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My dream log.

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posted on May, 17 2013 @ 05:03 PM
This is just a compilation of dreams that i've had that i can vividly remember. im hoping to peice them all together and find a meaning from them.

The earliest dream i've had was when i was little and there was a monster in my backyard from a t.v. show for children. the thing about the dream was that in my dream it was ta a house that i had not lived in yet, so when i moved here i had gotten heavy de'javu and the memory of the dream came back.

onetime i had a dream where i was stuck on a cruise ship with my mom and the cruise ship had crashed into an island. on this cruise ship was some people and family members i knew. My cousin andrea turned into a many-headed abomination with the faces of people i knew all over her body.

onetime i had a dream where i was talking to my friend danny. in my dream danny was judas and i was jesus and some girl named olivia was mary magnalene. he ended up telling me that she gave him a blowjob but me and danny drove off in a white van down the beach into a sunset.

there was a time where i had a dream that barrack obama was timothy the apostle, and i was sitting down talking to him in my granmothers mobile home. we were talking to each other as if we were good friends. near the end of my dream when he was leaving i was going to ask him if i could come work for him but he was already leaving with the secret service and then i awoke from my dream.

i had another dream where i was possessed by isis, and i had to say outloud "isis is satan." after i said this in my dream a black-cloaked entity *poofed.* itself out of my body. a loud voice instructed me to bite off her head so i did. i turned to my computer in my dream and was begging on facebook for people to help me. i couldnt say outloud the words "nepthys is satan." and then i awoke from my dream.

i had another dream where olivia (the girl from another dream who was mary magnalene.) was a reptillian shapeshifter queen who wanted to death-F**ck things like some kind of sick and twisted fetish. i dont want to think about this dream.

i had a dream where i saw my dead grandfather tony and he told me " im not ready for that hug yet." and i told him that thought he was dead.

i had another dream where my other deceased grandfather zader (his name was sandy.)
we were discussing revelation of the bible. i had told him in my dream that i had thought we were going to enter the Gog-magog war of revelation and in my dream me and him were trying to solve a secret code.when i told him i predicted the gog-magog war he had a proud, teary look in his eye. Then i awoke from the dream.

i had another dream with my father and sisters where we were in a zombie apocalypse. we had a bug-out house that got raided by the millitary. i had 300 dollars, and I hid it in a bible. we were captured and put into a cell with other prisoners, after witnessing a massive war with many casualties. we broke out of the prison and went back to the bug out house to retrieve the 300 dollars i had hid. we were still able to barter for goods with money in my dream. my dad thought he was a gonner and was ready to sacrifice himself. he gave me his last 50 bucks. i gave it back to him telling him i had 300 and he had a tear in his eye. then i awoke from the dream.
it was a coincidence because that happened to be the amount of money i had in my wallet that day actually.

i will post more of my dreams in this thread as time goes on and i receive more of them.

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