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Hispanic worker sues for injury; Couldn't read warning sign in English...

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posted on May, 12 2013 @ 06:27 AM

Originally posted by ANOK

Yes that is one of the reasons.

Yes I know the Spanish took it from the natives. I never said that was a good thing.

Where do you get that all the people with value left? You mean the natives?

Sure, why not? That really wasn't the discussion.

You can't justify doing bad things because other people have done bad things. By the time of the Mexican-American war Mexico had been Spanish for 300 years. Longer than America has been in existence. By your logic we should just invite the Chinese to take over America, seeing as that's how things work in your world.
Also having a larger army is not an excuse to take land by force, can I take your house if I show up with a bigger gun than you have? You'd probably have a slightly different opinion about that eh?

Yet what you just said right there, is my point, the Spaniards did it 300 years ago to the Natives so that is Ok, they took it by force, than forced them to change their Language I'm sure you know that Spanish wasn't the Original Language spoken in Mexico right?

I just love history, What the Spaniards did to the locals, dims any thing the U.S has done. So, Why should a person, coming to the United States, not use the Dominant language? If I where to go to Mexico, Demand state walfare, Section 8 housing, and all road signs and signs in restaurants and places of education and business be in English. What do you think would happen if I tried that? I would get laughed at, and deported back into the united states.

If I were to go to any country, just to stay a few days, or to try and make A life there, and learn the predominant spoken word. Any thing less is disrespectful the the host country and just shows the locals what an arrogant asshat you are.

And, to your last comment, I'm a combat Vet, and Armorer, Show up at my house and try and take it by force, I'll show you how the Mexican-American war was child's play by comparison.

posted on May, 12 2013 @ 06:32 AM

Originally posted by LeatherNLace

Originally posted by ElohimJD
They are being sued for breaking no laws, when hired, these employees understood this campus is English only.

You do realize that there is a difference between a criminal case (law broken) and a civil lawsuit (negligence). The employer interviewed the employee prior to the hiring. Obviously the employee didn't know that the campus was "English only", because someone hired him. The employer knew there was a language barrier. The employer failed to provide warning signs in the employees spoken language. That is what we call negligence. Negligence is not necessarily a crime, but it certainly is grounds for a lawsuit.

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How can an interview be at all successful when the interviewer doesn't understand Spanish (English-only campus), and the interviewee allegedly doesn't understand a word of English?
How would the interviewer know she was there for a job, which she would have asked for in Spanish, a language not catered for? How did she understand when and what time her interview appointment was and what for, prior to interview? When she arrived at the appointment, how did she make herself understood when asked in English the reason she was there? I think these questions are relevant because if it's a case of the immigrant can understand some English, then there are no grounds for a claim?

When neither can speak nor understand the other's language, it would be impossible to communicate any information at all. The injured immigrant is trying for a payout, in my 'pinion.
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posted on May, 12 2013 @ 06:40 AM
A problem made by stupid governments, if you come to a country you should have an a basic to good level of that countries language unless you are merely on holiday. The stupid amounts of money we spend in the UK to translate numerous forms and letters into at least 4 languages (minimum) beggars belief as its all at the tax payers expense.

Its also used in the UK as a way to avoid employment and escape punishment when caught benefit no speak English.

Sorry but the UK offers a safe haven to people who come here and want to give something back ie work and if language is going to be a barrier then please don't come. In the case of these people in the thread then it seems they have caught this place with their pants down, if there is a law to translate signs and they didn't well they left themselves open and neglected the workers.

Sadly it should never have got to this stage, the government needs to make a strict policy of language of the land, no free translators, no excuses for not fitting in and working. Imagine how I would get on say in China hoping someone would translate everything for me and work to my rules, not happening.

