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What really happened in Fatima?

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posted on Jun, 17 2013 @ 08:54 PM
Concerning Fatima, such "secrets" are worthless now, if there ever was a secret it's of no use to anyone, you can know something by it's fruits, in this case the fruits of the Fatima vision are as sketchy as a Chupacabra sighting.

I will reveal a truth, all visions in which the virgin Mary appeared have been fabrications of the destroyer. The worship of the mother of the Son of God is extremely blasphemous in the sight of God, this is how I know it is not of God. God has never sent Mary to send a message post-death, not once, ever. He has sent angels, prophets, His Son post-death, but has never sent Mary. Mary is likely one of the best women to ever live, but she is not a prophet, or messenger of God post-death, her position is not one to be worshiped, admired perhaps, but to worship her is to blaspheme the commandments of God. "Thou shalt have no other gods before me". Mary is not of the Godhead or Trinity, never has been, never will be. To communicate to anyone in prayer other than the Godhead or Trinity is to blaspheme against God.
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posted on Jun, 18 2013 @ 12:23 AM

Originally posted by 2012newstart

Do not blackmail me! You wanted even to get personal info of me, both online and in PM.

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I did not blackmail you, unless you consider my threats to stop reading this thread as blackmail, which would be ridiculous.

Since we are on the topic of blackmail, perhaps you wish to give me permission to post your PM from May, then the public can see what you threatened. Apparently you thought I would view such aggression as a friendly gesture.

You have my permission to post my exact words (public or private) where I attempted to get personal info on you. Make sure to include the date of the post so I can verify. I did wish to publicly establish that you have a natural bias against the Fatima prophecies because you indicated an understanding of the Russian language.

The only time I posted private messages to you was in October 2012.

Whether you deny it or not, you have goaded me at every turn to sound the alarm loudly at each juncture. I wanted to wait and see if the information would pan out before raising the alarm as I stated to you explicitly-- even the signs revealed to me to keep quite-- but noooo you would not have it ... so you attempted to guilt and persuade me into doing your will.
I succumbed to your pressure and witnessed various negative consequences like a chain reaction of mistakes that led to the impossible.

Now I am quite sick of your goading. Why shouldn;t I be after all.
If I thought you were not directing any part of your goading in my direction I wouldnt care. But I know what nonsense you said in private about me to me. So I know why you would want me to continue on your thread beyond simple assisting in the activity level. Even now you ask me to discuss the issues...INSTEAD I want you tell me to never post in your threads again.

Maybe that sounds harsh. But truly this is not personal on my part. This is about several things.

1) allowing the few that may (or may not) come here for the sole reason to see what I post next.... from having to be subjected continually to the alien theories,the attempts to discredit the Fatima warning, the dark conspiracies, the nonstop anti-Vatican scapegoating, the doctrines of antichrist promoted, the negativity against Fatima, etc.

I dont claim to have followers, but I think a few still look for my posts. So I intend to leave so they don t have to look for my posts in this swamp.

2) Like others, I want to be happy. Staying on this thread will not contribute to my happiness.

3) I could reveal EVERYTHING I thought was insight regarding Fatima, prophecy, the Vatican, potential signs, etc, but I have concluded (FAR TOO LATE) those observations that could be stated would not add to others happiness or to spiritual I dont bother anymore to engage in meaningful discussion about these things as the OP requests.

4) I will not be a slave to other peoples agenda;s, especially if they step all over Fatima, the Fatima Prophecies, and the Pope.

5) I had a delusion that strange enough I would become the P... and suffer an obvious connection to the fulfillment of Fatima....therefore I have developed quite a sensitivity regarding the potential future persecution of Pope Francis. Basically I see in those that would prepare to persecute the Pope, the same persons that would violently have persecuted me. So I cannot tolerate this thread and the repeated attempts to set up blame of chastisement on Pope Francis. I will state that I convinced myself to abandon that personal delusion (if there is a part of me that still embraces it, maybe 2 or 3%).

6) I would be glad to stop believing the world will come to an end in my lifetime and to enjoy the sunshine. Remaining on this thread is no help on that point. Overly specific doom and gloom speculation is not healthy for me, and I dare say it is not healthy for the OP but I speak only for myself.

