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Why I'm No Longer A Conspiracy Theorist

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posted on May, 12 2013 @ 01:42 PM

Originally posted by ImagineAlldaPeople
reply to post by thebtheb

Do you think Bill gates is gonna come out and say "Population.Control through vaccines".?LOl He didn't become a billionaire by being stupid, & he is not going to announce Genocide. Stop 4 a minute and Think. A guy who feels there are to many people on the planet, feels we can't sustain ourselves if we keep overpopulating, expresses these feelings, in a "Politically Correct Way" of course. This same guy starts a foundation for vaccines in 3rd world countries. Vaccines would mean better health, less kids dying, longer lives, more reproduction. If this doesn't make you question...Why would someone who thinks Less People = sustainable planet, Better environment ..& .. More People = Unsustainable Planet, Uncertain future, Why is this same person going against what he believes, going against what he feels is an Uncertain future. That makes sense to You? It's like saying OIl is killing our Planet, then opening a fund to help people drill more Oil. lol "Where there is Smoke there's Fire.

Bill Gates thinks vaccines are cool because he thinks they save lives. Whether that's true or not, he, like a lot of people, believe this. He also believes in population control. The two views are not mutually exclusive. Wanting to end disease, and control population do not have to be at odds with each other. It's insane to think anyone, Bill Gates or Ghandi, who truly wanted to control the population, would do it by letting disease ravage the planet. I can see it now, "Oh, just let malaria and ebola kill everyone...that'll help!" That idea is formed directly out of the nuttiest conspiracy theorists and nowhere else.

posted on May, 12 2013 @ 01:50 PM

Originally posted by SimonPeter
reply to post by ImagineAlldaPeople

Bill Gates started his talk out speaking of population reduction as I remember and ended up talking about better health and longevity through vaccines . Now I am no scientist but doesn't better health and longevity equals more exaggerated overpopulation . I got the idea that the vaccines would be used as a population reducer . If I understood him right , he was not making sense with his reasoning . Take the Vaccine live in better health and longer and we will have a population reduction of 15% . Who would ever believe that ? The message is clear - go away and die ! I do know that they can sterilize you with chemicals and Ethyl Mercury may not be the only thing in those vaccines . His seemingly paradoxical speech may have been his biggest blunder .

Go watch the video. Population reduction was ONE of the things he was talking about. He was also talking about ending diseases and having a healthier population. He never said "take the vaccine, be healthy and we'll have a 15% population reduction." He never talked about vaccines having anything to do with population reduction. As I said, at one point, while talking about population reduction, he numerated the methods and the word vaccine was slipped in. But he had JUST been talking about vaccines. Do you not think it's possible he uttered it by accident? OR there's always the fact that there are contraceptive vaccines. Do you really think someone intent on carrying out population reduction through vaccines would TELL people?

This is as far as I'm concerned the PRIME example of people seeing red flags where they DO NOT exist because they have brainwashed themselves.
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posted on May, 12 2013 @ 01:58 PM

We're glad you came to your senses and quit believing in those silly conspiracy theories!
Don't forget, the state-appointed psychiatrist is always here to help! They're on-duty 24 hours a day in the blue room, just up from the parking garage. Drink plenty of water when you take these.
Now you can relax, and return to your job.

posted on May, 12 2013 @ 02:03 PM

Originally posted by lampsalot

Originally posted by jude11
The question then becomes why believe one and not the other? The same issues apply, putting something into our bodies that the Govt sez is ok and beneficial to our health.

Simple - I've looked into the evidence.

But even evidence can be manufactured, changed and manipulated!
Best to look at the results!
Nothing can be totally dismissed or proven but we can get an idea of probability!
Like we can't prove that government and media is run by the corporate elite but
we only need look at the world we live in today! We see the banks being bailed out and
corporate promoting media hacks blame the people for the sub-prime crisis while the middle-class is thrown to the wolves of foreclosure! Money makes or brakes campaigns so to believe that we are living in a country of and for the people is a farce!

There are reasons why there are extremely outrageous conspiracy theories like good aliens coming to save us or
the world is going to end in 2012 or the earth is hollow and inhabited by aliens!
These are out there to make the true conspiracies incomprehensible for the average person!

I wish that the world was a better place and there was no evil people in powerful positions but the truth is
power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely! Though the US constitution was supposed to bind us down from becoming corrupt the corruptible found ways of negating or eliminating these principles! Freedom has costs and someday there will most likely be another revolution that will eliminate centralized government and put power where it really belongs in the hands of the citizenry! I fear this will cost many good men their lives and show that we all must decide whether to stand on the side of liberty or injustice but none can remain silent for fear of repression or we will all lose that which matters most to us! It's a shame that the bravest of us, will be sacrificed once again on the alter of freedom for those that are too afraid or in cahoots with corruption!

