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PUBLIC ENEMY: VIDEO Exposes OBAMA and his ILLUMINATI handlers in depth!

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posted on May, 13 2013 @ 01:01 PM

Originally posted by Kharron

Originally posted by phantomjack
S&F OP. ANY thread that exposes Obama for the fraud that he is, is worthy of attention.

No other president in the history of the USA has been surrounded by so many questionable people, actions, and background.

How is it that he was elected and continues to sit in the office of the presidency is beyond me.

Not saying Obama is peachy, he is not, but how can you forget about Dubya and the posse he was surrounded with?

He was surrounded by people who did not even attempt to apologize for all the things they did. Remember Cheney, remember Rumsfeld?

Heck, if you ask some of the older folks I'm sure they will agree Kissinger is evil incarnate.


because DUBYA hasnt been president for over 5 years.............

Its well past time to stop beating that horse as if past peoples transgressions make his any LESS....If anything it should be WORSE because he should know better.........

But I digress........... "BUSH DID IT" give me a break....

posted on May, 13 2013 @ 10:39 PM
reply to post by phantomjack

well, there was his immediate predecessor and sponsor--surrounded by cheney, rumsfeld, rove, wolfowitz, perleman, libby, gonzalez, yoo, tenet... must i go on and on? but, if you liked bush you should love obama who has been entirely effective in continuing the implementation of the false flag fear enabled security state.

i don't know what you bushies are complaining about, unless it's his uppityness and wrong complexion. he's ftotally following your program for an nwo ruled by zionist bankers.

posted on May, 14 2013 @ 06:56 AM

Originally posted by FirstCasualty
then i guess the mafia doesnt exist cause they didnt spell it out for you.

No, I agree that there is corruption. What you see as an "Illuminati" or a "New World Order" I just see as common corporate greed and corruption of business and government.

I am looking at the evidence and the facts, and everything tells me that all of what people are paranoid about can be more adequately explained by the revolving door or Washington and Corporate business (or Downing Street and Corporate business - or any other government and corporate business).

Am I more likely to believe that a secret cabal or Satan worshipping Immortals, or lizard people, or some clandestine group of men a couple of hundred years ago are responsible for it all, or am I likely to choose the more LOGICAL explanation that corruption has been legalized to the degree where corporations and bankers have effectively held a coup and hijacked our governments?

Please, all I ask is that you think logically, intelligently, and with all the facts and proven information in contrast to the unproven fantasy of mythical groups of bogeymen.

Originally posted by FirstCasualty
you hillarious! really a funny boy.

No, I'm just stating facts and using common sense, which leads me to see that all of these things can be explained by boring old corporate corruption of government and the greed of men in positions of power.

This has happened throughout Human history, it happens in every country, and it has happened repeatedly to our own elected too. This has been PROVEN again and again by the constant shuffle of men from business to government and back again.

Originally posted by FirstCasualty
you claim there is no proof then when someone posts something you use a media talking point to retaliate.

No, people keep telling me there is proof of something, then they offer a YouTube video of someone giving their opinion, or s blog post of someone giving their opinion... just because someone agrees with you does NOT MAKE IT EVIDENCE.

As is often the case on ATS, people have completely forgotten what the words "proof" and "evidence" mean. Someone echoing your opinion without any evidence is not proof or evidence of anything other than someone else believing what you believe.

I'll tell you what, I now believe that a purple lion is stealing underwear from my washing line in the afternoons, but only on a Wednesday. I'll get someone along any moment to make a YouTube video about it. maybe even pay a couple of people, then release my book about purple lions and the massive government cover up about it.

Prove to me the purple lions don't exist.

Originally posted by FirstCasualty
corruption... sure that is true and that is what this is.

thank you for agreeing with me that the elite are running things because
they have created corruption to suit thier needs of controlling power and wealth.