The only places I expect to see multi language signs are at major travel places and possibly main hospitals purely for holiday travellers, the rest is your duty as a citizen of this country to learn the language.
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posted on May, 12 2013 @ 06:56 AM
LOL I gotta find a chinese restaurant that has signs in mandarin and pull a slip and fall.

sadly this dope will get some sort of settlement

posted on May, 12 2013 @ 07:32 AM
This is a topic I do not often have with Americans because I have heard and dealt with far too much of `This is American so speak English or leave` crowd. Yet, I have been to many different countries and I can tell you that it is becoming pretty common practice around the world for signs featuring the native language as well as other languages commonly spoken by people who live or travel to said nation from other regions. I find it odd that America is one of the few countries which is so resistant to having more than one language on their signs. It`s a very Jingo type of position to take in America to demand that all signs be in the `native language` of their country, considering that America has no official language and English was a language forced on North America hence English is not the `native language` of America.

posted on May, 12 2013 @ 07:46 AM
reply to post by freedomwv

Spanish wasn't either, so I fail to see your point!

posted on May, 12 2013 @ 07:52 AM
This thread speaks highly to the many interpretations of what is "right", which only confirms the need for an employer to have:

Workers' compensation insurance (required in AZ, but not in all states - although one is crazy not to have it);
EPLI policy;
worksite safety / risk manager;
workers' compensation claims manager;
Certified Professional HR manager.

Hopefully, this employer has these pieces in place. If so, I will bet the farm on the employer's competence. My guess, however, is that they aren't properly fortified, and that there were mistakes made, and that some attorney has kicked the tires a bit and sees this.

Large employers build out these risk, claims, and HR management personnel, and secure these liability insurances, internally. Small to mid-size employers cannot, in most cases, justify the costs to do this. In my opinion, the best solution for small to mid-size employers is to utilize a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). A PEO is a payroll company that, for a weekly fee, also provides the employer with a comprehensive suite of protections. If an employer uses a PEO, then the burden of OSHA compliance, HR compliance, and injury protection / claims mitigation falls on the PEO. All of the above referenced products and personnel are supplied to the employer by the PEO.

posted on May, 12 2013 @ 07:52 AM
reply to post by evelblood

Haha my friend had to translate that to Korean for me, so I'm suing for inconvenience. Funny though.

You know what, forget it. Sue the hell out of em Roberto. Teach them for hiring someone, WHO CAN'T SPEAK ENGLISH. How did that interview process turn out by the way.

"So Ms. Ribota is it? Hello, it's nice to meet you. How are you today"?
"Auh, si."
"Perfect! Here is el moppo and el broomo".

The links and video in said link also failed to state how Ms. Ribota was injured. Did she walk into a door that said pull instead of push? Definitely seems the incident was blown way out of proportion.

posted on May, 12 2013 @ 08:06 AM
reply to post by freedomwv

How many languages do you want everything to be in, that's the issue. All those countries you travel to, are the signs for tourists in other languages or people that migrate to live there to work, go to school, etc. We have people coming here from all continents of the world. How many languages and what is the number of translators need to do this on a daily basis (as new written things are done all the time. If you have a solution for this, please post. And words like jingoism won't help your cause of being unbiased.

posted on May, 12 2013 @ 08:14 AM
Originally posted by McGinty
"If the employer wants to higher non-english speaking people then it's the employers responsibility to have signs up in a language every one of those employees can read."

If these people wish to work and live legally in the USA or in England where Spanish isnt the first language then they should make and effort to adapt themselves socially and culturally to the country in which THEY HAVE FREELY ELECTED TO LIVE. Nobody obliged them to cross the border and live in the USA, so SUCK IT UP AND STOP THE WHINING.
What future do these people expect for their children when they are the role models they have as parents.

"So, yes, they have a good case IMO"

No, they have no case. They are clinging to the wings of an ambulance chaser shyster lawyer who wants to make big bucks.
They chose to freely to work where they do. They knew many years ago that there are no signs in Spanish within the workplace, they havn't complained before, why??

Because before they didn't smell the almighty dollar !!.

"The question of whether or not those employers should be hiring non-english speaking people is not the responsibility of those people in question"

Your right...NO EMPLOYER SHOULD HIRE AN IMMIGRANT WHO DOESNT SPEAK ENGLISH, it's a danger for them and their workmates.
But, lets see how the agricultural economy of the USA reacts to that one.....when they can only use legal immigrants with a good level of English to pick fruit etc etc etc..

"You can't blame them for wanting to wok, you can only blame the system for allowing them to wok"

Great stuff !!
Who doesn't want a better life, a decent job and to live with dignity...i am all for that, it should be a basic right for everyman, not something you have to fight for.