Please don't remain silent when the day comes that these men speak up, because they speak on behalf of us all!

posted on May, 12 2013 @ 06:06 PM
reply to post by thebtheb

You have not read the Eugenics Quotes I have evidently . Bill Gates is one of the group and population reduction is part of the Agenda 21 . The fact is that they fear the masses and their plan of world domination will at sometime cause another revolution like the French Revolution where the masses of people will attack the Elite . That is why they are so intent to get our guns . Not just the military style but all guns even air rifles . You can believe what you want and the truth but the truth is something else .

posted on May, 12 2013 @ 07:19 PM

Originally posted by SimonPeter
reply to post by thebtheb

You have not read the Eugenics Quotes I have evidently . Bill Gates is one of the group and population reduction is part of the Agenda 21 . The fact is that they fear the masses and their plan of world domination will at sometime cause another revolution like the French Revolution where the masses of people will attack the Elite . That is why they are so intent to get our guns . Not just the military style but all guns even air rifles . You can believe what you want and the truth but the truth is something else .

This tells me you're nowhere near the level of critical reasoning the OP is. I'm not saying there isn't stuff happening out there. I AM saying that the fact that hardly any of it can be proven, is a good reason to keep our minds open and to not interpret EVERYTHING as if it were a conspiracy. Saying, "The truth is the truth" has no place in this conversation.

posted on May, 12 2013 @ 07:36 PM
Sorry but I don't really understand the point of this thread.

I mean, I don't even get the way you people TALK about this. "I am no longer a conspiracy theorist". This is what's wrong with EVERYTHING. Literally, every single person on this planet is either attempting to consciously or subconsciously place themselves in boxes with labels on them. So you're either a 'conspiracy theorist', or you aren't?

What does that even mean?

If I am to question the information handed to me by authority, I am by definition a 'conspiracy theorist', not a person who desires to double-check my information source? Just this simple trick of using specific words to brand a certain type of action or chain of thought is so damaging.

You can't look at it like that. You were never a 'conspiracy theorist'. Like you said yourself, being a complete skeptic is as bad a being someone who swallows information without questioning it at all. You were just someone who existed in the middle ground roughly. If that is a conspiracy theorist by todays standards then WOW - no wonder people are polarizing themselves to either 1) Complete Skeptic/Pro-Establishment or 2) Complete Non-Believer in the system/Anti-Establishment.

So what I'm assuming you're really saying is 'Why I am no longer as gullible as I was before'? Because that's all you mean in esscense, right? In which case, good! Of course, every human should be taught from the start to question everything with their own logic and find arguments for BOTH sides of the case. This is the error people make when they get into these 'theories', they start to take the proposed explanations instantly without searching for currently existing and sensible reasons.

Anyway, I felt like you did for a long time actually. More in the sense that everyone around me was completely buying into the NWO order stuff where as I was choosing to question it more seriously at every stage. I especially, like you said, found it hard to believe all of the worlds leaders and power men are in the same boat - that is just NOT true. HOWEVER, the interesting thing is dude, if you practice what you're currently preaching (use your own rationale to discover the truth, don't just believe what you read, look at both sides of the coin e.t.c), that PATH ITSELF takes you back to the 'conspiracy theories' because sooner or later legitimate research will show you that often the story provided by the official source just CANNOT be taken for truth, for whatever reasons. Or you'll eventually see dots connect in some respect.

I'm going to keep this short, but you sound like you're starting to push yourself towards a standard 'system-believer' type of person rather than somewhere in the middle so let me just say these few final pointers in my next post below (running out of space!)

posted on May, 12 2013 @ 07:52 PM
Following from my previous reply;

1) You mention aliens/UFO's and why it's probably fake. 3% of America's population believe they have been abducted. Thats a few million people. Every year there are countless amounts of reports on UFOs and abductions - you cannot surely believe EVERY person is lying. These people often gain nothing from it except RIDICULE. Or will you explain it away as they're all nuts or crazy or seeing things? What do you expect this smoking gun to be? Video footage of a man literally walking onto a space ship, lighting a spliff with a few of the reptoids, having some banter, showing their technology and their friend race the Greys and then giving you a lovely good bye? LOL! There will never be a massive smoking gun unless there is an all out open attempt of contact with the whole human race. These things probably are 'hyper-dimensional' if real, a possibility I would of never considered prior to finding out about a certain shamanic substance which I'm not allowed to mention on here. It would solve a lot of the physics-related underlying problems with these cases. And for god's sake, even if it does sound nuts, stupid, and there's no CONCRETE proof; there is simply such a large amount of corresponding, independent reports on the matter that it is simply, at this point, illogical and blind to deny it further. To an extent there is SOMETHING going on here.

