... Tribune - Diebold Knew of Legal Risks, Knowingly Forced Uncertified Machines Into Use - 4-20-04.txt
Diebold knew of legal risks
Attorneys warned firm that use of uncertified vote-counting software violated state law Beach Post - Broward machines count backward - 11-5-04.txt
Broward machines count backward
By Eliot Kleinberg
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
Friday, November 05, 2004

700% doesn't sound skewed to you? Dispatch - Vote Results Not Believable - 11-5-04.txt
In Florida, exit polling data showed the opposite of the final results provided through the state. Even more surprising are the changes in votes per party that occurred on November 2nd....
Counties using e-touch voting machines in Florida showed an average vote gain of 29% for Republicans and a 23.8% increase for Democrats. However in the Florida, counties that used optical scan vote machines showed drastic differences. Republicans gained by 128.45% in counties using optical scan voting machines while Democrats had a -21% loss (yes, that is negative 21%). Some districts in Florida showed gains over 400% while one, Liberty County, gained over 700% for Republicans.

And the quest continues...

Originally posted by twitchy
Here are just a few of the problems we ran into in my home state of NC.
North Carolina's 2004 Election Starting to Look Like a Train Wreck
Corrected results in Guilford County were "a day late and a dollar short". Incorrect tabulation gave additional 22,000 votes to George Bush, other winners become losers....
November 6, 2004 Mecklenburg County, NC. First we have double counts, now we have undercounts....
Carteret County, N.C. Computer May Have Lost 4,500 N.C. Votes...
Craven County, vote totals in nine of the county's 26 precincts were electronically doubled....
Mecklenburg County, early voting machines counted some totals twice affecting as many as 4,000 ballots....
Yadkin County, about 1,000 ballots were accidentally counted twice....
Guilford County, early voting machines had capacity problems, which affected anywhere from 6,000 to 20,000 ballots....
Onslow County, a software error changed the order of finish in the county commissioners race....

Here's another op ed I found informative as well...

More to come...

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Just a few highlights from a recent piece on
Bush's 'Incredible' Vote Tallies
By Sam Parry
Consortium News
While it's extraordinary for a candidate to get a vote total that exceeds his party's registration in any voting jurisdiction - because of non-voters - Bush racked up more votes than registered Republicans in 47 out of 67 counties in Florida. In 15 of those counties, his vote total more than doubled the number of registered Republicans and in four counties, Bush more than tripled the number....
Similar surprising jumps in Bush's vote tallies across the country - especially when matched against national exits polls showing Kerry winning by 51 percent to 48 percent - have fed suspicion among rank-and-file Democrats that the Bush campaign rigged the vote, possibly through systematic computer hacking.
Republican pollster Dick Morris said the Election Night pattern of mistaken exit polls favoring Kerry in six battleground states - Florida, Ohio, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and Iowa - was virtually inconceivable.
"Exit polls are almost never wrong," Morris wrote. "So reliable are the surveys that actually tap voters as they leave the polling places that they are used as guides to the relative honesty of elections in Third World countries. … To screw up one exit poll is unheard of. To miss six of them is incredible. It boggles the imagination how pollsters could be that incompetent and invites speculation that more than honest error was at play here."...
...electronic voting system in Franklin County gave Bush 3,893 extra votes in suburban Columbus, more than 1,000 percent more than he actually got.
If Bush's totals weren't artificially enhanced, they would represent one of the most remarkable electoral achievements in U.S. history....
While the statistical analysis of these new voters is only just beginning, Bush's ability to find nearly 9 million new voters in an election year when his Democratic opponent also saw gains of about 5 million new voters is the story of the 2004 election.
But, even if one were to estimate that 100 percent of these Evangelical voters turned out for Bush in 2004 and that 100 percent of Bush's 2000 supporters turned out again for him, this still leaves about 5 million new Bush voters unaccounted for.

Get a load of this bull....
A precinct in the county reported that a 4,000-vote margin won by Bush appeared to exceed the number of registered voters.
Asked how an electronic voting machine could run up nearly 4,000 extra votes, Dill said a variety of factors, including an internal misalignment or static electricity, could cause such an error.... one precinct in Youngstown, Ohio, recorded a negative 25 million votes, which was discarded from official results.

Media Black Out Alert!!!

