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Indian Curries

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posted on May, 30 2013 @ 05:51 AM
ofcourse.why not

posted on May, 30 2013 @ 04:23 PM
I love Indian food.

My introduction to it was quite unusual tho . I am a life long Ramones fan . They have a song that goes ,Hanging out on second avenue ,eating chicken vindaloo...."

That line was written about fact.
Around the corner from the infamous CBGBs was one of the first Indian restaurants on the lower east side of nyc .
The Ramones actually went there,all the time. The restaurant owner even had an autographed photo of the entire band in the front window.

So,I was younger than everyone else following the Ramones ,but I befriended the die hards .
As a local Ramones fan,when they decided you were part of the gang ,they took you to this restaurant for chicken vindaloo ,and then showed you where Joey and Johnny Ramone lived .As it was all within walking
distance .
I was barely 16 ,and i had never had Indian food of any kind before .

The name of this restaurant was Curry Mahal . And it was there for as long as I remembered .
I went to go last year , was gone ... I wept.Literally . They had the best food .it was cheap ,and it had a legacy .

I don't eat plain curries ,but I love vindaloo ,dopiaza ,some vegetarian dishes are delish .
Then pakora and samosas .Paratha and poori .

Its very hard to find a place as good as curry Mahal was .

I am also a hhhhuuuggeee Red Dwarf fan ,and I have made Dave Listers 3 fried egg with mango chutney and chili sauce sandwich .
It IS dddddeeeellliccciioouusss ....seriously .

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