7) It has become a personal priority to reach spiritual success as quickly as possible because I see no other option for overcoming the darkness and sense of helplessness. Whether I succeed or fail I do not know, however I do know this thread does not help spiritually or emotionally.

to be continued latter this week...
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posted on Jun, 18 2013 @ 03:23 AM
Phantomfire707, let first separate the issues. One is the discussed topics. Another is the personality issues. And if I have done something wrong, insult or whatever, I beg your pardon. I just suggested you might be an agent of RCC but now I see it is more likely the opposite - you are a sole prayer warrior who do all of that voluntarily for God. As much as I do. I do not think it is a good behavior to post PM online and would not encourage you to do so. On the other side, most of the things I wrote you in the past, later I posted for everybody, so I don't see the need either. BTW I deleted all PM correspondence in this forum long ago, and keep deleting it, so I don't keep a single copy of mine or your PM. I don't have the need of that, and don't think the public in this respected forum has the need of that.

(Indeed I didn't post for time travel tech that I informed you in detail, or other more scientific issues, but I could post it if there are willing people to listen. It just goes beyond the everyday understanding how the space-time works, and some would definitely call me crazy if I post it.

The question of different ET races and negative ET races is not invented by me. Many say incl. ExoVaticana that some secret Vatican members, not necessarily officials, do exactly that - contact with secret aliens that do not have best interests of humanity. This is ExoVaticana, now published officially and everyone could read it. Perhaps I could add a few things more, but why to do so if it is already released and heard by many more people than this thread would be ever read. I don't know the exact level of involvement of Catholic secret org. What is good or bad ET? Let define it first. Draconians are bad according to all the rest. But not so for others.)

I am not "goading" you, as you put it. So please, stop bothering with me personally, and if you don't want to read this thread anymore, it is your right to do so. Although the readers would probably lose your view. Or you can start your own thread on the topic, as you have some good threads. I just don't know, all those are personal suggestions and nothing like pressure or whatever wording. It is just OK whatever decision you take and I don;t see the point of further discussion on that exact matter.

2. On the topic that we discussed. Fatima already surpasses one century with promises, and is interconnected with politics, and in IMHO with ET as well. There are a dozen of people who know it. I do not assume that my posts "attack, push, or blackmail" anyone of them. It would be ironic and crazy if a forum poster could do so for those hi-rank officials who have the real secrets. Isn't it the vice versus. isn't it that the public, the common citizen, like myself, asks for questions and never receives adequate answers, and therefore pours unending suggestions and speculations. Yes I do speculations as everyone online. Because we are denied the truth in first place.

I have still hope that pope Fraincis will make the difference, that so many predecessors did not do, namely to say the turth the way it is. Both for Fatima and for ET or any other truths of vital concern for humanity. As for ex. the truth of the creation and the original sin. They are not the naive stories told by Moses thousands of years later, long after the Flood. Let we know the truth. Ancient Aliens say bits of it, and in the absence of another more credible source, I start buying what Ancient Aliens are saying. Where is the official source then? Be it Vatican, Russian patriarchy, or Jerusalem. Nowhere, it is not present to tell us the truth the way it is.

Sorry but raising these questions this is not anti-catholic and anti-pope. I am sorry if I have ever used stronger wording in that field, for anyone, but I meant well. I cannot understand how the Catholic church with over 2000 bishops or are they 3000 haven't checked the statistics, could still behave as if nothing of the above ever happens. When every common catholic and non-catholic could click online and see parts of the truth, incl by former politicians as Paul Hellyer. Parts indeed. But pardn me, fr Balduci posted Neues Europa in Osservatore Romano, and later spoke of ET. Fr Funes spoke of ET too, from catholic positions. Why don't you concentrate on that instead?

ExoVaticana presents some Jesuit views that apparently cannot be classified as very catholic. So let make the things clear - there is a catholic position, although minuscule, on these issues, and the common catholic believer, or the common priests, or those several thousand bishops, could make their conclusions even only based on Balducci and Funes interviews. If they want to embrace the truth.

If you don't want to discuss That, and instead build up other structures and theories, and then you are not happy why I discuss that (although with a lot of failures of a human being), then I cannot help but wish you a good endeavor wherever you choose to be online from now on!
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posted on Jun, 18 2013 @ 03:56 AM
I write for the people who will read. They may be as little as 100, God knows. They may be catholics, priests, or non catholics. I do not write for the purpose of personal spats. And if such have occured, I am sorry and apologize. But I am not here for that.

This thread became already too long, and seems not so many people write in it. However, fatima is more actual than ever. I think at least some bishops will start thinking about it all. If they ever try to search internet on these issues, and I believe they do. What is the purpose of the public forum, if not to discuss different viewpoints? Isn't it the very purpose of its existence?

Fatima prolonged too much, and the world now is in a new era. We already know what is coming, let me quote again Ancient Aliens. Only it did not happen yet. The day when it happens, all old paradigms will crash. Perhaps someone somewhere wants to be able to move on from that deadlock. If I have helped anyone in that way, I feel my mission fulfilled in this forum. Not necessarily to receive "thank you" as some forums have buttons for thank you) or to receve other awards. I had the mission to write all that, and I did it. Thanks be to God for that opportunity.