2) 9/11 NWO e.t.c. This isn't a conspiracy lol. The fact you thought/think it IS a conspiracy shows how effective they have been at covering it up. You really should read The Shock Doctrine, that is always a good ice breaker for the REAL KNOWLEDGE behind the NWO. It is not some stupid world domination attempt, with a bunch of masked men sat about a table from all of the worlds highest positions of power discussing how to control us in more complex and #ed up ways lol.

It is effectively the attempt of WESTERN MAN to mould the world into what he sees fit before any other 'race'/'culture' can do so. This is all it is and ever will be. It is based around unfettered capitalism (because this is how the western 'white' man precisely gathered the power in the first place) or Friedman economics, and essentially revolves around converting every world country or region into a working cog in our visualized globalized world. Here's a quick idea of what you're working with;

1913 America goes Bankrupt

1933 America somehow enters a deal with the Federal Reserve to allow it to print money (where did this privately owned bank arise from? These are the real power holders, not Mr. US President or Mr. Iraq President!)

1945 Dollar becomes World Reserve Currency based on condition that any country can exchange it's dollars back into Gold. Every country now has to internationally export goods using the Dollar currency.

1970s America has been printing money like MAD for the past few decades and establishing a threatening military force. Many countries are worried by this excessive spending and ask to trade their dollars back for Gold (i.e France). Nixon makes the famous speech that basically denied countries getting Gold from their dollars and shut off dollar-gold trading completely.

Now for these last 40 or so years, pretty much EVERY country that has attempted to start trading it's exported goods in non-dollar currencies has had a full on propaganda campaign run against it, been invaded, had it's infrastructure open wide to multi-nat corporations and the countries been left in a state of ruins where it has to accept Western leadership in key positions to secure IMF loans and such. And these are the countries that held some relative power, other countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Chile were straight up infiltrated and had their systems changed around during the 70s and such (communism posed a huge threat to these plans because socialism/communism is largely based around the state regulating and owning many assets to assure fairness to the people, where as unfettered capitalism desires nothing more than absolutely no regulations - Dog Eat Dog). This is HOW IT WORKS. FOR A FACT. Please please please read books such as the Shock Doctrine and open your mind to the fact that this isn't a 'conspiracy', it is #ING FACT mate. In the year 2000 Iraq made a statement (late in the year) that they will start trading exports in Gold again, look what happened a year later. Similar situations with Libya and now Iran. This whole NWO thing is really the American/UK crusade to DIVIDE AND CONQUER the world before a power like China or Russia can ever possibly catch up. If you look at human history, every civilization has had its rise and fall. Our current superpower civilization is simply doing everything in its power - no matter how foul, wrong, corrupt or twisted it is - to not fall. That is what all of this is about, and part of that plan of course involves shackling us.

Continued in the next post...
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posted on May, 12 2013 @ 08:05 PM
Once again, following my previous post;

What I just said about America/UK/NWO e.t.c doesn't make it necessarily a bad or good thing. From one perspectiv, if this crusade is successful, and provided we aren't turned into slaves, then the world might be in a better place generations down the line when we all become less divided culturally and such. Also, from the direct perspective of us people living in the Western world, it could be considered good in the sense that we are guranteed safety and stability, where as right now people may feel like at any moment the US economy could collapse and China will start deporting people 1 by 1 to work as slaves in their factories lol. On the bad side...well, I don't think I have to explain that. This whole plan is being operated on a simple basis of 'if death is required, death is provided'. Innocents have died in great numbers for this cause and will keep dying. But, there is DEFINITELY, in my opinion, a collarborated agenda between people in power who play key roles in the West to establish a centralized control over the world. This has always been the case. Why does it have to involve the WHOLE WORLD working together to make it a theory worth hearing, it is scary at the level it currently is anyway.

Anyway, enough ranting. I just wanted to make those last few points about NWO/UFO's just to highlight to you that you shouldn't completely swing from one direction to another and remember that the reason a lot of these theories caught your attention in the first place was probably rationale.