However, the system has failed as you failed itself when this incident was actually taken seriously by some pen pusher up at city hall.

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posted on May, 12 2013 @ 09:22 AM

Originally posted by shells4u
Really??? How friggin hard is it to hang up a sign with both english and spanish??? alot of racist comments on this subject in this thread, I am disgusted I thought ATS was a very open minded community who could see the big picture in things...

We have hundreds of languages spoken here and only one is being catered to. All other immigrants speak english. No other foreign speaking immigrant has ever expected or demanded that we speak 'thier' language. It is rude and arrogant. And we are racist???????

We are racist for wanting our language which unites people?

In the last place I worked, we had 4 or 5 foreign language speakers and signs were only in english and spanish. Needless to say the other workers were resentful and rightfully so. I had a spanish speaking supervisor who tried having important meetings in spanish first and then in english. We only had one girl who couldn't understand english! I asked my boss what he thought of that and my supervisor never had a meeting in spanish first after that.

How can you be disgusted when we have so many foreign languages spoken and they all speak and understand english, yet we are forced to cater to only the spanish speaking population? Are you saying only the spanish speakers should be catered to, that they matter more than anyone else????

What is the one language that unites us here? English! You can't expect an entire country to change for one group. So because we want unity amongst people, you prefer segregation and call us racist and are disgusted??

posted on May, 12 2013 @ 09:23 AM
If you are going to hire workers who don't speak English, its probably a good idea to have bilingual warnings on equipment. That being said its funny when you go to Europe, say France, you rarely if ever see anything written in a language other than French. Thats because I think the French have this perception that if you are going to visit their country, it might be helpful to know the language. The truth is, everyone in North America should know English, Spanish, and French, then these problems would cease to exist.

I am going to just go ahead and say, that I have observed in a lot of Hispanics, a veiled or overt hostility towards the Anglo population. The two cultures are sort of like oil and water, they don't mix well. They are more collective and Americans are more individualistic.They don't really like us, and it goes back probably 500 years to when Spain was colonizing the new world and was usurped by the English and to a lesser degree the French. We were adversaries for a very long time, Americans have forgotten about it, but the Hispanics haven't. There is a very old rivalry that is still running through their heads. We need to make ourselves familiar with it and understand it. Also I think the burgeoning Hispanic population in the U.S. is looked upon favorably by the Spanish royals and the Catholic church, as a way of reconquering a lost outpost. Given the Hispanic birth rate, that's a lot of new Catholics and people who could be influenced to have a loyalty to the old motherland. Remember these people are modern in many ways but culturally much more medieval in their mindset, they have old ways and old customs. Sounds crazy but it isnt.
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posted on May, 12 2013 @ 10:15 AM
Learn English if you want to live and work in the US.

If I decided to move to Poland they are not going to put up English signs for me or Spanish signs for them.

Same goes for many countries, this law suit is pathetic.

posted on May, 12 2013 @ 10:38 AM
They can sue all they want. If there is no law that requires it there shouldnt even be a trial? If they had it their way all foreigners must be taken into considerations on such an international campus. That would make for pretty big signs.

posted on May, 12 2013 @ 01:37 PM

Originally posted by kimosabi

Learn English if you want to live and work in the US.

If I decided to move to Poland they are not going to put up English signs for me or Spanish signs for them.

Same goes for many countries, this law suit is pathetic.

Don't hire people who only speak Spanish if you don't want to communicate with them. The burden is on the employer. Either hire them and do what's necessary to communicate, or don't hire them at all. Period.

HOWEVER -- be willing to pay more for the white custodian crew, because they will demand more. And they'll demand fewer hours and more time off, etc., etc. It's a trade-off that the employer has to choose.
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posted on May, 12 2013 @ 01:46 PM
reply to post by freedomwv

I have been to many different countries and I can tell you that it is becoming pretty common practice around the world for signs featuring the native language as well as other languages commonly spoken by people who live or travel to said nation from other regions. I find it odd that America is one of the few countries which is so resistant to having more than one language on their signs.