If this thread has more life, beyond my views, beyond the personal clashes, then I'd like to see more Fatima-world views as sometimes they indeed appear.

posted on Jun, 18 2013 @ 04:14 AM
I offer a new question for discussion based on the Fatima 3 vision official released 2000. Is this the last pope in history or not? Of course one can have both Fatima and Malachi, and may be the old prophecy.

The 3rd eagle said, St Peter would rule from heaven. He calls himself "catholic prophet". I don't agree with him. Does it mean I don't agree with a catholic prophet? And what is it all about?

Please discuss if you'd like to. I did quite many discussions and want to see views different from mine. To count my time spent here worth of it.

posted on Jun, 18 2013 @ 04:51 AM

Another question that is generically connected to any prophetic timeline in future. Be it Daniel, Revelation, or Fatima.
What is a timeline? A question that goes into the modern physics. Guys I think this helps some of you the readers and that's why I write it. If you think it is out of concern, just skip it.

If you go on orbit around earth, your clock will tick faster, because of the lower gravitational field. The farther you go, the faster the clock will tick (with speed lower than that of light). If you ever approach a massive object such as neutron star or black hole, your clock will start ticking much slower than on earth. As slow as to practically stop for outside observer when you cros the Event horizon.

There are quite good articles in wikipedia, and also visualizations on youtube. It starts from Einstein twin paradox, Einstein-Rosen bridge, but it doesn't stop there. Scientists, like Michio Kaku and recently Hawking, explain how is possible to move thru connected black holes, or wormhole. If you listen carefully, you will notice that the time is slowed down in all those processes. How much slowed down? The theory doesn't know any limit. Can it slow down to negative values, can it go back in time then? The mathematical answer is Yes, although the biggest physicists today are divided on the subject whether the nature permits you literally go into the past, or if so, into your own past. And whether you could change it. I don't have an answer to that, since the biggest minds on the planet do not have one proved answer too. (if you call mad someone, call them mad, not me, haha).

Ancient Aliens recently aired the possibility of parallel timelines or universes, and visualized with 9 earths instead of one. I don't know either how much that is true in the real world, if the real universe we live in supports that model or not. Some scientists say, yes. Perhaps a timeline where not this power but that power was victorious after a battle. The things become more complicated when they hit the personal matters such as marriage, birth, and death. Because of the uniqueness of the human soul. I think this should not be touched by the timelines, as my personal view.

If more than one timeline is possible for planet Earth, then we may have more than one Fatima line too.
In fact a number of prophecies (not approved by the RCC) developed another prophetic timeline not identical to Fatima timeline. It includes: Great Warning, Miracle, Chastisement. Fatima does not include events like Great Warning, no matter the followers of Fatima are usually followers of the apparitions that predict that event. It doesn't depend on the followers and their understanding, btw. It is clear those apparitions starting from Garabandal, give another timeline, another possible scenario if you will, that differs greatly from what was given in Fatima. Notice that both Fatima and that other prophetic lines do not include, as far as we know, the appearance of the antichrist. Other newer prophecies add it, most often just before the chastisement, thus making Chastisement=Armageddon. I strongly disagree with their views. The Chastisement is a different event than Armageddon when Jesus himself comes down to earth wins over the antichrist and reigns.It cannot be substuted by a comet of chastisement to kill the antichrist, or by a Ball of redemption. We are talking of different timelines and different events, may be separated by hundreds if not more years.

What are your intake on that? Sorry I should put links of Michio Kaku, Dan Burisch, Dr Anderson of Anderson institute of time research, or Ancient Aliens. (They quoted in the episode of Erich von Daniken the event recorded in the Bible when a young man found himself decades later, a time travel.) But please do your part of research and tell us your views as well. Thanks so much for reading and Reflecting!

posted on Jun, 18 2013 @ 05:13 AM
In all, I think the modern Christian and non-Christian should know the minimum of these things. And not to circle into old closed-end theories without perspective to get out for anything new.

Please notice, if you move out of the earth with Einstein's rocket with close to the speed of light (speed of light is something practically impossible and hardly usable by ET too), then your time slows down or even stops for outside observer. And then you have the twin paradox, when the astronaut twin returns younger. What I talk about in previous post is when you travel with non-relativistic speed (nowhere near to the speed of light), then your clock will be faster.

In any case, if you approach a massive object more massive than the sun, your time will slow down. There are several spheres that the scientists puzze about. because if the object rotates (and everything in the universe rotates) then it is possible to have an Ergosphere (read wikipedia for ergosphere) even outside the event horizon, even for objects that are not back holes could have an ergosphere. The point is, if you enter the ergosphere, also called space-time dragging, then you are dragged back in time, because of the nature and the curvature of the space time you have entered into.