No one really has a clue what is going on in regards to all of this. I mean seriously, we occupy #ing monkey flesh bodies that we operate without thinking about, and we can have these amazing things called thoughts where we talk to ourselves internally and reflect, and we can dream and 'feel' things and see things in this universe that is really nothing but invisible atoms that are mostly empty and by themselves inherently pointless until you consider the forces that arise from their interactions. I mean, this is literally AMAZING - the reality of life itself is the most bizarre thing out here, more so than UFO's or NWO or any of that crap. And for that reason alone, I know there is more going on in this world than 'Theres countries, countries have governments and people, and the people go to work and go home and watch TV and aim to gain more money while the government attempt to keep the country afloat and meanwhile you can get married, have kids, experience a few holidays, the cinema, the bowling alley, the swimming pool, the pub etc, and then eventually die'.

It's simply ridiculous that some people think life is that simple - NO - we have BEEN MADE to believe it is this simple. In the same sense, don't let them make you believe that everything you see is everything there is. I'm glad you are embracing your skeptical side but take your own advice very carefully and don't let it start controlling you. I've seen a few friends have this same 'realization' and they often did a full 180 and changed all their views to that of your standard man on the street from the 50s.

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posted on May, 12 2013 @ 11:16 PM
reply to post by thebtheb

The conspiracy has been proven . The NWO movement is real the Agenda21 is real are you ever familiar what Agenda 21 is . Have you checked to see if it's suborganisation called ICLEI is working with your local governmemt officials . Until you do you are just expressing an oppinion . The United Nations Agenda 21 is in book form , their is no conspiracy about it.
I am sorry if you can't accept it . Yes world domination by the Askenazi Jew Banksters has been a plan for a while . They of course deny it .

posted on May, 13 2013 @ 10:13 AM
reply to post by lampsalot

For example there's millions
of photos and videos online of UFOs and alleged aliens now yet none of them have
proven to be a smoking gun. This highly suggests to me that aliens either don't exist
at all or if they do they are of such an ethereal nature that we probably won't ever be
able to have "disclosure". I doubt if aliens on Earth exist that the government even
knows much about them.

Skepticism is certainly healthy. Other than a nuts and bolts ship, or an alien body, there never will be a "smoking gun" piece of evidence. And even then, such evidence would have to be publicized by mainstream media before being "accepted". For me, the evidence of a UFO coverup is more about the government's actions, than films or photos. From the outset, the government treated it VERY seriously. Only when the public seemed to reach a "panic" state, did they switch gears and go the "ridicule" route. However, then, they took the same interest and investigations into the covert world (while publicly ridiculing such interest). This isn't a theory, it is FACT, born out by the government's own declassified reports and several whistle-blowers. They simply didn't want us to know they were still interested in it, and working on it, and THAT is the very definition of the conspiracy. As to what they know or don't know, that is complete speculation, but enough interesting witnesses have provided some data, it is just for us to evaluate it and apply our own truth tests to it.

I also see no evidence that a "new world order" is trying to be imposed on us in
any organized sort of way. Conspiracy theorists say it's been in the making for centuries.
What's taking so long then? They also ignore the fact that many of the world's
governments and corporations are competitors and have completely different goals. I'm
not saying Bilderberg and Bohemian Grove don't exist but I don't think they're nearly
as powerful as conspiracy theory fans (yes I said "fans") believe.

I'd agree that they aren't as powerful as CTs would have us believe them to be. However, I do think there is enough evidence to support such an agenda. But also, it is a natural evolution of global trade. I think they recognize this, and want to direct it, much as a stake guides a plant's growth.

There's no evidence of FEMA concentration camps, there's no way they could
take away guns from over 100 million people and martial law is not coming or imminent.
There also aren't any laws that discriminate against any specific groups, quite the law
predatory groups like Westboro and Scientology are reluctantly protected by our process
of law

I used to agree, but recent actions have me convinced that there is some focused effort in eventually disarming the populace. Again, actions are telling, and they are disarming us. Slowly but surely appears to be the rule.

They also ignore the fact that the main threat comes from from the government
and democratic process but from corporate entities projecting their power on the

I think most CTs are well aware of the corporate influence.

Chew on this. Not only does the government not silence dissent, even if you are
a terrorist like the Boston bomber they will still give you a fair trial.

Do you really think he'll get a "fair" trial?
Even totalitarian regimes hold puppet show trials. HIs will be no different, other than in that he likely actually did do the deed.

The Holocaust was perpetrated
largely because of conspiratorial beliefs about Jews wanting to take over the world. The
anti-vaccine movement in the US has caused diseases like measles to make a
comeback. If Jim Henson wasn't skeptical of modern medicine he probably wouldn't
have died of pneumonia at a young age.

Hitler needed a scapegoat, and the Jews were convenient. He himself had some Jewish blood. No doubts on the anti-vaccine movement, but I think that although the vaccines can be helpful, medicine isn't a "one size fits all" thing as they try to make it. Each individual will react differently. It's an art, not a science. And there is bad with the good too.