Electronic Voting Angst
By Keith Olbermann
Monday 08 November 2004
New York - Bev Harris, the Blackbox lady, was apparently quoted in a number of venues during the day Monday as having written "I was tipped off by a person very high up in TV that the news has been locked down tight, and there will be no TV coverage of the real problems with voting on Nov. 2... My source said they've also been forbidden to talk about it even on their own time."...

Another county showing a pretty serious issue...
from the same source...

the remarkable results out of Cuyahoga County, Ohio. In 29 precincts there, the County's website shows, we had the most unexpected results in years: more votes than voters.
I'll repeat that: more votes than voters. 93,000 more votes than voters....
Talk about successful get-out-the-vote campaigns! What a triumph for democracy in Fairview Park, twelve miles west of downtown Cleveland. Only 13,342 registered voters there, but they cast 18,472 votes.

AP changed Exit Polls...
"An analysis of the original AP exit polling, which showed Kerry with a tighter margin and leading in myriad states, raises serious questions about the authenticity of the popular vote in several key states, RAW STORY has learned. Since the actual outcome of the votes have been called, AP has changed nearly all of their exit polling to tighten the margin. A reason has not been given....
"Why did Florida voters with one type of machine vote one way,
and voters with a different machine vote another? In Florida, the figures show that, in counties with one type of voting machine, voters with no Democrat or Republican party affiliation appeared to split their votes roughly 50/50 between Bush and Kerry, which was to be expected; yet in counties with another type of voting machine, unaffiliated voters seemed to vote nearly 100% for Bush!"

Check out the last six or so paragraphs on this page...

Some prior scams...
In 1999, 22 people were indicted in Louisiana and 9 admitted guilt in a huge bribery scam involving the acquisition of Sequoia voting systems. Sequoia Pacific's Regional Manager and a regional sales executive were indicted for paying around $8 million in bribes to Louisiana Commissioner of Elections Jerry Fowler. In all, 22 people were indicted. Nine pleaded guilty. Fowler was sentenced to over 4 years in prison....

I found alot of the follwing information on this site...
Wow we sure let some winners program and install our machines for us, let's have a look at who we have here....

Convicted felon programmed Diebold's software
Managers of a subsidiary of Diebold are alleged to have included a programmer jailed for falsifying computer records. Jeffrey Dean, who served time in a Washington correctional facility for stealing money and tampering with computer files, wrote and maintained proprietary code for vote counting as senior vice president of Global Election Systems Inc. The former GES is Diebold's wholly owned subsidiary, Global Election Management Systems, which produces the operating system that touch-screen voting terminals use.
(Source: Rachel Konrad, Associated Press, San Francisco, Dec. 16, 2003)

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
The company that Maryland Governor Ehrlich chose to review Diebold's system, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), is itself in the elections business, and its record in the U.S. is not good. It pleaded guilty to a 1990 indictment for fraud in its management of a Superfund toxic cleanup site, and was sued in 1993 by the Justice Department for civil fraud on an F15 fighter contract.
Also, at least three present or former directors of SAIC are former Directors of the CIA. That is troubling in view of the CIA's history of upsetting elections in other countries, notably that of President Allende in Chile.
(Source: Lynn Landes, publisher of, and formerly a regular commentator for a BBC talk radio show and environmental news reporter for DUTV in Philadelphia.)
And questionable reuslts from 2002. Hagel owned the company that made these machines in Nebraska by the way...

Sequoia Voting Systems
Sequioa is owned mostly by London-based De La Rue Cash Systems, "the world's largest security printer and papermaker, involved in the production of over 150 national currencies," as well as travelers' checks and vouchers. In 1999, two Sequoia executives, Phil Foster and Pasquale Ricci, were indicted for paying Louisiana Commissioner of Elections Jerry Fowler an $8 million bribe to buy their voting machines. In August 2002, a losing candidate in Boca Raton, Fla., city council elections wanted to have Sequoia voting machines examined by experts. But Palm Beach County Elections Supervisor Theresa LaPore (responsible for the infamous butterfly ballot) said that the contract with Sequoia, as well as state law, defined Sequoia's equipment and programming as "trade secrets," shielded from public scrutiny.
(Source: "Who Counts the Votes?" by Gary Ashwill, Managing Editor, and Chris Kromm, Publisher and editor, Southern Exposure.)