It is not the goal of US to be like those other nations you speak. Our population is made up of people who fled those countries!

What language are the US Declaration of Independence and Constitution written in? English is our language. We are tolerant of all people but we don’t conform to every whim like a bunch of spaghetti-spined European countries do.

posted on May, 12 2013 @ 03:19 PM
Forget law, law is fictional. You're an adult when you can manage yourself. We aren't born with tattoos on our hands explaining what we're going to be allergic to, yet we figure it out, bear the consequences, and don't sue our parents. Nowhere in there does a normal person look around for someone to blame.

I was surprised to see, on a site where so many harp about the nanny-state, the idea springing up that employees are allowed to be incompetent, but employers must cover all the bases. Do you /really/ want to have your hand held? If someone has to hold your hand then you've got a pretty small radius in which you can move, figuratively speaking.

posted on May, 12 2013 @ 03:51 PM
Wow, imagine how long each sign would be if translated to every single language in use today! If this worker wins this case, then we coiuldn't possibly discriminate against non-English AND Spanish speakers. Each sign would have to be translated to each language to be completely non-discriminant.

Every imigrant should make it a TOP PRIORITY to learn the native language of whatever country they move to. It is YOUR responcibility as the new citizen, not the This small effort, which would pay off in more ways than you could imagine, would prevent injuries like this that could have been easily avoidable.

Shame on this worker for suing, just another leech trying to abuse the system,

posted on May, 12 2013 @ 07:07 PM

Originally posted by ANOK
reply to post by guohua

But there is no requirement for anyone to learn English.

People make money in America, and take it back to Mexico?

What about all the American companies that make money from exploiting Chinese workers, and bring that money back to America?

What about the decades of imperialism and colonialism, and all the resources taken from third world nations and used to make money for Britain, America, France, Holland, Spain etc., that you benefit from btw.

C'mon get some perspective.

But there is no requirement for anyone to learn English.

Maybe there should be sense most large very profitable and successful corporation speak English and the International Civil Aviation Organization require air traffic controllers and pilots to have a knowledge of English and United States Coast Guard also requires mariners to have a working knowledge of English, So I ask you, is it to much to ask that people who wish to work in America have a working Knowledge of English too?

Question: On international flights, how do pilots and air traffic controllers accommodate the language barrier? Are flight crews on Air France flights, for example, required to speak English once entering U.S. air space? Are the ATC's bilingual? What about a Russian pilot flying into Brazil?

Answer: The international language of aviation is English. In most places, the pilots and air traffic controllers have demonstrated the ability to speak and understand English up to a level specified by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Some of the accents can be very challenging. By using ICAO standard phraseology and speaking very distinctly, the necessary information is transferred. Your question about a Russian pilot flying into Brazil is one I had not considered. Both countries are part of ICAO, making both of them demonstrate English language ability. I believe they would use English.

Since the ability to use English is a specific requirement for an Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch, and the general examination cannot be completed, the PSCO determines that clear grounds have been established and that an expanded examination should be pursued. The PSCO notifies the master of the situation.

TextThe master stipulates that the second mate will not stand navigation watches, and produces another licensed deck officer with satisfactory English proficiency. If the vessel can still meet STCW watchkeeping requirements and requirements of the ship safe manning document, the examination is completed. However, if the second mate is retained on the posted watch schedule, the PSCO should arrange for an on board assessment of watchkeeping skills (see paragraph 4 above)
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posted on May, 12 2013 @ 07:46 PM
reply to post by guohua

While some jobs might require English due to the function of the job or environment, the government cannot pass a law forcing an employer to require English only. Government enforcing an official language would go against multiple protections afforded in the constitution, one being due process. In the same vein, if an employer hires people and requires English as a function of the job they also do not have the right to force those employees speak only English in unpaid time...i.e..lunch break. There has to be a business necessity for an employer to enforce a certain language.
In this case the employer hired a Spanish speaking employee knowing full well they spoke Spanish. They didn't screen the employee and offer job to English speaker. It is an employer's responsibility to inform employees of warning signs. Since the hiring manager obviously spoke Spanish (how else would have custodian been hired) there's no indication of an excuse as to why they didn't inform the employee of warning signs as required by law.

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