Don't say practically impossible.All you need is a spaceship OR a massive object OR another object with similar function although not so massive. Dan Burisch and Henry Deacon claim they have worked with Stargates located on Earth who practically do the same, although in theory there might be difference that I do not pretend to know in detail.

In other words, al our speculations on prophecies may prove wrong if it is possible to somehow move to a different time, or to parallel timeline. Or, if at one point of human history God allows the earth to be enclosed in a curved space-time similar to (not identical!) a black hole event horizon or ergosphere, and to be allowed to happen only 7 years inside, while outside millions of years will pass in the universe. For inside observer, it will be pretty hard to cope with a curved space time with all paradoxes, and may be, just may be, to live those 7 years many times over. For outside observer the earth will be inside the event horizon something like a black hole cut off the rest of the cosmos. The outside observer will live in those millions of years, according to his bological lifespan (that might not be today's), and will have development of civilizations, evangelization, and so on, regardless of what happens in the closed earth space-time. Pretty ironic for all those who want to see the antichris there and now. Perhaps at the end they will be given a such inside! I don't want to be cynical, but some people may deserve what they wanted so hard. And others, not necessarily the most devote people, will know God's love and experience the freedom of God's children that they always longed for, outside of outdated paradigms and rules.

I guess the vise approach for a devote person is to study hard the physics that I just explained very Briefly, and to review all prophetic timelines in that new regard.

posted on Jun, 18 2013 @ 05:41 AM
When scientists like Michio Kaku and others make reviews like the one I made above (far not as good as theirs) they usually end it with talking about CERN. I ended it with stargates, that of course are not something that the mainstream physics profess to exist officially. The insider scientists, Los Alamos and above credentials, say the tech they encounter is thousands of years ahead of our known tech, and is given by extraterrestrials. Namely Zeta Reticuly Grey. So if the scientists who go infront of popular shows end their lectures often with CERN, does it mean CERN is an earthly attempt to get as close as possible to the extraterrestrial tech disclosed in so many interviews and websites online as already existing on earth? Or what else? I just don't know. In anyway the above described physics is much closer to us than the Moon is. Everything may change in a blink of an eye. Or more realistically, in 3 days when everyone could decide on which side he wants to stay - or perhaps in which space-time he wants to live in the rest of his life. That btw can be easily prolonged to the Biblical 1000 years or even more. The theories we were fed for so long, lack evidence base, and it could be their end is as close as that evidence is given. Let say - a real "Genesis" written not thousands years later but written or videotaped on the spot. Time travel tech supports that. But you don't actually need it. There were extraterrestrials at that time at that place too. Of course the extraterrestrial life in the Universe is much older than 6000 years of Adam and Eve. The scientists speak of 13 billion years age of the Universe, at least. We talk of the visible Universe, and we don't know how large the invisible part is, or how many of them,
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posted on Jun, 18 2013 @ 08:01 AM
Breaking - Russian children pop group sings that there are Other survivors of the Flood alive until this day to tell us the truth. Text below, you will translate it with google (I don't have to do anything like that)

I just want to see prelates speaking on that topic - about Nephilim, about everything, about the fruit of the original sin. Enough of stories that 4 year kids would ask questions and you can't answer logically or anyway!


История всемирного потопа

Пока что не известна до конца.

Но верим мы, что есть на свете кто-то,

Чтоб рассказал от первого лица.
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posted on Jun, 18 2013 @ 08:46 AM
The RCC must speak out loudly about what she knows. You cannot really have the story put in the songs of Russian children (supposedly intentionally by those who know), the other stories put in TV serials, and to keep complete silence of officials. It is absurd. Or it is with particular goal.

Nephilim survived, those who live thousands of years. Others survived, perhaps from the well developed civilizations like Atlantis, perhaps saved by spaceships. Who are they, where did they go? I start asking questions as in the start of Ancient Aliens that fly in the space.

The RCC and other mainstream keep ignorant. But it will be they who will be put into ignorance in the day when They come from above and offer salvation way of humankind.

And here comes exoVaticana. What If? What if the popes not only know but are on the evil side of ET? Let define what is evil and what is good ET. Let say the truth the way it is. Or perhaps today's Christianity loses chance of survival if it is betrayed to die on Earth by its own leaders. Some will survive though, despite the efforts on contrary. You cannot have Exo Vaticana published and mortal silence from vatican. Michael Salla is not a BS person. He is the best specialist in ET races. Talk to him, Publicly. Or others will. The world has 7 bln and someone else will inherit the new earths

posted on Jun, 18 2013 @ 09:03 AM
The Russian children group sings about the Flood:
"But we believe that there is someone in the world,
Who will tell us from first person (from himself as witness).

