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New Suspect Musa Khadjimuradov Connected to Uncle Ruslan? Boston Bombing?

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posted on May, 16 2013 @ 10:04 PM
Now the report of this guy being investigated comes from The Voice of America. That is the official propaganda outlet for the US. And they have broken the story that Musa is being investigated because he met with the older bomber a month before the Boston Bombings. Is he the famous Misha/Musa Uncle Ruslan was worried about his nephew meeting with? Well before I go any further here is the VOA story.

WASHINGTON — Federal investigators have learned that the main suspect in last month’s Boston Marathon bombing met with an exiled former Chechen rebel fighter in Manchester, New Hampshire less than a month before carrying out the attack that killed three and wounded more than 260.

Police in Manchester confirmed to VOA that FBI agents have searched the home of the former Chechen resistance figure, Musa Khadjimuradov, and examined the hard drives of his computers. Khadjimuradov confirmed to VOA that FBI agents came to his home on Tuesday with search warrants and also took a sample of his DNA and impressions of his fingerprints.

Khadjimuradov also said he had had repeated contacts over the past several years with Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, the Boston bombing suspect who was killed in a shootout with police April 19. Tsarnaev’s brother, Dzhokhar, 19, was captured by police later that day.

One thing that catches my eye is this. "former Chechen resistance figure, Musa Khadjimuradov" So this guy is someone they know was fighting the Russian Government. So who is this guy? How did he get the US to take him here?So I do what I all ways do and tried to look him up. What I found is interesting.

- Magomed-Emin Khadjimuradov, keeper of the warehouse: It started early in the morning, around 5:00. The soldiers entered the store, asked what we did here, then checked the papers. My certificate (propiska) mentions Kalmykia, but I was recorded in Starye Atagi-and I have a certificate guardian. Despite all this, I was told they stopped me, without me explain why. I was taken to VOVD District Zavodskoie where we kept us up to two hours of the afternoon, and then we were left out under pressure from women. We were 7 people, including which a young girl. We did not ask us anything. We stayed a long time in the hallway, then checked on our passports and let us go. - Ruslan I was asleep when suddenly I heard a noise. It forced the lock. I took an ax. This is not the first Once it happened to me. I approached the door and asked who it was. Nobody answered me. I put the question in Russian. I opened the door and was immediately pointed me a machine gun on the front. One has said: "Deleted it right away." I said, "Guys, wait, I am caretaker, I'm in charge here. "They have me 14 ordered out and put his hands on the table. What I did. One of them saw my watch and shouted: "Commander, he has a watch" and it came up, looked at it and said, "it costs 15 rubles." Then they repeated: "Remove it, bring it back (to the warehouse), finish your task and then throw it behind you." The second said: "Besides Jubilee (name of the movie that was next to the market), we'll remove. "A third came up and said: "If you want to live, tell us where the Wahhabis, where fighters are." I told them I did not know. I know not fly, I dare not beg, I work in my life honestly. From morning to night I transporting goods by car, and I work as a night guard. They hit me against the wall, then threw me, entered the store and looted goods were there, tools, vegetables, fish. What they did not take, they broke and spilled everywhere. They were all drunk. In the column of encirclement there were tanks on the following numbers: 4520, 4521, 4528, 4506, and others.

"Magomed-Emin Khadjimuradov, keeper of the warehouse."? Could this be Musa Khadjimuradov? "Ruslan I was asleep when suddenly I heard a noise. It forced the lock. I took an ax." Could this be Uncle Ruslan? Both in the same story about the Russian military coming in there warehouse?And they were being questioned about.""If you want to live, tell us where the Wahhabis, where fighters are." The Wahhabis.

posted on May, 16 2013 @ 10:56 PM
interesting. cant wait to see where this new character takes us.

posted on May, 16 2013 @ 11:14 PM
So we have a report from The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) a non-governmental federation for human rights organizations with two possible terrorist in Russia being moved to the US when the # hit the fan for them and there cover was blown. So I just wonder could they be mixed up with any other terrorist organizations. You know trying to protect them and move them to the US or other places?

He alleged that the five were members of the People’s Mujahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI, an opposition group abroad) and contended that they were guilty of "organising the offences committed on Ashura and effective efforts to deconstruct [the system] that constituted clear cases of moharebeh." The Tehran prosecutor also indicated that "a number of other people are under investigation for the same charge of moharebeh." This is a strong charge, which could carry the death sentence under the Islamic Penal Code (IPC) in Iran. The IPC defines a mohareb (a fighting person) as follows: "Any person resorting to arms to cause terror, fear or to breach public security and freedom will be considered as a mohareb and to be corrupt on earth." Furthermore, it classifies armed robbers and highway robbers to be moharebs. Judges have the power to choose from four punishments for moharebeh (fighting presumably the state): execution, crucifixion for three days (not entailing death), amputation of the right hand first and then of the left foot, and banishment. They often opt for the death penalty, in particular in political cases. Various statements made by the Iranian authorities since 30 December clearly indicate that the defendants, who face a high risk of being executed, have not been charged in a fair judicial process and are quite unlikely to get hearings that would meet the international standards of fair trials. The following are some examples of declarations that unambiguously point to the extreme politicization of those trials and illustrate the authorities’ decision to further intensify the campaign of terror against peaceful protesters.

So in the above article they are defending MeK members who were moharebeh. Oh what did they do? Well they even give the definition. "Any person resorting to arms to cause terror, fear or to breach public security and freedom will be considered as a mohareb and to be corrupt on earth." So they were caught doing terrorism "fighting a war against God and State" as the Iranians would call it. But this French ran Human Rights Organization thinks that it is wrong to punish them? And don't forget Paris France is where Rudy Giuliani ran off to with the leader of MeK to get them off the Terrorist list in the US because he says they are just so friendly to us because we both hate Iran.

When the US was building the nuclear facilities in Iran. MeK attacked the US over and over. They even bombed the Iranian Embassy in New York City. Wow! Is that the same place Rudy was Mayor?'s_Mujahedin_of_Iran

Anti-American campaign [edit]It has been alleged that MEK killed six Americans in 1973, 1975, and 1976.[35] The MEK failed in an attempt to kidnap the U.S. Ambassador to Iran, Douglas MacArthur II, on November 30, 1971.[36] USAF Brig. Gen. Harold Price was wounded in a May 1972 assassination attempt.[37][38] The first success in the assassination campaign was the murder of Lt. Col. Louis Lee Hawkins, a U.S. Army comptroller. He was shot to death in front of his home in Tehran by two men on a motorcycle on 1973-06-02.[36][37][39][40][41] A car carrying U.S. Air Force officers Col. Paul Shaffer and Lt. Col. Jack Turner was trapped between two cars carrying armed men. They told the Iranian driver to lie down and then shot and killed the Americans. Six hours later a woman called reporters to claim the MEK carried out the attack as retaliation for the recent death of prisoners at the hands of Iranian authorities.[36][37][40][42] A car carrying three American employees of Rockwell International was attacked in Aug 1976. William Cottrell, Donald Smith, and Robert Krongard were killed. They had been working on the Ibex system for gathering intelligence on the neighboring USSR.[36][43] Leading up to the Islamic Revolution the Marxist wing of the MEK conducted attacks and assassinations against both Iranian and Western targets.[44]> According to the U.S. Department of State and the presentation of the MEK by the Foreign Affairs group of the Australian Parliament, the group conducted several assassinations of U.S. military personnel and civilians working in Iran during the 1970s.


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