Yes. But this does not immediately mean there is some secret cabal, a club or an ancient tradition of men who planned for their great, great, great grand-kids to be rich and in control of the entire planet. It doesn't mean that there are FEMA "death camps", it doesn't mean population control and genocide, and it doesn't mean that there is any club for all this to be planned.

There is not enough evidence for 90% of the BS these "theorists" believe, and there is plenty of cause to accept that it's actually just boring old corruption.

Originally posted by FirstCasualty
this was a good collaboration. thanks bro. i knew we agreed just using different words is all.

No, it's not just the words that are different.
I base my opinions in probability, facts, evidence, the available information and the most plausible conclusions.
Many others on ATS base their opinions on the most elaborate, fantastical, unproven, outlandish and unlikely theories because they want the excitement of everything being the result of the big bad government or a secret organization.

Some people see a cow in a field, and it is just a cow.
But many on ATS seem to look at that cow and immediately imagine that it's really an alien disguised as a cow, and employed by the Illuminate to gather intel on the dissidents who plan to stop them from gassing people in FEMA camps

posted on May, 14 2013 @ 07:09 AM

Originally posted by Nicks87
If you have such a huge problem with OPINION, then why do you feel the need to post yours?

I have a problem when people are presenting OPINION as fact, and then offering nothing to back up that opinion.
We see it in every discussion on ATS, a thousand and one wild accusations and theories based in nothing but opinion. As soon as someone makes a YouTube video offering their pinion on it too it's presented as more FACT!

The title states "exposes" when it exposes nothing at all but one mans opinion.

Do you get it now? Something needs to be backed up with actual evidence, otherwise it is just an opinion!

Originally posted by Nicks87
...and if you have such a problem with the "stupidity of so many posters" on ATS, then why visit the website?

Because I have an interest in other VALID and INTELLIGENT discussions about other things. You know there are a lot of clever and scientific people here, right? It's not all just fantasists and paranoid delusion, there are actually a lot of scientific threads that I enjoy reading and occasionally taking part in.

Plus, it's sometimes interesting to see the ridiculous things people believe when some stranger on a forum tells them about it, while yelling at others for believing anything in the MSM, lol

Plenty of people here swallow any insane rubbish someone posts without needing any evidence, but those same people then completely disregard the national media on something very basic and straightforward - this shows that those people have a paranoia about their media and government that defies all reason and logic. They distrust the media, but blindly trust an anonymous stranger on the internet. lol

Originally posted by Nicks87
Oh.. wait... I see, you are trying to educate us because we are so stupid and need someone like you to lead us out of the darkness.

No, that's your belief.
I genuinely just enjoy being here and debating. I actually enjoy seeing people coming to completely illogical conclusions and trying to see how they got there. I have an interest in psychology and seeing some of the rationalizations of people here for some truly bizarre beliefs is pretty fascinating.

And, like I already said, there are some very intelligent and well-rounded people here who don't believe the most ridiculous things just because someone in a YouTube video tells them to.

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posted on May, 15 2013 @ 10:13 AM
If any of this is true, either Obama was set up to fail or he's just done a terrible job.

posted on May, 15 2013 @ 11:52 AM
My friend.

Originally posted by angryjaimen
If any of this is true, either Obama was set up to fail or he's just done a terrible job.

Neither president is set up to fail, its all part of the plan, all controlled by the same group, their plan for their own greater good

Be safe be well


posted on May, 16 2013 @ 05:49 PM
reply to post by 727Sky

The knowledge and acknowledgement behind what Proffessor Griffs message is very true
in a lot of ways, we as a people or nation however you call it need to wake up nothing in this
world is free not even the air we breathe now. Cause its so polluted that we need solar panels
to clean our air of what pollution we've obtained in the past. Gov't does posses a lot of outside and inside
influence but OBAMA isn't solely responsible we are all pawns in this game of life.
Griff is the exsample of a free thinker and gets my up most respect heed what he says it just might help you

posted on May, 16 2013 @ 07:23 PM

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