I'm not saying we should just suck up to our leaders and accept anything they tell
us. We should always have an open mind and ask questions. I'm just saying we
shouldn't hate things just because they're academically supported and popular

We need to exercise our rights and VOTE (at every level) while we still can (and based on our own info, not MSM), is what we need to do.

posted on May, 13 2013 @ 10:22 AM
reply to post by SimonPeter

The conspiracy has been proven . The NWO movement is real the Agenda21 is real are you ever familiar what Agenda 21 is . Have you checked to see if it's suborganisation called ICLEI is working with your local governmemt officials . Until you do you are just expressing an oppinion . The United Nations Agenda 21 is in book form , their is no conspiracy about it.

Yeah, that is some scary crap. I'd highly recommend NOT reading about Agenda 21 if you want to sleep soundly at night. The only consolation is that it isn't law, but a UN recommendation, but yeah, investigating which cities are part of ICLEI is a start.

posted on May, 13 2013 @ 02:50 PM

Originally posted by SimonPeter
reply to post by thebtheb

The conspiracy has been proven . The NWO movement is real the Agenda21 is real are you ever familiar what Agenda 21 is . Have you checked to see if it's suborganisation called ICLEI is working with your local governmemt officials . Until you do you are just expressing an oppinion . The United Nations Agenda 21 is in book form , their is no conspiracy about it.
I am sorry if you can't accept it . Yes world domination by the Askenazi Jew Banksters has been a plan for a while . They of course deny it .

Yes I've read all that. But that has nothing to do with the specific thing I was talking about: the Bill Gates video.

posted on May, 13 2013 @ 08:50 PM
reply to post by thebtheb

Can you not see that Bill Gates is part of it ? His policy is shaped by the Elite . He is an Elite wanna be . Oh yeah he is extreemly rich compared to me and you but he is a little fish compared to the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds .
Again his speech was comprised of Population Reduction and better health through vaccines . If you can not see the parodox there I can't show you .
Bill Gates all of the sudden went from a somewhat reclusive business man to a public figure trying to sell the public on vaccines when vaccines are suspect . Thats all I need to know !

posted on May, 13 2013 @ 08:55 PM
reply to post by Gazrok

Look up the directory for your city and ICLEI . In Jacksonville they are involved . In Jacksonville they are working to privatise the Fire Marshals . In Nassau Co Fl I believe they are working to privatise the Volunteer fire depts.
Privatisation of the water is first thing I have noticed .

posted on May, 14 2013 @ 10:41 AM
reply to post by SimonPeter

I'm still good in my county, but if the government as a whole ever goes for it, done deal. Of course, that is about the ONLY thing I can think of that would lead to armed insurrection. (telling a bunch of homesteaders they have to leave everything they built to sustain themselves, to go live in some shelter on a cot). Yeah, that'll go over REAL well...

posted on May, 14 2013 @ 11:10 AM
I assume like a lot of people, I really got into "Conspiracy Theories" by watching X-files. It was really my first exposure to alternate topics.

Ironically, like the tagline of x-files, "I want to believe".

However, logic is a tricky thing, and logic has prevented me from believing almost all conspiracy theories. I would still LIKE to believe in them, but the facts just aren't there. I still enjoy reading about them, reading about UFOs, reading about Aliens, reading about Bigfoot, reading about the scary government...but it is more entertainment than education.

So I understand exactly where you are coming from.
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posted on May, 14 2013 @ 06:05 PM
reply to post by Gazrok

You hit the nail on the head . That is why they want our guns ! 40 million mad men with guns is a very formidable force .

posted on May, 14 2013 @ 06:15 PM
reply to post by LiberalAlert

My conspiracy trek started when Kennedy was killed , both of them . Then the Vietnam war which I could have been drafted into . The bank bailouts of the 80s and the 1 ,000,000,000 dollars that Reagan just gave outright to the defence contractor . But Building 7 falling just like a demolition with minor fire involvement really kicked it into high gear . The real kicker was Cheney running the exact war game that happened just like the plan of the exercise . Then Cheney and Bush declined to testify before Congress except together off record and behind closed doors . No body is hiding anything there ! Then the Obama born in Kenya thing .
Why would I distrust my government?

posted on May, 15 2013 @ 03:27 PM
I am not nor ever have been a conspiracy theorist...
I do like to know how the world works, and in doing so, I seek truth and answers.

One mans "terrorist" is another mans "freedom fighter".
One mans "conspiracy theorist" is another mans "seeker of truth".

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