Some amazing numbers from the past...
The case of Senator Chuck Hagel exemplifies concerns in the context of questionable business and political links. In 1996 Hagel won a totally unexpected victory in an election his own company's computerised voting systems were counting. He was the first Republican in 24 years to make the Senate in Nebraska. [11] In 2002, Hagel ran again and was elected with 83% of the vote - a feat worthy of dictators like Anastasio Somoza in Nicaragua or Papa Doc Duvalier in Haiti in their prime. Thom Hartmann observes "80 percent of those votes were counted by computer-controlled voting machines put in place by the company affiliated with Hagel: built by that company; programmed by that company; chips supplied by that company."
Against the trend results swung the Senate for the Republicans in the 2002 elections. In Georgia popular Democrat Max Cleland was leading the pre-election polls 49% to 44%. Mysteriously, his lead evaporated on election day turning into a 53% to 46% win for his opponent Saxby Chambliss. In Georgia, Democrat Roy Barnes led Republican Sonny Perdue in the opinion polls by 48% to 39%. Nonetheless, Perdue won with 52% of the vote against Barnes 45%. In Minnesota, just days before the election, veteran Democrat Walter Mondale - a late replacement after the death in a plane crash of leading Democrat Senator Paul Wellstone - led Republican Norm Coleman by 47% to 39% in opinion polls. But Coleman won, 50% to 47%. In all these states computerised voting systems were used to count most of the vote. It seems very strange, to say the least, that opinion polls in three states should have goofed so badly.

USA Today
Nov. 3, 2002
Incumbent U.S. Senator Max Cleland was defeated by Saxby Chambliss by a margin of 53 to 46 percent although an Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll showed Cleland with a 49%-to-44% lead. Similar results contrary to polls occurred in the race for Governor. Almost all of the votes in Georgia were recorded on touch-screen computerized voting machines which produced no paper trail whatsoever, so there was no recount.

Atlanta Constitution-Journal
Nov. 8, 2002
Downtown Atlanta election officials revealed that memory cards from 67 electronic voting machines had been misplaced, so ballots cast on those machines were left out of previously announced vote totals. All but 11 of the memory cards were subsequently found and recorded [so votes from eleven machines were still not counted].

Indianapolis Star
Nov. 9, 2003
Computer generated vote totals from the MicroVote system showed 144,000 votes from 19,000 registered voters in Boone County during the November 2003 election.

Folks our major media outlets are being told not to discuss this, even on their own time. Think about that for a minute, and then let us thank god for the internet, it look slike this one is gonna have to actually have to come from the people,
you know,
the way it should be in the first damn place!

Originally posted by twitchy
Breaking news today on the A.P., I posted a reference to this case earlier in the thread, look slike California got their question answered after all, after the election though of course...
Associated Press
Diebold to Settle Calif. Suit for $2.6M
11.10.2004, 04:53 PM
Automated teller machine maker Diebold Inc. said Wednesday that it will pay the state of California $2.6 million to settle a lawsuit related to its electronic voting machines.

And before you say well alot of companies tend to settle out of court in civil litigations to save their credibility, this was not limited to just a civil litigation,
Diebold May Face Criminal Charges
SACRAMENTO, California –- After harshly chastising Diebold Election Systems for what it considered deceptive business practices, a California voting systems panel voted unanimously Thursday to recommend that the secretary of state decertify an electronic touch-screen voting machine manufactured by the company, making it likely that four California counties that recently purchased the machines will have to find other voting solutions for the November presidential election.
The panel also voted to send the findings of its recent Diebold investigation to the state's attorney general for possible criminal and civil charges against the firm for violating state election laws.
SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The state’s top election official called for a criminal investigation of Diebold Election Systems Inc. as he banned use of the company’s newest model touchscreen voting machine, citing concerns about its security and reliability.

A few more...

Interesting to note here about the criminal charges... Also in the news today,
Ohio was on track to buy $10 million to $20 million in Diebold machines, but the state has since halted purchases from any vendors until security issues are resolved.
In Maryland, an activist group is suing the Maryland State Board of Elections to force the state to either fix what it claims are security vulnerabilities in Diebold voting systems or else decertify the machines for use statewide.
California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley has banned one model of Diebold's machines, AccuVote-TSX, from the November elections. He also alleged Diebold lied by using the AccuVote-TSX model in the March elections, even though it didn't pass federal certification testing until late April. Also, in violation of election laws, the state claims Diebold used uncertified software in at least one county. In May, California Attorney General Bill Lockyer launched investigations into Diebold.

But rather than bringing this scam to the light as a CRIMINAL investigatiion surely would, califronia backs down and threatend to intervene in subsequent criminal allegations...