So much of ancient theology! There are completely different stories about the pre-food history, stories of Atlantis and ancient India, vimana fights in the skies, etc, and they are about to be announced in the world, they are in fact announced in brief before your sight. People witnesses of the Flood, who could be still around.

The stories in Genesis are written many centuries later in Egypt. They are not full, at best, and very wrong at worst.

Does God have hands? If not, how then created Adam and Eve? would ask a 5 year old or even smaller kid. And you can't answer because the answer is not provided in the textbook. Moreover, you the common Christian parents have never thought seriously about that. Or whatever explanation was given at the time of your childhood, and then the problems in life just wipe out any questions anymore. That doesn't happen anymore today! The question is out there. The story of Adam and Eve and the following until Noah has no logic and no credibility. Moses wrote it, or one of his aides. How can Moses remember facts before the Flood, and isn't there some fault? There is apparently. God, a pure spirit, will not make out of dust the first man by His own hands. "Symbolic" will say many erudite doctors of the church. Then what is inside the symbol? John Paul II accepted Darwinian theory. Did we already forget that fact? But that was not enough. Today other theories come forth, Darwinian theory is not full or not correct at all. It is now or never, Because after the fiery flood (2 Peter) there won't be anyone to tell the story, who left on earth. Is this the point, not to have anyone left afterwards? Tel the full story now, Sirs and Monsignors! It stinks when someone thinks what real motivation could stay behind the silence and efforts to make the martyrdom the only way to reach God! Or go your way into the judgment of history, even before the judgment of God at the end! There will be survivors and they will be your judges. "Your sons will be your judges" said Jesus to the pharisees.
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posted on Jun, 18 2013 @ 10:06 AM
I think this thread has reached maximum extend to be continued anymore. The many topics discussed are discussed mainly by myself. I am grateful to all who posted new things. Including to Phantomfire. But I will not accept a theatrical pose of him as if I am guilty of something. If he has problems with legitimate questions for the catholic church, then it is his own problem. As well as that of cardinals who failed to answer them adequately for so long. 3 months after the election of the last pope of Malachi's list, we still wonder what happens. Apparently there is no rush to Fatima or to anything else. So the answer will come from another place, not from Rome.

I keep my right to respond to any new attack and to continue my uneasy task in this forum, the way I find appropriate, according to the forum rules of course. This is my 4th Fatima thread or so, there are others about apparitions, so if you please visit them and educate yourselves.

If the leaders of RCC had concern for the world as little as a common intelligent poster in ATS, we would not be in a situation like that in 2013. To wait for escape way provided by secular politicians, by asian nations, or even by extraterrestrials. Because the terrestrial religious damn didn't care to save their own. This is not my last post. This is my announcement that I will not be played out at will. No, I do not give permission to Phantomfire or to anyone else to post my private messages to them.Not because I have secrets. I posted most of that content online. But because it is just not fair. Phantomfire might be whoever he is in the real life, but here he is just a poster and must follow certain rules.

It is a pity though, the catholic hierarchy did not tap the momentum of exaltation and expectation around the election of the last pope in Malachi's list. Feasts have been missed from Easter to Pentecost, that could be used for major announcements. Little to nothing was done in regard to the questions discussed in this thread. If they knowing the situation much better than us, don't do anything, I cannot help but ask, what will they do when the fire falls from the sky, as the prophecy says? If they can't tell us 1-2 pages of that prophecy now, what will they do when it starts fulfilling? As much as we saw the cardinals were doing while St Peter's dome fell upon them and the crowd in "2012"?

I would not bet my life on them. Not even the eternal life. The faults are just too big to be believed anymore. Faults within theology, false within the practice. Except for a sincere repentance and repair immediately of centuries old faults. But it will not happen. Not on this planet.

