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Bangladesh garment factories re-open after closure - After days of workers protests.

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posted on May, 17 2013 @ 09:59 AM
Link to bbc article here

Let it be known that there is no human being on this planet who wants to work for NOTHING and in unsafe conditions until the day they die. More details of the April incident here.

The protests came after the collapse of a factory building in the Ashulia district last month in which more than 1,100 people died.

The workers of countries such as Bangladesh seem to be at the beginnings of building unions and demanding better pay, shorter hours and safer working conditions - They have my full support. For to long have they been exploited by the rest of the world, working to live a meagre existence - Unable to afford education for their children, feed their families 3 nutritious meals a day, afford suitable housing, access to sanitary conditions/medical care. These conditions ensure the cycle of poverty and deprivation goes on and on and on. Because those in power have only ever cared about one thing: Profit.

The manufacturers have accused the workers of disrupting production and say they will not pay wages for the last few days.

They love money so much, they wont even pay their workers the pennies they could have been able to earn if they had not been busy protesting for better pay/conditions. Its sick how people are treated around the world.

Primark and Matalan are just two companies of many who use the Dhaka factories. Source

Primark stated:

"Primark's team in Bangladesh has been working to put in place immediate and long-term help for victims of this disaster."

Isnt it SUCH a shame that people have to die horribly in order for you to pull your finger out? Of course, they'll blame the suppliers. Just as the british supermarkets did with the Horse meat scandal.

Think about this very carefully - The rise of Wal-wart. The "pound-shops" The dirt-cheap low quality clothing at shops such as Primark that are always packed at any hour of the day. Is that really because of the consumer? Or because of modern plague called globalization?

- They'll blame consumer demands for the trend.
- They'll blame suppliers for the conditions people work in.
- They'll blame the country of origin for that factories flaws in basic health and safety and regard for its workers.

But they will HAPPILY take advantage of all these factors because they're just SO compassionate to peoples struggles.

I blame globalization.
I blame profit motivation,
I blame the destruction of the western manufacturing industry.
I blame driving peoples living costs up and standards down to force them to buy cheaper goods of lesser quality.

Asking for a fair days pay for a fair days work is NOT entitlement culture. Asking to work in relatively safe environment if your job permits it is not over the top. Being able to afford little luxuries such as education/medical care should NOT be an issue.
I hope all workers across the world unionise. I hope they fight for their right to be treated like human beings and not animals. I hope people of the west wake the f**k up and start protesting with their wallets.

Those 1000+ victims in that factory collapse will only be a drop in the ocean if nothing is done about the global crime of exploiting labour. These people know they deserve better and i hope they fight to the death for their weight in gold.

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