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Report: 'Mounting evidence' tying Boston bombing suspects to 2011 murders

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posted on May, 11 2013 @ 06:21 PM

Originally posted by Jakes51
reply to post by Brocade

Maybe his trip to Russia was not an escape plan?

I was replying to the suggestion that 'His travels to Russia would imply that he was going to lay low, and avoid the heat from local law enforcement about the murders', ie, an escape plan. I agree it wasn't an escape plan

Although, January 2012 is not that much time away from when the murders took place on September 2011.

Four months seems like an eternity if you're waiting every night for that knock on your door. Aren't most crimes solved either quickly or not at all? Sitting around for four months before deciding to flee the country just doesn't make sense to me.

Perhaps, it took him a few months to get his travel expenses in order? From what I gather, he was not living well at the time. He and his wife were on public aide, and the wife was working 70 hours week as home health aide. Where I live, they do not make that much money.

Then why not take the $5k instead of leaving it lying next to the bodies? Two (or four, heh) birds with one stone.

Investigations take time. We do not know if there was any interviews between Tamerlane and the Boston PD in the two month time frame?

Sept 11 - January 12 is four months, not two. Agreed, we don't know if there were any interviews but all the reports suggest that there was absolutely no suspicion directed to him before he was named in association with the marathon bombing - though yeah, that doesn't mean there wasn't...

I think something spooked him. The police might have been closing in? It is only my theory on the information available at this time. His close relationship to one of the victims makes him a suspect. Thanks for the reply!

I don't agree that he was spooked and ran as I don't see any evidence of him running. If the police had been closing in, why didn't they renew their interest once he was back in Boston, for nearly a year between returning and the marathon bombing?

He had been close to Mess, true, but they had supposedly become more distant before Mess's murder. Apparently Tamerlan had become increasingly extremist in his religious beliefs before Mess's death. Mess and his friends were Jewish: that might be reason enough for someone consumed with religious bigotry not to attend his funeral.

There are suggestions that Tamerlan might have had some involvement with drug dealing. If Mess and his friends were indeed murdered over a turf war, and Tamerlan was indeed dealing, it's very easy to understand why he'd have wanted to visibly distance himself from them - an attack like that isn't just an attack on the victims, it's a warning to anyone else stepping on the same toes. Staying away from the funeral and underplaying his association with them but not feeling the need to immediately run to another country would fit with this.

I totally agree that one or both could be involved, I just don't think that the evidence we currently have, such as it it, really points towards anyone. It would be very convenient and reassuring for a lot of people if such a brutal crime could be closed, but not if it's just by passing it on to the current local scapegoats.

Thanks to you too for the discussion, it's very interesting!

edit on 11-5-2013 by Brocade because: clarification

posted on May, 14 2013 @ 04:35 PM
According to ABC new, "The bodies were also found with seven pounds of marijuana dumped on them and $5,000 in cash in the home with them. "

This is not a hallmark of Islamic fundamentalists likely more so a trick to muddy the waters.

posted on May, 14 2013 @ 08:18 PM

Originally posted by goou111
...My question is if the two were rommates at one time why was Tamerlan Tsarnaev not looked into already...?
...This guy should have been on the radar a long time......

Good points.
And - as has already been stated (but, since it was my first thought, will be stated again) - "How convenient!"
Smells like a sour chowder to me.
If, for the sake of argument, we accept that Tamerlan' was a participant in the bombings...and that he fought the law...and the law won... What better patsy for an unsolved murder.
Is it possible that he (and/or his brother) committed those murders? Of course it's possible. It's possible (as far as you know) that I committed those murders.
Are there "questionable" actions and circumstances surrounding the same? Of course there are - otherwise, it wouldn't (in a perfect world) be an UnSolved Murder Mystery.
Do the pieces fit neatly? It doesn't appear that way, to me.
The details we have to work with make it look very "organized".
If one of my children were closely associated (friends) with someone who was involved in underworld undertakings...and their friend was brutally murdered like this -- I might suggest that they go visit their aunt &/or uncle or relatives or acquaintances far away...for a while. The more remote and isolated, the better.
Not saying this is what is just as plausible (considering the details we've been given) as "he was fleeing on account of guilt".
(If he fled because of guilt or fear that he would be "found out"...I can only envision a limited number of scenarios where he would, so shortly thereafter, consider himself safe return.)

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