I just said everything in this thread. It is shocking the lack of response. Many will be sorry they lost their chance to say the things right. Actually they still have that chance.
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posted on Jun, 19 2013 @ 12:24 AM
the humanity soon will spread to the 4 corners of the galaxy and even beyond, aided by very different ET groups. It will follow exactly God's plan, because that happened once with the God's chosen people - the Jewish people who resettled to the entire earth. Seems that is the way God acts to spread the seed of His grace and knowledge. I would not use the word religion, because Jesus did not create a religion. In that situation, in a burned earth, most likely Rome will fall as the prophecy says and indeed pope Francis will be the last pope. But the history of humanity continues abroad. May be some of the readers here are part of that new humanity. To be honest, many millions expected something like that to happen on 21/12/2012 with different variations as far as other D involved. I am not specialist to comment on everything. But what did not materialize on 21 /12 will materialize in a matter of time. I don't know why it was delayed. Once more after the end of 20th century, according to the authentic Fatima 3rd secret. The current paradigm runs irrelevant, and I think I gave enough proof of that. Everyone who can read here can also switch on the TV and watch Ancient Aliens, as the least possible info spread to the most population throughout the world. it is not everything. But it starts you to ask questions and to search the truth. The truth is not locked or belonged to any individual or organization on earth. I don't see organized religion in today's way to prolong beyond earth. And I don't see the slightest effort of those in religious office to change things in order to remain relevant to some extend after the spread out in galaxies. Sorry, but sorry for them not for the saved people. I do not exclude however, that the worst of them will be given to prolong life together with a limited number of populations, so they can make up for Armageddon millions years later, because there should be evil ones too. But not that sure. There are enough evil aliens who can very well make up that necessary multitude on Armageddon against Jesus Christ. The evil ones it is irrational to be saved from earth for the reason to keep them for later. But I am not a prophet. I don't know. What is tragic is I don't see any attempt of conversion of those in the heights as Our Lady speaks in Neues Europa text, published in the previous page. No one commented. No bishop comments Neues Europa. It shows where they stand. Actually there are so many questions regarding the transformation of first christian communities in what we today know as churches, that very well could be the majority of theory is just baseless. Including that of apostolic succession. Why don't we see the signs that the Gospel writers promised to be seen - healing, or even levitation by the help of Angels as Philip flied? Let alone the tongues of fire seen at Pentecost. Is the apostolic succession broken in the early church? There are no left documents. I cannot say more because I don't know more. Perhaps some people know more. Whatever it is, the organized religion does not show the slightest move towards the above mentioned priorities, first of which is to save physically the most possible people. Instead they wait for the mass die off as kind of second coming of Jesus hoping for reward? That is ridiculous! That has nothing to do with Jesus Christ, and of course it idoes not qualify an inch for what we know of the glorious Second Coming of Jesus Christ at the end of times. Their plan to recreate it now Failed. The people understood it was a plot. Even if someone projects holograms of Jesus tomorrow.
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posted on Jun, 19 2013 @ 12:44 AM
I dont think the rescued peoples from earth need any apostolic succession bishop. First we need to know what exactly Jesus taught on Earth, and I guess one of the first thing done by the ET angels on the ships is to show us that on 3D films. After curing the sick people of course. We will know the truth. And the truth may well exclude the organized religion the way we know it. I don't know what I will see as the real life of Jesus (may be not as long as 33 years movie), but I know it will be pretty different. So let those in office don't assume they are some special ones and without them there cannot be christianity. It is Jesus who determines that, and we will meet on the ships if not Jesus personally (why not an apparition) then the full record of His words and deeds on planet Earth. I only guess how angry are those in ranks who sense they lose everything. But it is they who lose it. ExoVaticana comes to tell us of other scenarios, scenarios that I still refuse to believe in. But only they will prove with their actions, let say showing ET in mid day, where do they stand, on which side. Ranks have nothing to do with where one stands with God or not. After such a book, there should be not only half-explanation by private sites that I quoted, but full and honest answer by officials. Not only to say " those are lies or creativity, as they said for Dan Brown. Too much of that! You cannot have 5 or so newly discovered gospels to speak of one same thing, and those in ranks to just say "they are forgery". Isn't it the other way around? The lack of discussion is a sign of deeply rooted secrets that are not good.

In one word, the saved humanity does not need anything of that. It will have direct contacts with angels and ultmately with Jesus Christ. Why not one or more resurrected apostles if needed

posted on Jun, 19 2013 @ 12:57 AM
how many people read my BS and does it matter for the wider churches, do I change views? In fact, my estimations show that around 100 persons follow what I write. I don't have a counter, but once I posted the link to a nice Russian children's song and followed the counter from this site. It didn't turn more than 100 views. So don't worry, you in ranks, my writings do not influence anyone that you count to be your property flock. As you see I got only 12 flags. Also this thread is read by people who do not profess catholic or even Christianity as their religion. And they gave btw very good contributions to this and other threads, unlike the sworn in catholics.

In other words, I do not write to draw masses away from anyone's flock of sheeple. I write to be posted in the noosphere of knowledge, as already talked about. This thing is read also by those alleged extraterrestrials who are present on Earth - some 57 races at least according to 2001 disclosure pressconference in DC national press club, Clifford Stone. They don't need to log in to read the content. Recent examples in the society show that is possible. So I write equally for them. Let they know the human consciousness has evolved enough to be helped by them.

