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New Zooniverse Project: "Space Warps"

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posted on May, 8 2013 @ 03:37 PM
Not all of us have access to telescopes and other tools that astronomers use, but Zooniverse has opened up the field to crowd sourced science. Beginning with Zooniverse (which I am part of), which looked at how people identified galaxies that were too ambiguous for computers to classify and Moon Zoo (which identified features (including finding the Soviet and US Moon Landing crafts)), Zooniverse let anyone with access to a computer and the Internet help investigate outer space.

Now they've announced a new project -- and I'm going to sign up for this one (because I'm fascinated): looking for gravitational warps in space.
Here's what they emailed us:

There's a brand new astronomical Zooniverse project: Space Warps. We need your help to spot rare and exciting gravitational lenses in the distant Universe.

By looking through images that have never before been seen, our new Space Warps project asks you to help discover these incredibly elusive objects. To take part visit

Computer algorithms have already scanned the images, but there are likely to be many more space warps that the algorithms have missed and we think that it's only with human help that we'll find them all. We’re really excited about this project and think you’ll be able to make some amazing discoveries through it.

Gravitational lenses help us to answer all kinds of questions, including how many very low mass stars – that aren’t bright enough to detect directly – are lurking in distant galaxies. Read more on the Space Warps blog.

Everyone's welcome to play -- if you don't have an account and love space, do drop in and help classify things. If nothing else, you'll see some amazing things!

posted on May, 10 2013 @ 02:43 PM

I was just over there, and went through the practice images.
Definitely look at their examples of false positives too.
I'll sign up over the weekend, and see what I can see!


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