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This election has given me a new philosophy

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posted on Nov, 4 2004 @ 10:43 PM
This election has seriously inspired me to new heights of thinking. It has given me the push I needed towards an entirely new philosophy. A philosophy I know will work. Iíve realised people like Karl Rove are geniuses and geniuses deserve to be copied. As such Iíve formatted a plan.

For too long Iíve been relying on such erroneous commodities such as details, logic, facts, reason and history and the true basis of religions to form my opinions.

With God as my witness, I have truly, finally, realised the error of my ways.

Iíve realised that these are all useless sacrilegious pontifications; especially detail and fact.

In this modern world we need to adapt. Everythingís been tried. Whatís left you say?

Iíll tell you:

We need to start playing their game. We need to start saying:

Iím Right.

Yip. Iím right. Whatever I say, whatever I do. If you object, sorry, but youíre wrong.

Iíll say it again:

Iím Right.

I got the inspiration for my new philosophy from this simple quote:

The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.

- Bertrand Russell

Itís been proven true. The stupid are cocksure have won elections because of it. So, in the true spirt of politics, we need to start playing the game.

No longer will that quote be true. I plan to reverse it. Anything that Iím slightly vaguely sure that might be right Iím going to profess as truth handed down from God almighty himself.

You know how the dumb hate detail. You know, there might be legality this, illegitimate that, barefaced lies this, political meandering that, financial gerrymandering this, religious backhanders that, arms sales this arms sales that! Forget all that crap!

All you have to do is proclaim Iím Right!

Seriously, you donít need to care anymore. Who does? Forget trying to explain anything, forget pesky details. Oh, they might deride you for you sudden lack of attention to all thoseÖthings that you whatamacalit.

Who cares? They only exist to deride facts, not make an opinion based on them. Give them 20 links on the strange circular shape of the earth and theyíll immediately slate your mother for a candy and a pat. So what? Who needs to go to the zoo anymore for entertainment? You can watch monkeys masturbating right here! Its fun all the family can play!

Anyway, Ignorance is now officially relative.
All you have to do is just look them in the eye and say

Iím right!

So come on! The dumb have won this round. Forget your dignity! Forget details and logic and all that crap (everyone falls asleep halfway through anyway)

Just spout your half opinions and demand your right to say Iím Right!

And if anyone has to ask me to explain this, then Iím definitely right.

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