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Print your own Gun. Background check not required.

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posted on May, 7 2013 @ 09:19 PM
As fast as the government plots false flag schemes to get new gun laws to remove the guns from the people, technology is changing rapidly under their feet. So fast, that all gun laws are about to become irrelevant.

Print your own Gun.

Using a 3D Printer it is now possible to print the 3D image of a gun, assemble it, and fire it, all without a visit to your local gun store.

No background checks. No waiting period. No serial number to track. No firing mark characteristics for forensics to trace back the bullet to the gun used. Simply melt the gun back into the original plastic, and the evidence of weapon vanishes.

A gun can be created in a few minutes, used, and then destroyed in less than a minute, leaving no evidence of there even being a gun in the first place.

Instant gun.

Print it on your printer, the same way you print a photograph today.

You can print a picture, look at it, and then tear it up, or shred it.

Same with the gun.

Your neighbor annoys you? Just print a gun, run into his house, shoot him, and shred the gun.

Now I'm not suggesting anyone actually do this. But, you get the point.

The "paradigm" is shifting.

The idea that there is this thing called a gun, that is a solid and permanent physical object, that you can find, say hidden in the garbage, after the gun crime, is all history.

Nobody is going to buy a gun, if they can just print it for free at home.

As this 3D printing technology improves, people will be able to download the blueprints for the gun of choice from the internet, print it in the comfort of their own home, and avoid all background checks, and waiting periods.

That's a game changer.

No wonder they are trying to ban "black powder" i.e. "gunpowder". They know the game of the gun law is over.

Now they have to go after the "juice" that makes guns work instead.

I should mention too, that while this is "plastic" it works, and more importantly "metal 3D printers" are on the way.

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posted on May, 7 2013 @ 09:31 PM
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