Criminal investigation of voting machine maker Diebold dropped
The California Attorney General's office has decided not to pursue criminal charges against McKinney-based Diebold Election Systems Inc....
The state also said it will intervene in a civil false claims case against the company.

Now if Diebold said this...

the company "disagrees there is any basis to make a referral to the state Attorney General for any civil or criminal action."

The the Judge says...

pay the state of California $2.6 million

Who is lying about their voting machines being certified and tested?

Originally posted by twitchy
Was indymedia covering the diebold story prior to the seizures? The general story is that they were showing pictures of some undercover agents so I'm not sure that exposing diebold would have had anything to do with them getting their servers seized, but it would be interesting to know what other activites those particular agents were engaged in. I found this but I am pretty sure this was released by indymedia after their servers were seized...
Indymedia fights Diebold's legal attempt to silence discussions about e-voting, 23.10.2003 05:24
Documents are publicly available that detail vulnerabilities in electronic voting machines manufactured by the Diebold Corporation. Diebold has been sending cease and desist letters to internet service providers (ISPs) that host the documents or links to them. Numerous Indymedia servers have been targeted by Diebold in its campaign to suppress this critical information.

Here is exactly what diebold is trying to keep you from reading, a copy of the internal memos and emails sent through their companies less than secure servers here... If you can get a copy of these emails now I would reccomend it as Diebold is fighting like to keep this information out of the public domain. Link after link is vanishing and Diebold is sending Cease and Dissist letters to various ISP's who host this information, indymedia was one of the ones that diebold is threatening.
or on PDF here...

Originally posted by twitchy
Bout Time posted a good news article on ATS today and I thought I'd quote it here as well, if you will look back throught the information I posted on Diebold's criminal constiuents earlier, this become a pretty scary realization.

Originally posted by Bout Time
The Association of Computer Machinery, one of the oldest "techie" guilds, had been a very vocal proponent for verified paper trails e-voting. They have also been super critical about any attempt to do it otherwise. This is why: source code that was never fully QA tested, never given to Federal oversight, was to tabulate too large a portion of key state votes. Here is proof that it was designed to be corrupted by using DES encryption - an industry standard abandoned 7 years ago as being unsound and breeched.
Dr. Avi Rubin is currently Professor of Computer Science at John Hopkins University. He "accidently"got his hands on a copy of the Diebold software program--Diebold's source code--which runs their e-voting machines.
Dr. Rubin's students pored over 48,609 lines of code that make up this software. One line in partictular stood out over all the rest:


All commercial programs have provisions to be encrypted so as to protect them from having their contents read or changed by anyone not having the key. The line that staggered the Hopkins's team was that the method used to encrypt the Diebold machines was a method called Digital Encryption Standard (DES), a code that was broken in 1997 and is NO LONGER USED by anyone to secure programs. F2654hd4 was the key to the encryption. Moreover, because the KEY was IN the source code, all Diebold machines would respond to the same key. Unlock one, you have then ALL unlocked.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I strongly recommend speaking with any friend or family member in the IT field; particularly any that are programmers. The development of proprietary source code and processes is what my industry's financial solvency is predicated on. Any product is put through stress testing and Quality Assurance before it ever gets to the Beta stage. That a company with contracts totaling in the 100's of millions of dollars would somehow use an encryption that is covered in Applications Programming 101, is completely unbelievable.
This was an intentional flaw.
As by the link provided, DES encryption was easily broken with off the shelf hardware over five years ago - we're much further along now. Here's further expert commentary : "DES is a standard that was created in 1975 but it was kept artificially weak by the NSA. The authors wanted it to be 128 bits or more, but they kept it at 64 bits (54 actual key bits, the rest is parity, I think). It was safe at the time and stayed relatively safe for a few decades. Banks & government agencies used it for classified (but not top secret) stuff. The only entities with enough crunching power to break it were probably the NSA, the KGB, etc.. It is trivial to break it with modern hardware and nobody uses anything less than tripleDES anymore. DES is a very obsolete standard. Even with a good implementation, it would be pretty trivial to brute-force the key of a DES system if you put a little resources into it (off the shelf hardware), although it could've posed a problem of dealing with the sheer number if all voting machines had had a different encryption keys. But it was not the case."
Related News Links:

