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POLITICS: North Korea wants big concessions from second-term Bush

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posted on Nov, 5 2004 @ 02:39 AM
North Korea is expecting concessions from the reelected U.S. president before it will go back to discussing its nuclear program according to a representative.
SEOUL, (AFP) - North Korea wants big concessions from second-term US President George W. Bush before it will even discuss ending its nuclear weapons drive, a top Pyongyang envoy said in a report.

"Such discussions are possible only when we see evidence of a substantial change in the US policy towards North Korea," said Han Song-Ryol, deputy chief of North Korea's mission to the United Nations, in an interview published here.

The liberal Hankyoreh newspaper said the comments were North Korea's first official reaction to the reelection of Republican Bush on Tuesday for a new four-year term.

However, South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-Moon cautioned that Han's comments may not fully reflect Pyongyang's policy towards the next US administration.

"I don't think his comment reflects North Korea's official position," he said in a KBS radio talk show.

Ban urged North Korea to return to the dialogue saying Washington would not adopt a tougher stand.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Han Song-Ryol, deputy chief of North Korea's mission to the United Nations stated Such discussions are possible only when we see evidence of a substantial change in the US policy towards North Korea". Since the nuclear issue erupted in 2002, North Korea has demanded that Washington drop its hostility policy towards it before it would discuss its program in general. The North further views the 6 way talks as a means by which the U.S. is stalling for time to plan an invasion.

posted on Nov, 5 2004 @ 04:13 AM
This current confrontation with North Korea (DPRK) started with rumors in 2002 that the North was runing a uranium enrichment program which led the Bush administration to cut off it's shipments of fuel oil which was part of the Agreed Framework jointly signed by the DPRK and the US in 1994. This led the DPRK to fire up their nuclear reactors to compensate for the loss of fuel oil and since the Agreed Framework no longer applied they were not held to keeping their reactors off line.

This all started when Colin Powell accused the DPRK of operating a uranium enrichment facility. How he knew about this facility is still a mystery. "If" the US's intelligence was able to determine that the North was running enrichment experiments, then how was it that the US wasn't able to discover that in 2000 the South Koreans were running enrichment experiments of their own? These South Korean enrichment experiments took place two years prior to the confrontation with the North and were taking place in a South Korean nuclear research facility which the IAEA was supposed to be regularlly inspecting. The IAEA inspectors were somehow banned from inspecting the building that housed the enrichment machinery, now how is that possible? There is still no word on how this machinery was discovered.
The South claims that only a few grams of 80% pure uranium was produced. The IAEA stated that this level of purity is only used for weapons production.

Where was the US and the IAEA on this? How was it that an unknown quantity of enriched uranium could be produced right under the US's and IAEA's nose? The IAEA made no comments on the where abouts of any of the enriched uranium, where is it! How did the South aquire the enrichment machinery and who sold it to them? I'm sure the stork didn't bring it. If the US really does track all of this stuff like it says it does, why did it turn a blind eye to this and why didn't the IAEA set of alarms when they were banned from inspecting the facility? If they had this much evidence that the North had carried out this level of purification it would be a charred cinder by now. Hell, you don't even hear about it in the news.

Perhaps the South has a covert nuclear weapons program and is being aided by the US. Perhaps the South along with Taiwan have been co-operating in a covert nuclear weapons program similar to the one that Reagan shut down in the mid-1980's? Who knows, may be they tested a Nuke covertly with India? Why arn't we on South Korea like we are the North?

posted on Nov, 5 2004 @ 04:44 AM
Here is an interesting article on how Reagan shut down Taiwan's covert attempt to get the bomb: Former top general reveals secret nuclear weapons program

posted on Nov, 5 2004 @ 05:07 AM
Here is a more detailed analysis of Taiwan's covert nuclear weapons program: New Archival Evidence on Taiwanese "Nuclear Intentions", 1966-1976

posted on Nov, 5 2004 @ 05:41 AM
Taiwan and South Korea have been very active in the 1980's in pursuing nuclear weapons. Here are a couple more revelant article's concerning South Korea's covert activities:

South Korea acknowledges nuclear experiment in early 1980s

South Korea says it conducted plutonium-based experiment in 1980s

posted on Nov, 5 2004 @ 07:09 AM
We have alot at stake in the Koreas and across the Taiwan Straits, but the Western media is overtly supressing vital information on the developments of South Korea, Taiwan and Japan. The evidence that all three countries have previously dabbled with nuclear programs is becoming clearer every day. Perhaps this is a legitamate concern for North Korea and the US is doing nothing to twart these countries. The situation in Asia is bad enough as it is and we don't need all the parties involved arming themselves to the teeth.

There is a very good possibility that Israel may have tested one or two nuclear devices along with India in May of 1998. Just prior to May of 1998 the US also stopped issuing visa's to US citizens wishing to travel to India. A good friend of mine tried to get a visa in April of 1998 and was refused for no reason. There is also a good probability that both South Korea and Taiwan jointly manufactured a bomb and tested it along with Israel and India. Am I absolutely certian of this, no I'm not, but it would take alot more resources than I have at my disposal to uncover this information and publish it. Is it probable, yes it is, and it is worth pursuing.

There is also allegations that Pakistan traded an enrichment facility for missiles fron North Korea. If so, perhaps Pakistan also allowed the North to test a bomb during their tests. There were also rumors that an Iranian deligation was at the Pakistani nuclear tests. Could Iran have tested a bomb?

There are very serious escalations occuring in Asia and we may not have all of the information right, especially if it is comming from the US State Department. Dick Armitage has a renouned reputation for wanting to invade North Korea. And Paul Wolfowitz has planned out scenerio after scenerio for attacking the North. With this much pull at the highest level in this administration can a possible conflict with North Korea in any way be avoided? I believe that it is already a done deal.

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