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Liberties lost Video series

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posted on May, 8 2013 @ 08:31 PM
The videos I believe were made for a contest @ infowars so if that type of thinking turns you off don't bother watching.
The first video I did enjoy because it made me think of my very own childhood and some of the stuff we got into. I was driving Dad's pick-up in the pasture pulling a cycle mower he had to manually operate from the time I was 6 years old. Then once (we lived in the country with country roads and very little traffic) I borrowed (?nice way of putting it) Dad's car and went for a joy ride with 4 other friends at age 11....As luck would have it two Texas highway Patrol cars were sat at the bottom of a hill I crested. I was not going fast but the oldest person in the car was 14 and no license either. I made a safe U-turn and tried to sneak away....Those cop cars even back then were very fast and I was captured in less than 2 miles.

I told the officer I was taking my friends home and that my father would kill me if he found out!! I remember the cop saying if he could he would take his belt off and tan my hide himself but that was not an option in this case.

I got my first ticket and Dad did not kill me like I honestly thought he would. I had to work that summer for a truck farmer to pay dad back the money for the ticket which I believe was $68 or maybe $168? I just remember it had a 68 figure somewhere and it was very hot working all day picking, cutting, and loading produce....I did get bigger muscles though!!!!??

The first video: many subjects are discussed in a story telling format. Tytler scale is presented; something I was unaware of. Just old folks but some good points IMO

The second video was more in your face but still had enough substance to make one ponder where all this is leading.

Second video is everything from George Washington, Federal Reserve, assignations, 911, false flags, 2d amendment. Jesse Ventura with Piers Morgan..."I am just one person what can I do" type questions... some of the points to me are over the top but still interesting. Nothing earth shattering in new revelations either way, just thoughts.

I do not disagree or agree with all that is presented but am posting because someone out there might enjoy. Thanks

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