You may call me crazy, I just don't care of the views of those who would call themselves staunchest catholics and did not do an inch to reveal exactly the catholic secrets - secrets of God and Mother who were intended to help the world. With few exceptions to promote Fatima in most general term, the catholic organizations, orders and so on didn't do anything beyond that. Because they will be banned? Is it all about their material well being on this life, behind all their sermons? Let remember that fr Gruner is still with unclear status as a priest, banned by the Vatican but allowed to be priest by an Indian bishop. Im sorry I cannot use the exact elaborated terminology. What we see is a shame on a gross scale. It was shown before the last papal elections. 3 months we see Nothing Happens, nothing better. Wait for what? Perhaps wait for Exo Vaticana to be played out? If not be so polite to tell the people what they should wait for as a favor from the belonging to the biggest and oldest organization on earth. Perhaps I will find it good enough too. But no, we are just left in free fall in expectation of the martyrdom in Fatima-2000 "vision". Thanks, but that cannot be the reward and practically the ultimate end of all that you call "christianity". Someone wants it to be that way and will call it Second coming. Shame. The angels of the apocalypse won't be too merciful with all that superimposed picture and changed prophecies.
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for Phantomfire who prepares his last speech here (hope it is not last in the forum). If he is representative of RCC structures as I assume from his words, it is a bad sign he does not actually comment issues like Exo Vaticana (or did he anywhere in the forum don't know). It is a bad sign he reacts on any "anti-catholic" post as if inquisitor centuries ago, and not a poster who should bear in mind that not everyone who posts should talk only good of the catholic church. In fact the things that I posted could be used for the cleansing of that same catholic church, and therefore are helpful for the real catholics who care to have an up to date and live church and not moribund structure who hunts witches. I don't think Phantomfire, whom I respect, has anything to do with that. Perhaps he is not even a clergyman, perhaps I am mistaken, and don't want to know neither ask him. Unlike him, I don't care who he is in the real life, or what nationality he comes from. For me he is just the poster in this forum, who had quite good posts.

But let he be more specific next time when he would like to use wording that could rightfully be called insults by the normal people, such as "save your ass on another planet". What is it that he presents as alternative of saving asses on another planet. And isn't it better to save asses on another planet than what the catholic church until this very moment has presented as alternative - "Fatima 2000 vision" of a mass martyrdom, far not only a man dressed in white but multitudes of clergymen and laity too. May be by letting nukes and solar mega flares do the work, while doing nothing to escape and svae the people?

If not, I hope it is not so, then let discuss Exo Vaticana, in Intelligent and Informed way, and see who are the Vatican - connected ET for quite some time, may be centuries. How is it that the Vatican seems to posses looking glass into the future and the past, according to Italian media of Benedictine monk who "invented" the device. And according to Basiago testimonies for project Pegasus.

Perhaps Tom Horn is just wrong about who those ET are in collaboration with the Vatican/underground /secret structures. And it is the Angels who connected Vatican, the chariots of Elijah who will take us from here, blessed by the last pope on Earth Petrus Romanus. That is what I want to see.

Instead, all reasons shown not only by Phantom fire but by the very facts and moves presented in society point to the other direction that I described. I want to be wrong! Prove me wrong! Because I care for the catholic rich heritage and for the 1.2 bln people who profess it! Unlike others for whom it just doesn't matter all those numbers. For whom the more martyrs, the better. For whom the life to be prolonged means nothing. Let say the truth, and let see who of the ranks stay on which side - to save people or to let them die in the coming cataclysm. In the name of Christ. As in the Middle ages.

posted on Jun, 19 2013 @ 03:02 AM
Vatican is not the only state entity with ET contacts. Of course one of them is USA. See Citizens' hearing and canadian ex-defense minister Paul Hellyer, who named 5 ET civilizations already in contact.
But who are the other earthly powers who have contact and presumably ET tech as well?
David Wilcock in 2 years ago listed some of them: Russia, China, Brazil, India, later added South Africa. For Russia and China there is evidence, look at the flying pyramids on youtube in both countries. For India there is evidence directly from India Daiy technology section. They do not hide it. There isn't anymore info of the Brazilian contact.

Dr Stephen Bassett,, also organized citizens' hearing this year, when speaking of who will make the ET disclosure, he listed the countries with increasing likelihood, as follows: Brazil, France, UK, Russia, China, and USA. or Catholic church, or EU.

