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WAR: Iran Nuke Talks Continue in Paris

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posted on Nov, 5 2004 @ 09:12 AM
The UK, France & Germany continues to talk to Iran in an effort to ensure Iran's nuclear program is for peaceful uses only. There is moderate optimism that an agreement can be reached. The trio of countries are requesting that Iran allow the IAEA to inspect and monitor Iran's program and in return are offering the easing of trade sanctions and civil nuclear reactor technology.
Nov. 5 (Bloomberg) -- British, French and German foreign ministry officials resumed talks with their Iranian counterparts in Paris today in a bid to ensure Iran's nuclear program is limited to peaceful uses, the French Foreign Ministry said.

A French official, who declined to be identified, confirmed that talks had started and echoed the ``moderate optimism'' that Foreign Minister Michel Barnier expressed earlier this week that an accord may be reached

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Though they remain reasonably optimistic that an agreement, the German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer said that Iran would face a very serious showdown with the UN should Iran refuse to dispel suspicions of operating a nuclear weapons program.


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