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The Myth: Pakistan Taleban

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posted on May, 10 2013 @ 11:13 AM
Zia stood up in shock as he surveyed his surroundings. A dozen people lay wounded and even more frightening, others can only be distinguished as humans by body parts. His election rally stage laid in smouldering heaps. The Tehrik-i-Taleban had struck, yet again to scare off secular political parties.

Numbed, Zia dropped to his knees and vowed to fight on, as rescue workers rushed towards the scene........

Nazir opened his eyes as he woke to the rising dawn, and the memories of yesterday flood back to him. A memory of watching his bomb exploding so beautifully, mutilating the election rally crowd, body parts strewn into the air. He felt no pangs of conscience, for it was just another job which he performed so well, numbed by the years of frontier wars.

He pick himself up, washed up, and pick on a clean set of clothes. Making his way downstairs of the tenement, a 3 storey building in the Northwestern city of Pakistan, he waited for the bus, a bus that will take him to his place of employment - a nearby military base.....

Mehsud wipe the speck of spittle from his mouth as the video camera was switch off. Another fiery speech to claim responsibility for the bombing of the election rally yesterday and warning the voters not to choose secularism for Pakistan, to be displayed on Youtube and the news media.

He was escorted back to his bedroom in the luxurious villa, back to his bed whereby 3 smiling young women were waiting for him on the bed, semi naked with a cold bottle of Merlot wine chilling on the bucket by the side table.

Mehsud gave a groan, but nevertheless, hurriedly tore off his clothes and jumped onto the bed......

Al Abbas sat facing the Prime Minister, with a cup of tea on his hand as he gently stirred the liquid cool.

" Well done. General. With the latest attack, hopefully those liberal idiots of the secular party will simply give up and the rest of the population frightened off voting for them." Faqir, the PM praised.

" Thank you, Prime Minister." said Al Abbas as he laughed. " Nothing like the creation of a mythical creature called the Pakistan Taleban, under our control, to carry out those extrajudicial killings so that UN and other liberals will not accuse us of manipulating the elections."

" That's right. Getting rid of political opponents had never been that easy, and best yet, USA and EU continues to stupidly give us funds to fight this so called mythical Taleban creature. You are a genius, Al Abbas." the PM smiled.

" You are very kind, Prime Minister. Let us remember to keep up the charade. Power is too intoxicating to lose, as well as the priviledges we obtained from it. Here's to election victory, and by the way, do remember the funding you promised for the aquisition of the new russian jets you promised." Al Abbas said as he laid the coffee down.

"Of course. No worries. Just make sure your ISI intelligence operators keep the Afghan Taleban busy fighting the Afghan government, to make sure they will never stabilize as a nation. A for your toys, my boys keep their promises." the PM proclaimed, as he stood up and led General Al Abbas, the chief of the the Military Forces, out to a parked car awaiting him........

A fly on the wall flicked its wings, picked up speed and flew out of the window when it was assured that the two men had left the living room........


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