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Just Around The Bend

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posted on May, 14 2013 @ 03:10 PM
Big brothers trying to take away all the guns,
Yet they say it is for no criminal fun.
Forget that everybody weighs a ton,
All they can think about is that shooting at Newtown.
When you go home to the same room,
And watch an endless porn of doom,
It will show the cracks in your security wall soon.
Some don't know the difference between the manipulator and the manipulated,
They just thought the banks had to be stimulated.
Now comes the time of the Suns etheric smash,
Just as the worlds economies will crash.
When food is worth more than cash,
We will wish we'd never thrown it in the trash.
In a world and time gone past,
We the heroes of the now stand fast,
And never again will we be #in last.

Now they are stealing symbols that just aren't theirs,
Abuse of Gods language just isn't fair,
Freemasons with their compass and square,
Symbolizing the duality of the pair,
When mind, body, and spirit meet,
A new heaven and earth will be upon our feet.
Search for the core of your minds eye,
More need desperately to see through their lie.
They have silently enslaved us,
All the while we await the arrival of MABUS.
13 is the number rebellion,
Quick let us fight back before they call us felons.
Monsanto modifies our food with toxins,
But who cares as long as it comes packaged pre-cooked in little boxes?
The time has come for humanity to stand up and ask,
Just when did we start getting #ed in the ass?
We are walking on stepping stones made of glass,
But let's not forget the facts,
Their time is still ever so short,
No matter how much coc aine those rich #s snort,
Big brothers time will come to an end,
Oh yes, I can see it just around the bend!

Do let me know you folks think of my appropriately timed creative song work?
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