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a question regarding the police. usa

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posted on May, 15 2013 @ 10:05 PM
So I've stated in several past postings how I feel about our boys in blue. I have also stated how I feel about the excessive amount of checkpoints and speed traps. I have to say its been some what effective in slowing down traffic however I do not feel this was the goal.
Since it has worked you think you would see a drop in tickets so it would also mean a drop in revenue for the county. I dont see that as a possible outcome since they would have to do more with less which we all know governments are incapable of doing.

So what comes next? do people drive safer meaning less cash for our local governments and they lay of the 4, 000 cops they just hired. Does the local governments pass stricter laws to insure revenue growth and keep hiring new police officers?
If its the latter is this how our government plans to survive the fiscal nightmare we are in. How strict will it become?

I had a thougt once how lucky criminals were in the 50s-60s no internet primitive camera's primitive csi back then blood was blood. You really could get away with murder but with that came greater freedom you were not spied on as much or so capably. Then the 80's came and police upgraded capabilities at the same pace as the public then exceded them in the 90's and laws became stricter quickly generating revenue to pay for them. It only got worse from there bigger fines, stricter laws, longer prison tearms, pay to stay prisons. It became a buisness not a service and we are the products or sheep that are bartered for either in time or money.

So for every expansion we sacrifice liberty for more saftey and pay dearly or I am getting this wrong?

What say you ATS?

posted on May, 15 2013 @ 10:57 PM
The fact is that sociopaths have always ruled. Most people could care less about domination and power. They just want to get on with life. But sociopaths have always taken advantage of this complacency and they still do. The thing is that now there are much better tools available to the puppet masters. And it will get worse.

And think of it like that old silent film Metropolis. When the sheeple start to get restless the masters will create a hero for the masses. If he wins everyone wins. But nothing changes.


posted on May, 15 2013 @ 11:02 PM
I do not see the problem being with speed traps and check points. If you roll by a cop in a hurry, you are gonna get busted.

The growing problem i see is the addition of highway and traffic light cameras in countless amounts and toll booths and such now tracking your speed entering and exiting highways. The only way i agree with these measures is if they are used after the fact of an accident or some crazy SOB running from cops and they are trying to track them. But the constant stories I hear of people getting tickets in the mail from a camera telling a computer to print and mail a ticket, is really worrying.

A line needs to be drawn somewhere, about the use of these cameras and such and only when and if the footage can be used. Right now I am unaware of anything governing that, if there is please enlighten me maybe it will make me feel a little better about the situation....

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