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Israel will develop a new SMG.

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posted on Nov, 5 2004 @ 09:00 AM
Hello : )

Some interesting news: Israeli Military Industries (IMI) will develop a new SMG, mainly for the SHABAK. This is after Belguim refused to sell weapons to Israel (FN's P-90 was tested here for a while, and was almost purchased).

The new SMG will have am above-the-barrel mag (like p-90), and will have excelent penetration abilities (I don't know what ammunition it will use).

Israeli experts predict that the new SMG will become very famous and wanted, like the uzi was.

the source: (its in hebrew, so unless you find some way to translate it you won't be able to read it).

posted on Nov, 5 2004 @ 11:07 AM
So since no one will sell them P-90's they are going to copy them?
thats the spirit!

posted on Nov, 5 2004 @ 11:28 AM
Having a standard 50-round magazine is a definite plus, and besides, they look wicked cool, like something Boba Fett might carry around.

I can't blame the Israelis for wanting to duplicate the things they like about the P-90 if Belgium is going to get snippy about it.

It will be very interesting to see IMI's take on the subject. They have some clever people on the design staff.

posted on Nov, 5 2004 @ 12:17 PM

Originally posted by SiRiNO
So since no one will sell them P-90's they are going to copy them?
thats the spirit!

I think its the wrong way to look at things. Israel wanted to purchase the P-90 because of its properties and abilities. Since we won't get P-90s after all, Israel will develop its own smg with the same attributes it was looking for in the P-90. Its not about the gun, its about what it can do.

And I don't really think it will be that much of a copy, and the design will be very different.

BTW, I heard there was some Israeli purposal to make transparent mags for this SMG, so that it will be easy to see how much ammo is left. Anybody heard of this idea before?

posted on Nov, 5 2004 @ 02:23 PM
Ozi's are nice but P-90s are even better. Having a 50 round magizine is extremely useful in the heat of battle, or a hostage resuce op. Supposedly the P-90 is accurate and has a very low recoil. I'm fairly certain it doesn't use 9mm rounds, I think its more like the size of what the M-16 uses, 5.57mm I think. Of course copying the P-90 is starting to make me think of China (can you say J-7 or J-10). As for transparent mags. I think that some German weapons use them, I think one example would be the MG36 (I think thats what its called). Transparent mags. are nothing new. Of course with new high tech weapons like the X-28 coming out, it won't be nessesary to look at the mag. to see how much ammo you have, at least once weapons with HUD's become widely availible.

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posted on Nov, 5 2004 @ 02:34 PM
lots of rifles and smg's have the option of transparent magazines. weather they are weaker than metal ones, i dont know.

posted on Nov, 5 2004 @ 02:51 PM
Well if its half as good as the UZI it will be a good SMG. I never had the pleasure of firing one but I love that Micro Uzi. The P-90 also looks like a great gun Im a little shocked more countries havent picked it up It seems A perfect weapon for people in tank crews and such nice and small with rifle stopping power.

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posted on Nov, 6 2004 @ 07:25 AM

In the mid-1980s, NATO began seriously considering the existence of an
enemy wearing Kevlar body armour, and how it would affect future combat
engagements. Against a rifle, Kevlar provided only minimal protection,
but it was a lifesaver against SMGs and pistols, which prompted NATO to
consider switching to another small-arms ammo round. Fabrique Nationale
(FN) of Belgium presented an answer: the 5.7x28mm FN round, a small
bullet that looked like a smaller version of the 5.56x45mm rounds used
by NATO for its Rifles and Carbines. Not only that, FN produced two
weapons for the new round, the FN Five-SeveN pistol and the FN P90 SMG.

The FN P90, like the Steyr TMP, it was originally designed with the PDW
(Personal Defense Weapon) concept in mind, only chambered for 5.7mm as
opposed to the 9mm SMGs currently existing. The weapon has been tested
against Kevlar and CRISAT (Titanium plus layered Kevlar) and easily made
short work of its targets. It was highly compact (far smaller than the
MP5), carries a large magazine, and is easily maintained due to the
simplicity of most of its working parts. Top it off with an incredibly
robust construction, and it is small wonder that European Special Forces
teams have literally fallen in love with the P90.

The unique P90 magazine can pack a total of 50 rounds, and actually
turns the 5.7x28mm bullets 90 degrees within the magazine case in order
to fit the great amount of ammunition. Before firing, the magazine turns
the bullets back into the 'normal' position and into the weapon. There
have been some reports that a mishandled magazine will jam if struck too
hard (thus destroying the rotating mechanism), but so far, no serious
problems have been experienced with the gun.

The recent Iraq war (2003), the performance of the 5.7mm rounds in the
P90 against unarmored targets is comparable to most 9mm submachineguns.
However, take note that this may be in part due to the P90's long barrel
(as opposed to the Five-seveN pistol). It remains to be seen if the
pistol will liv eup to it's reputation, but for all intents and purposes
the submachinegun P90 performed well.

As either a PDW or assault SMG, the P90 leaves little to be
desired, and may someday revolutionize the way SMGs are
made and used.

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posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 01:53 PM

BTW, I heard there was some Israeli purposal to make transparent mags for this SMG, so that it will be easy to see how much ammo is left. Anybody heard of this idea before?

lots of guns have these maginzines. Because now they are made of plastic, because plastic doesn't dent among other things.

posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 08:31 PM
SmokeyTheBear I have heard of the clear plastic mags before and I like them I own a few plastic ones none clear though
Not denting when they hit the ground is great plus they dont rust .

Didnt know there were considerding making them for this new SMG I think its the way to go.

posted on Nov, 10 2004 @ 08:42 AM
Transc3ndent: U sure it's not the Micro version (9mm showed here)of the TAVOR?
Damn needs to learn hebrew so I can check the link

"The TAR21 (Tavor Assault Rifle for the 21st Century) is the IMI new 5.56 mm bullpup assault rifle"

Link to Israeli SF Database

posted on Nov, 10 2004 @ 06:50 PM
"Friday, 5 in November 2004, 8 : 31 written by : Amnon is ferrous, Haaretz

People of Shabak protect Sharon. The new submachine gun will exchange hmikro UZI and micro Galilee ( photograph : Reuters ) the Shabak addressed industrialize after a government of Belgium imposed an embargo on sale of personal weapon to the security forces in the country. In the system of the security [security system] believe because similarly to the precedent h"aozi ", the weapon will change to the wanted in the world

The militaristic industry ( will do ) develops a progressive submachine gun for service of the general israeli security [general israeli security service]. Decision got accepted after a government of Belgium imposed an embargo on sale of personal weapon from product of the company [the company product], to the security forces in Israel. Factors in the system of the security [security system] think shhtstidot the Shabak in the main will stir to the wanted in the world, as an example of h"aozi " that open in Israel by the midyears the 50 ', and is sold as of this date in about 42 states.

prsomthshb"c addressed the directorate of will do that will develop a submachine gun according to operational accurate demands and in them : Ability a penetration of my defensive tunic, deadly ammunition in particular and magazine hnshlpt from above/up/upward that enables a gunfire more efficient, among other things from within"

Theres a quick translation of the website Transc3ndent provided. For some reason I couldn't quote the entire thing. So I had to put it in parenthesies.

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posted on Nov, 27 2004 @ 06:05 PM
The P90 is an excellent weapon, in fact I've heard from another thread that the USMC is considering replacing the Beretta 9mm. I figure Belgium probably doesn't want to sell to Isreal because they probably don't want to alienate the Palistinians. I'd go with the same policy simply because Isreal's/Palistine's conflict isn't anybody else's busisness.

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