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Financial Privacy Under Fire: DHS Freezes Bitcoin Money Transfers

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posted on Jun, 5 2013 @ 08:08 PM

Originally posted by generik
looks like they have just seized another bitcoin site.

The domain of Bitcoin exchange wm-center has been shut down by the government ...

So, I take it you didnt actually bother checking for yourself.
You just took the word of somebody parroting a copied news article that itself was based on a tweet.

Checking the news article in question, I read these comments:

LR WAS not a bitcoin exchange ...
LOL at people trying to conjure up some connection between Bitcoin and the bust du jour of some unrelated currency or business.

And also, on a bitcoin message forum,, I read this message thread:
PSA: Liberty Reserve and WM Center exchange are not Bitcoin

I been reading on a lot of articles that are stating that these and a couple virtual currencies sites were seized because of bitcoin.
This couldn't farther from the true and these incorrect statements are hurting the bitcoin community.

This is a perfect example of why one should not rush to ATS to post "breaking news" based on reading one single article.

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