Originally posted by twitchy
All the questions about electronic voting aside for a moment, here's some of the other tactics in Ohio you probably won't catch in headline news...
This is the first time in four decades that a political party has systematically barred -- in this case successfully -- hundreds of thousands of Black voters from access to the voting booth. While investigating for BBC Television, we obtained three dozen of the Republican Party's confidential "caging" lists, their title for spreadsheets listing names and addresses of voters they intended to block on any pretext.
We found that every single address of the thousands on these Republican hit lists was located in Black-majority precincts. You might find that nasty and racist. It may also be a crime.
Before 1965, Jim Crow laws in the Deep South did not bar Blacks from voting. Rather, the segregationist game was played by applying minor technical voting requirements only to African-Americans.

posted on Nov, 20 2004 @ 09:18 PM
Another piece I found today... Berkley all but certain something went awry..
Berkeley: President Comes Up Short
By Ian Hoffman
The Tri-Valley Herald
Friday 19 November 2004
Graduate students put statistics to the test and find 'ghost' votes for Bush.
In the nation's first academic study of the Florida 2004 vote, University of California, Berkeley, graduate students and a professor have found intriguing evidence that electronic-voting counties could have mistakenly awarded up to 260,000 votes to President George Bush....
"There is an interesting pattern here that I hope someone looks into," ...
But whatever the problem, it didn't show up in counties using optical scanning machines.
According to their report, the data show with 99 percent certainty that a county's use of electronic voting is associated with a disproportionate increase in votes for President Bush.

The article goes on to duscuss the progress of the Nader driven recount in progress in Ohio, but given the major contributions of republican interests to Nader's campaign the last two elections I wonder if Nader is the one to be carrying the recount banner...

But other in other news from Ohio...
Hearings on Ohio Voting Put 2004 Election in Doubt
By Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman
Thursday 18 November 2004
Highly-charged, jam-packed hearings held here in Columbus have cast serious doubt on the true outcome of the presidential election.

Voting machine company connections to defense companies and Cheney Himself...
Sequoia also has a colorful history, most recently in Louisiana, where it was the center of a massive corruption case that sent top state officials to jail for bribery, most of it funneled through Mob-connected front firms. Sequoia executives were also indicted, but escaped trial after giving immunized testimony against state officials. The UK-owned company's corporate parent is private equity firm Madison Dearborn - a partner of the Carlyle Group, where George Bush I makes millions trolling the world for war pork, privatizations and sweetheart deals with government insiders.
Meanwhile, the shadowy defense contractor SAIC has jumped into the vote-counting game, both directly and through spin-offs by its top brass, including Admiral Bill Owens - former military aide to Dick Cheney and Carlyle honcho Frank Carlucci - and ex-CIA chief Robert Gates. SAIC's history of fraud charges and security lapses in its electronic systems hasn't prevented it from becoming one of the largest contractors for the Pentagon and the CIA - and will doubtless pose little obstacle to its entrance into election engineering.

Wonder why they fired Dan Spillane...
Dan Spillane, a former software engineer for a voting machine company that includes a former CIA Director and Dick Cheney's former assistant on its board of directors, has sued his employer for firing him when he pointed out holes in their system that he claims could lead to vote-rigging. Although there is a certification process for ensuring the honesty of votes tabulated by computerized, touch-screen voting machines, according to Spillane the system works "very much like Arthur Andersen in the Enron case." ( Anderson Consulting has renamed itself, added Microsoft's CEO to its board, and gone into the business of helping corporations get contracts to perform previously-government-run services.)

And finally the bottom line from a good op ed on TO
Why are We The People allowing private, for-profit corporations, answerable only to their officers and boards of directors, and loyal only to agendas and politicians that will enhance their profitability, to handle our votes?

posted on Nov, 21 2004 @ 02:26 PM
I just thought I would add this to the voter fraud thread it is an interesting read with a couple of good links and graph

How I Stole Your Election By George W. Bush

posted on Nov, 21 2004 @ 11:21 PM
Thanks for that link, one thing that really stood out to me was the graph of the exit polls (which have never in the history of exit polls have ever been that off)...

link here if pic doesn't show up...
Sequoia is the corporate parent of a private equity firm, Madison Dearborn, ('equity investments')which is partner in the Carlyle Group .

Yeah Carlyle... that's who we want counting the other half of our votes...

Oh yeah, a little off topic but since they helped to count our votes apparently lets take a look...

Carlyle's motto...
"Global Vision, Local Insight"
kind of looked familiar to me after I read that, so I googled it, check this out...

ORASCOM - Global Vision, Local Insight
ORASCOM is one of Egypt's leading companies. From contracting to computers, from importing to manufacturing, from telecommunications to tourism, ORASCOM delivers ...