There is enough evidence of UK contacts, declassified files of UFO and official speakers such as Nick Pope who awaited ET manifestation during the Olympic games in London. Bassett however, puts the Vatican in a special position, because it is the most structured religion in the world and it will be relatively easy if the Roman pope says, it is OK the extraterrestrials are our brothers, we have no problems with that. However, Bassett does not expect that will be done in real situation for a number of theological problems that the RCC will get from it.

I talked of those problems in length.

So the picture is as presented by those specialists in ET. They are not anti-chruch, many of them are Christians and believe in God (not always equal terms). Michael Salla is rather positive to the Catholic church and had not one or two radio interviews on the matter ET-religion. He thinks the ET will not substitute th ebelief in God in anyway, but that the category of "Angels" is plausible enough to include them somehow. So here we go, with a perfect presentation of Michael Salla of the book of Tom Horn ExoVaticana. And the total silence of Vatican and other civil governments. If we exclude the joke of Medvedev last year.

My purpose is not to list all exo-politics events in the last year. It wouldn't be possible. My purpose in this post is to list some landmark activities and announces, that put clearly the frames of the picture, although do not fill the picture itself. Still we know very little of the contacted ET, apart of 5-10 names of stars. Many of them are human ET indistinguishable from humans.

In that plan, to seek the evil in Russia as the Fatimists continue to do, and to be completely blind for the real picture proved by thousands of witnesses, and to build up theories based on one sighting 96 years ago only, however true, is quite shortsighted. The ultra-conservative groups within RCC that are indeed very devote not only to Fatima but also to other unproven apparitions (Garabandal) and even banned apparitions by RCC (Bayside) risk to run irrelevant at one moment. They do not represent the real face of the RCC worldwide and are a slim percentage. They call themselves prayer warriors, holy remnant, and the rest terminology. They believe they will survive the Chastisement hidden inside caves and special refuges protected by angels. However true or not, the exclusion of the big, ET factor, is a big mistake. Perhaps those Angels that will hide them in refuges are exactly those ET I am talking about! Remember that the fanaticism of the strongly believing pharisees crucified Jesus on the cross, in the name of "God of Moses".
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posted on Jun, 19 2013 @ 05:07 AM
the Sun erupts on the far side what is this straight line?
Follow closely the sun.
The literal fulfillment of Fatima jumping sun means also pole shift
I am tired of posting for no reward even symbolical in forum. But I refuse to play theater with anybody and to be in a predetermined role in somebody's scenario. Be it RCC or another. I am not here for that, if somebody still didn't understand it.
I will post as much and as often as given to me ultimately by the same God. When God tells me, I will stop posting. Regardless of any plans of anyone of any centrals be they speakers of "Jesus Christ" or of someone else.

posted on Jun, 19 2013 @ 05:30 AM
If imminent solar disaster is in our way, did Our Lady, God (in most general term) and/or the holy angels (extraterrestrials) provide escape route to nearby star system?

Here is one of the landmark interviews of Project Camelot with Arthur Newman, or 'Henry Deacon', a Livermore Physicist

just a brief part to get a glimpse. Strongly recomended you dig into Camelot library as much as your time permits. Not necessarily agree on everything. You just don't know these facts, guys. Those are guys with credentials who now Speak to the online public.

You mean they used Stargates?

I guess you could call them that, yes. I also suspect the system isn’t Zeta Reticuli. It sounds to me like Alpha Centauri. I think you mentioned this on the site.

Do you have a reason for saying that?

Well, Zeta 1 and 2 are a long way apart from one another. Alpha Centauri and Promixa Centauri are close together. Alpha Centauri has a solar system very much like ours, but it's older. The planets are in stable orbits. There are three inhabited planets, the second, third and fourth. No, wait, the fifth, I think. Second, third and fifth.

That’s astonishing… you knew this professionally? I mean, you came across this in the course of your work?

Yes. This is known. It’s comparatively easy to get there, less than five light years away, and that’s, you know, it's right next door to us. The… people… there are very human-like. They're not Grays, they’re like us. The human form is very common in the universe.

[Bill] Is one of the planets desert-like? That’s what I saw in the photo I described. Two setting suns, over a desert landscape. It really blew me away. [See this article on the Serpo website]

Yes, it is. A desert planet.

posted on Jun, 19 2013 @ 05:36 AM
Any doctrine should either adapt to revelation of such kind of facts, or fail. I don't care of doctrines. I care of facts. Here are people with credentials who tell us facts, much bigger than the recently announced in MSM how someone recorded something. There are volumes of info in Camelot library alone. There are other outlets of info as well. The Catholics will be very much like ostriches if they just don't get the truth.
Head in the sand
Desert planet, flee in the desert? You know, I stop excusing myself for anything. It is you who need excuses all the times, the people who do not want to touch the truth.

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