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Going to Brazil - Any one going to Las Vegas for New Years

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posted on Nov, 5 2004 @ 03:55 PM
I will be traveling to Southern Brazil this December to the state of Santa Catarima and island city of Flroianopolis. My Husband is from Brazil and I will be meeting his parents for the first time. As well as introducing them to our two little boys. I am very excited to go, but also a little fightened. My Portuguese is very very basic
and I hardly understand anything. None of his family speak English and he has been here for 4 years... so I know he wont have a lot of time to spend on/with me. As the date approaches I keep wishing I could bring a friend as a comfort zone. *sigh* Anyway, do we have any members in the area I will be going to?

We have booked our Las Vegas Timeshare at the Fairfield Grand Desert duirng this time period. (before we knew we would be allowed to go, we were waiting on his green card) If anyone is interested in going to Las Vegas from Dec 26-Jan2 drop me a line...I can hook you up.

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