United Nations

Aravati Goldfarb Associates
Aravati consists of a select group of independent specialized executive search and recruitment firms that serve the same markets...
Aravati combines the benefits of local market expertise with seamless management of international recruitment.

Bharat Uday Group
Bharat Uday Group - Global Vision. Local Insight.

Steve Barth

Build a Global Corporate Culture
each country must adapt the company's global vision to local ... work
"Send e mail to"

Global Vision -Globalization of Industry and Strategy

Looks to me like Carlyle is recently into global recruiting of coporate officials, installing their interests in coporations around the world... Well if you ever wonder where the jobs are going, that'd be a good place to start looking, this outsourcing of coporate is a part of it, as you know, follow the money.

posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 09:31 AM

Originally posted by twitchy

Looks to me like Carlyle is recently into global recruiting of coporate officials, installing their interests in coporations around the world... Well if you ever wonder where the jobs are going, that'd be a good place to start looking, this outsourcing of coporate is a part of it, as you know, follow the money.

The evidence here is chilling - and shows fraud. So why isn't it a priority to sort the problem through? Have all the watchdogs given up, or is it something else?

...I'm left thinking that we're being manipulated into saving our energy and resources for something else that's looming on the horizon. ...Why else is there such apparently solid agreement to let the election atrocity slide?


posted on Nov, 30 2004 @ 02:26 AM
Imagine if the biggest dummy in the class had his temporary "nerd," friends hack the grading system. He was rich so say he hired private detectives and found all the secrets of the school staff. He is really a complete buffoon but just smart enough to make it his grades look really good, maybe not too good, but almost valedictorian.

Now he cannot do anything for himself, he fails at everything, but he gets all the merits of those good grades. He continues to cheat and bully people, and then gains responsibilities that end in the ruin of many others. It all began because he obtained far better grades than he deserved. This is an entirely separate example.

Face the possibility that the 2004 election was totally unearned, the results were false. Think again, even the primaries were false, setting up a “cooperative,” opponent. We have a voting Republic, it is not exactly a democracy, but its principles tend to being exactly the latter. Think of the election as a report card, it tells the leader, and the nation how he is doing. Voting serves an important function, it translates the reality of policies and their effect into something that the people grade. You win by having enough of what people want from your leadership, or promise of leadership, to gain political power.

If the election was taken, and the media says nothing, then the media has abandoned its fourth estate and has become an extension of the cheaters. There is no real report card, only the illusion of a report card transmitted by not so helpful propaganda. Everything you thought you feel good about as a politician had no reality to it, all your actions in being a leader are nothing but a ghost of what former politicians who earned their support achieved. Everything they felt good about in winning elections, for you is unearned; in fact you are nothing but a miserable thief. Deep down inside if there is any conscience remaining, you are justifiably miserable.

On another important factor, your scorecard being meaningless, you can now go about ruining the country and no matter how bad you make it, all your fake polls tell you and the rest of the country everything is fine. While you are ruining the country, you are getting compensated tremendously, making money hand over fist, by proxy through your cheater friends.

At West Point and at many military academies there is a code "I will not lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate those who do." If you are a sincere military man, and all or even some of the above is true, do you feel good about it? I hope not, nor do I hope you will simply continue with a blank stare knowing the truth.

Now with Diebold machines, there is nothing but doubt. If we cannot prove anything, neither can our leaders who were elected by non-verifiable machines. We are in a grey area, but we do know that the exit polls are utilized to illustrate how third world countries do not have fair elections when results are in conflict. We have a clue, but the proofs are such as a circumstantial case building its strands. In the meantime, power continues cleverly after cheating its way, to suppress those proofs. We are told, "Get over it," like it was just a psychosomatic case of chicken pox.

So a vote is a Report card, but the real report card is lost somewhere, but almost everyone who is capable of tying their shoes, knows both the sample student and the leader are not quite what they say they are.

In a way I don't care if the election was complete horse feathers. What really bothers me is that without a real report card, our government has no way of knowing how it is really doing. There is no cybernetic, no feedback mechanism. It is as a boiler without a pressure release, but it is not that simple. It is neglect that made ancient civilizations fall. They closed their eyes, said all is well, then they fell.

Oh maybe the government really does know how many real votes were voted. In that case all it knows is that its policies are not working, not as far as the people are concerned. Our government could then internally follow the will of the people, but the real feedback principle has not been restored. Should nothing be done, and nothing is rectified, that is still the best one could expect.

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