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Humans Giving Birth to Completely NEW Baby Carbon Ions! Will it Spiral OUT of Control?

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posted on May, 9 2013 @ 07:16 AM
Edit: Duh I posted in the wrong forum. Mods please move to skunkworks.

Explanation: Just freely sharing some positive energy vibes in this uncertain, highly charged and clearly entangled arena ok.

So when a mature consenting adult human wants to have a Baby Carbon Ion they ...

Step 1

  • Take any two Carbon 12 ions (C12+ ) and entangle them both with each other using any process that does that effectively.

    Step 2

  • Seperate the two entangled C12+ ions and place them each into their own magnetic bottle.

    Step 3

  • Arbitrarily label one bottle 'Transmitter' and the other "Reciever"... eeny meeny miney moe!

    Step 4

  • Inject the currently at rest "Transmitter C12+" ion into a cyclotron and accelerate it up to a few % of the speed of light and store it in the storage ring before injecting it into a synchotron and accelerate it way up to relavtivistic speeds where its rest mass suddenly starts to increase steeply as it approaches a large % of the speed of ''c'.

    Step 5A

  • When have acclerated the "Transmitter C12+" ion to at least 1.5x its normal mass value ... go measure the "Reciever C12+" ion that is entangled with the tranmitter and see if its mass has naturally increased, at no extra energy cost, as a result of being spookily attached non locally with each other.

    OR ...

    Step 5B

  • When have accelerated the "Transmitter C12+" ion to at least 1.5x its normal mass value ... inject it into the "Reciever C12+" ions magnetic bottle and colllide them!

    The 1.5x mass "Transmitter C12+" 75% speed of c ion will hit the entangled 1.5x mass "Reciever C12+" stationary ion and having only had to pay energy for 1/2 of the extra 1 whole C12+ ions mass that was generated by the Steps 1 to 4 above ...

    Worded differently ...

    Could the resulting energy output, as that carefully orchestrated cosmic crash unfolds and washes off all that excess energy in trying to seek their respective lowest energy state ... produce a whole entire full C12+ ion at rest value as a by product of that process?

    Example ...

    T and the R C12+ ions in their magnetic bottles are both at rest and being entangled share some fundamental quantum state similarites such as mass and spin etc.

    So T mass = 1 C12+ ion at rest ... therefor R C12+ ions mass also = 1 before T ion is accelerated.

    After T ion is accelerated both have a mass = to 1.5 x C12+ ion = 3 masses worth of C12+" at rest value.

    Hence when they collide that cancels all momementum either of them had, thus bringing them instantly to rest and that suddenly produces a full new C12+ ion also at rest out of thin air and then all 3 try to repel each other due to same positive magnetic charges.

    Masses before colliding ...

    T ion mass = 1.5

    R ion mass = 1.5

    Both masses are ultimately down to the momentum generated by the T ion being accelerated to relativistic speeds and that all just simply cancels out and produces a full new C12+ ion and all three have mass of 1 C12+ ion!

    Masses after colliding ...

    T ion mass = 1

    R ion mass = 1

    N ion mass = 1

    Personal Disclosure: And tadahhhhh! Ooops! One Baby Carbon Ion!

    Look Shiney! ===> . [Note: very small dot is an artists poorly rendered, made by hand, machine written load of cobblers, visual impressionists, guide book example only and should not be confused for a real Baby Carbon Ion ok.]

    Anybody know how to change a nappy on a Baby Carbon Ion?

    edit on 9-5-2013 by OmegaLogos because: Edited to add the edit.

  • posted on May, 9 2013 @ 08:00 AM
    You trickey somebitch...........
    Need i say im slightly confused?
    Can you actually turn energy to mass?
    I leave it to the experts to throw cold water.

    fold into triangle
    place ion on nappy,
    pin the corners...

    edit on 9-5-2013 by stirling because: (no reason given)

    posted on May, 9 2013 @ 09:05 AM
    This is where I believe the Law of Conservation of Mass comes into play.

    i.e. Mass can neither be created nor destroyed.

    However your post is well thought out and for the most part makes 'sense' if one could get around that one Law.

    posted on May, 9 2013 @ 03:05 PM
    reply to post by stirling

    Explanation: St*rred!

    e = mc^2 and the fact that a lot of chemistry relies on overcoming the Binding Energy of the systems and that is how both nuclear fission and fusion works with Nuclear binding energy and in the case of this thread I also must show the Ionization energy info as it is also relevent.

    [Edit] That proves that it is interchangable and can go both ways.

    Personal Disclosure: Thanks heap for the help with the nappy ... now if only I could find an electron tunneling microscrope!

    P.S. Thanks also to the
    for moving the thread as I requested.

    edit on 9-5-2013 by OmegaLogos because: Edited to add a sentece for clarity.

    posted on Nov, 23 2013 @ 11:44 PM
    reply to post by OmegaLogos

    All very cool OL, but what if they decay when there accelerated to the speed of light and carbon 12 decays into carbon 11, or worse into carbon 8 or something else which is unstable. What if you miss when your trying to collide them, huh what then?

    Would chances not be just as great that you would create something with the half life which would be in the seconds or minutes, and therefore would more likely be the restarted stepchild of carbon 12, not so much the new baby of the family.

    Carbon 12 is so functional its everywhere literally a beast of a elemental isotope, the workhorse of isotopes one could say. Now why would we want to go a messing with that?

    Cool thread by the way. I would give you a thumbs up but they removed the thumbs up emoticon.

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